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Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Companies that provide logistics services have been increasing and growing rapidly. They are projected to contribute a startling 30% of the logistics industry's overall revenue by 2025. Third-party logistics (3PL) companies based in India are an essential part of the e-commerce sector.

The bulk of internet firms' shipping and logistical tasks are handled by them. Following the placement of an order, logistic partners are responsible for manifesting the order, creating AWBs (airway bills), picking up the product, and delivering it to the consumer. They may be used by businesses to store merchandise both before and during the delivery of an order.

Depending on the sector in which your company works, you could find it easier as your firm expands to rely on several logistics suppliers or those who offer more specialized services. It is crucial to understand how to choose the finest logistics provider for your business and who is the best provider in India. Your company's success and expansion rate might be determined by the logistics partner you choose, who can make or destroy your enterprise.

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Because of this, it is always a great idea to know who the firm's top competitors are according to accepted criteria. E-commerce logistics has developed into a significant force that links consumers and companies on opposite sides of the nation. Because about 100 million people in India utilize online businesses, eCommerce logistics firms must step up and expand the scope and service quality companies provide.

They must employ more sophisticated technology wherever feasible and prioritise successfully completing orders above all other considerations. They must also have better management processes in place to deal with returned items, unsuccessful deliveries, and lowering RTOs. All of this is done while maintaining minimal prices and excellent client satisfaction.

You will need the assistance of an eCommerce Logistic firm or company based in India, no matter the size of the e-commerce, and provide services for your clients. Listed below are the top logistics firms in India, as decided by the scale of the logistics firm, the services it offers, and the resources it offers.

1. Blue Dart Logistics Services

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Having a vast network of resources both domestically and internationally, Blue Dart is another international carrier. With planned and slot-based deliveries, you may provide clients with the choice of their delivery day and time. Additional specific services that may be requested using the Blue Dart API include computerised and automatic proof-of-delivery updates and shipping packing that is resistant to the elements. They allow cash-on-delivery, payments online (including post-paid and prepaid), and a variety of wallet alternatives when it comes to delivering transactions.

Parameters BlueDart
Reach of Pin Code 220+ Countries all over the world plus 35000+ in India
Benefits & Real worