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Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

Why visit the movies theatres when you can make your own amazing home theatre experience? The best-LED TV brand in India allows you to experience the amazing thrills & pleasure of a movie theatre, all without leaving your home. The top 4K Android TV has completely transformed how we watch Android TV in India. To make viewing movies at home more pleasurable, they are loaded with the newest technology and features.

It is hardly surprising that the global entertainment trend has taken over. All around the world, there is a strong need for entertainment, and the sources of that entertainment have become hot topics. Radio and television have been amusement sources since the dawn of humanity, and this is no joke. Over time, they have changed in size and appearance. We discovered LED television sets thanks to their flat screens and cutting-edge features in this way.

Additionally, it is clear that most of these TVs now on the market include smart characteristics that distinguish them from other electronics. But selecting the best LED TV for your family might be difficult. In response, we are here. The list of the finest LED TV manufacturers in India is easily connected to web-based entertainment programs so that you may view movies via your cable service and online TV programs. Below is a list of the best ten LED TVs in India, each of which is perfect for a home theatrical experience if you're looking for a trendy top brand for your home.

The list of top Ten LED TV Brands in India are:-

1. Sony

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

Ever since its foundation in 1994, Sony India, a completely owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of Japan. It has established its reputation as a quality brand in various product categories, including televisions, digital photography, portable sound, home theatre systems, gaming, vehicle audio, & professional solutions. By offering sales and service standards that are unmatched, Sony India is dedicated to giving the highest level of client satisfaction.

Among India's best-known TV companies, which is continually updating its technology. Sony TVs comes with an OLED display and a buzzing audio for a more realistic sound sensation. Furthermore, this brand is unquestionably the best regarding image quality due to the X-Reality Advanced visual engine, which delivers outstanding performance on the VA screen.

Finally, the price range for Sony TVs begins at Rs. 24,150 and ends at Rs. 5,49,100. Even the budget-friendly Sony TV models outperform the competitors when it comes to upgrading lower-resolution material and has excellent motion handling. outstanding colour accuracy. Particularly the high-end versions, Sony TVs are renowned for their superb out-of-the-box accuracy.

2. LG

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

An independent business known as LG Electronics India Private Limited was established on January 20, 1997. It is a private, unlisted corporation that falls within the definition of a "company limited by shares." For 25 years, L G Electronics India Private Limited has focused mostly on the Production (Machinery & Equipment) industry.

Because it offers both high-end technology and reasonably priced products, LG is one of the finest led tv brands in India. This business was the first to provide OLED TVs in India. When it comes to picture quality, LG also utilises IPS panels since they provide better colour output and viewing angles. The new LG OLED TV line is "made-in-India" at the Pune facility, contrasting new-age technology imported into the nation.

The only television brand that includes Dolby Vision for enhanced contrast is LG (Life's Good) TVs. Since it includes cutting-edge gaming technologies like VRR and "Automatic Low Latency Mode" and has reduced input latency, the LG is a superior option for gaming. LG's Web OS is one of the best operating systems out now, supporting various apps. Prices for LG TVs range from Rs. 20,420 to Rs. 2,76,660.

3. Panasonic

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

The year 1972 saw the beginning of Panasonic's business in India. To combine all of Panasonic's activities in India, Panasonic India Pvt Ltd was established in 2008. Mr. Daizo Ito assumed his position as CEO of Panasonic India in April 2008 and oversaw the company's strong emphasis on India via significant development and investments.

Since that time, Panasonic has been expanding its company in the nation via the introduction of cutting-edge products, increasing financial commitments, and a range of marketing campaigns. Despite having Japanese origins, Panasonic India is now widely recognized as an Indian business.

High-quality products are often linked with the brand Panasonic. It has the most stylish design, the best display, and the greatest sound quality of any top-tier television brand. It has an OLED display and a state-of-the-art HCX Pro CPU. Additionally, Panasonic TVs provide rather high image quality. IPS panels, which produce light even at wider angles, are used by Panasonic.

The HDR10, HDR10+, and HLG formats are supported by this, the greatest smart TV brand in the world, which also has an enhanced version of Firefox OS called My Home Screen. The most appealing aspect of this brand is, without a doubt, how reasonably priced the products are. The price range for Panasonic Smart TVs ranges from Rs. 18,590 to Rs. 1,32,590.

4. Samsung

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

An independent business known as Samsung India Electronics Pvt . ltd. was established on August 3rd, 1995. It is a private, unlisted corporation that falls within the definition of "company limited by shares". In the past 27 years ago, Samsung India Electronics Pvt Ltd has focused mostly on the Production (Machinery & Equipments) industry. The firm is still operating today.

Samsung, one of the most prominent companies in India, is introducing new technologies every day. Samsung's best-led television enhances your watching experience with its QLED and curved panels. Fantastic pictures are also produced by the HyperReal engine using VA panels. Interesting facts about the TVs include HDR10 and HDR10+ capabilities for Tizen OS. The pricing range for Samsung Smart TVs is Rs. 18,770 to Rs. 1,83,190.

The majority of the time, Samsung TVs provide high to great image quality and are quite adaptable Samsung's LED models are renowned for their superb gaming capabilities. The inclusion of Mini LED backlighting, which, when combined with the quantum dot layer, delivers superb picture quality, elevates Samsung's new Neo QLED TVs, which were announced in 2021, above their more known QLED line-up. In order to compete against LG's OLED lineup, they also debuted the very first QD-OLED TV in 2021 with Sony.

5. OnePlus

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

OnePlus develops high-end, user-focused technology that goes beyond accepted commercial practices and sector norms. The OnePlus brand, which was established in 2013 with the audacious motto "Never Settle," continually produces high-end products and applications that provide the finest user experiences. Pete Lau and Carl Pei, former vice presidents of Oppo, established the Chinese smartphone company OnePlus in December 2013, with its headquarters in Shenzhen, Guangdong.

The business is one of BKK Electronics' three branches; its other 2 are Oppo & Vivo. CEO Pete Lau explained the business's guiding principles in one of his speeches, saying that the company sought to provide high-end phones with flagship technology at competitive prices, thus the slogan "Never Settle."

The Chinese business OnePlus produces the OnePlus TV, a line of televisions with that brand name. CEO Pete Lau & Television Chief Product officer Todd Wang of the firm are in charge of the OnePlus TV division. The business announced in September 2018 that it would use the OnePlus TV to enter the market for smart TVs.

On September 26, 2019, OnePlus introduced its first television series, the OnePlus TV Q1. Since then, the firm has introduced five further TV programmes in India. The greatest LED television with a stylish design is the OnePlus. The most alluring visuals are provided by the QLED technology that drives these TVs.

Additionally, the Gamma color magic engine gives them great picture quality. The best tv to purchase in 2022 also has a fantastic contrast thanks to Dolby Vision HDR, which also gives the screen a vibrant appearance. The price for OnePlus TVs varies from 16,810 - 52,550 rupees.

6. Haier

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

The Haier Group was founded in 1984 and is a top-tier supplier of solutions for better living and digital transformation. They have established 10 R&D centers, 71 research institutions, 33 industrial estates, 133 production facilities, and more than 230,000 sales networks globally, always keeping the needs of our users at the forefront of everything we do.

They are the only IoT environment brand globally to have dominated Euromonitor International's Global Major Appliances Brand Rankings for 13 straight years. They have been included on BrandZ's list of the Top 100 Most Important Large Brands for back to back four years. It generated $52.2 billion in worldwide sales in 2021, and the worth of our brand was $74.3 billion.

Four of their firms are public. One of the prestigious Fortune International 500 and Fortune World's largest Most Admired Companies is its affiliate Haier Digital Home. They are the owners of the world's largest first home automation scenario brand, THREE-WINGED BIRD, and seven other high-end international brands, including Haier, Casarte, Leader, GE Appliances, Fisher & Paykel, AQUA, and Candy.

Additionally, they created the renowned Yongkang Healthcare brand and the COSMOPlat, the world's premier Industrial Internet platform. Eighty specialized and advanced businesses, 102 gazelle firms, and seven unicorn companies have all been successfully fostered by our entrepreneurship acceleration platform, HCH.

They consistently concentrate on the market and create companies in the smart home & lifestyle, industrial IoT, and fantastic healthcare sectors to represent the real economy. They also produce high-end, scenario, and ecosystem brands. Using cutting-edge technology, it wants to provide worldwide users with a tailored, smart living experience, assist corporate customers with digital transformation, and advance sustainable and high-quality social and economic development.

Haier TVs are well-made and fairly priced, and the firm has a good reputation. Most TVs come with full HD, curved LED screens, which will improve your TV-watching experience. This Brands TV also has a bezel-less design and a 4K display to enhance the quality of the images. Most of this brand's Android-based LED televisions are among the finest in India. The cost of a Haier LED TV ranges from 20,420 to 80,920 rupees.

7. Mi

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

Nearly every individual has a requirement for "quality items at honest prices." For its premium goods that are constructed with cutting-edge technology and sold at affordable costs, Xiaomi has a distinct fan following. Chinese business Xiaomi focuses mostly on the electronics industry. The business is present in more than 100 nations and regions and was acclaimed as the most valuable tech startup in the world as of 2014. On BrandZ's list of the 100 best Global Brands with the Highest Value in 2021, Xiaomi is now ranked number seventy.

In India, which has only experienced growth year after year, Mi mobile phones have also become quite popular. The brand sells the most phones in India, according to the ranking. Xiaomi India even achieved "Guinness World Records" status by creating the biggest light mosaic (logo) ever. This historic piece is located on the terrace of Xiaomi's Bengaluru headquarters and was created by setting 9,690 lights.

A well-known manufacturer in India named Mi produces the best-led televisions of excellent quality at competitive prices. Amlogic Cortex processors, which provide great viewing quality, are used in most TVs under this name. Additionally, it has a 10-bit LED display, and Mi's advanced picture engine produces stunningly accurate and brilliant colors.

To purchase the greatest TV at cost-effective, reduced rates, choose the best mi TV showroom nearby. Dolby audio technology and HDR10 support are also features of this branded television. Mi TVs range in price from 16,290 to 1,35,570 rupees.

8. TCL

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

TCL Technology is a Chinese electronics business with its headquarters in Huizhou, Guangdong Province. TCL Technology was initially an acronym meaning Telephone Communication Limited. As a maker of audio cassettes, the business was established in 1981 under the name TTK. The business changed its registered trademark to TCL in 1985 because of being sued by TDK for theft of intellectual property, using the acronym of Telephone Communication Limited.

TCL manages manufacturing, marketing, distribution, and design compared to other companies. In order to increase output and satisfy demand, TCL has a number of manufacturing facilities spread out across many continents. They investigate cutting-edge technology at a research unit in Shenzhen.

It ranked as the 25th-largest maker of consumer devices globally in 2010. By 2019, it has overtaken Sony as the second-largest television maker in terms of market share. TCL Corporation became TCL Technology on February 7th, 2020. Although TCL has production facilities all around the globe, it manufactures its televisions mostly in China. To keep prices down and reduce manufacturing costs, the majority of TCL TVs are built in China.

One of India's top manufacturers of led televisions is TCL. If you relish watching a movie and desire a theater-like experience at home, get a TCL TV since it boasts a superb display and unmatched sound quality. Furthermore, dynamic colour technology improves the visual quality. Additionally, the TVs contain Dolby Audio, which provides distorted and amplified sound. In light of this, it is the greatest TV brand available in India. The prices for TCL TVs range from Rs. 14,700 to Rs. 99,830.

9. Sansui

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

A Japanese company called Sansui Electric Co., Ltd. produced audio and video gear. It was a unit of the Bermuda conglomerate and had its headquarters in Tokyo, Japan. Kosaku Kikuchi, who'd previously worked for a distributor of radio components in Tokyo before and during World War II, began the business there in 1947. In December 1944, Kikuchi opened his own private radio component manufacturing business in Yoyogi, Tokyo, due to the defective radio parts he had to deal with.

He decided to start his business using transformers. Even with increasing costs, let's produce better-quality goods, was Kikuchi's idea. There is already a sizable fan base for many Sansui products, especially antique models, in the audio industry. There are even online discussion boards devoted to the Sansui name. Sansui manufactures many branded televisions in India in a variety of sizes and with distinctive features.

Most TVs have curved screens, which will make viewing more interesting. The image quality is also excellent thanks to the IPS and 4K super HD display. Dolby Vision and Linux OS, which offer a variety of applications, are also included in Sansui TVs. One of the top new television brands, it has a lot to offer customers. The cost of a Sansui TV ranges from Rs. 15,230 to Rs. 48,450.

10. BPL

Top 10 LED TV Brands in India

BPL, which began operations in 1963, reached its sales zenith in the 1990s averaging over 1,000,000 TV sets each month in India. Thick and heavy tv sets presided over every living room in the nation until delicate plasma & flat screen TVs found their way onto the walls of most regular Indian households. BPL was among the most well-known TV companies in India then; the logo included the company name in a straightforward typeface in silver.

Although the business had struggled with competitors over the years, it now seems ready to regain its 1990s-era fame by climbing the success ladder once more in the consumer devices and durables sector. It was revealed in August of this year that Reliance has obtained the right to produce and sell consumer durable goods underneath the BPL and Kelvinator brand names".

It's a 50-50 collaboration, and although Reliance aims to expand the company, we continue to handle product creation and quality control. It has served us well, it seems. BPL CEO Sunil Khurana informed ThePrint that BPL TVs are already in the top five best-selling TVs. A BPL television is often the most expensive piece of electrical equipment in the house. BPL manufactures top-notch TVs in a variety of pricing ranges.

The most recent model of this brand's finest TV in India also has unique features like Chromecast and pre-installed apps. With these TVs, a one-year guarantee is included. A cost-effective budget may be used to get this greatest TV brand in India. The price of the BPL television ranges around Rs. 13,990 - Rs. 17,990.


The top 10 led television brands in India are listed below. We really hope that by narrowing down your search and helping you choose the best-lead tv, our list of the top 10 led tv companies for the money has helped. What TV brand model catches your eye the most? After completing comprehensive product research, we carefully choose the top led television manufacturer in India. If one of these top-selling TVs in India fits your demands, be a wise shopper and double-check the specifications.

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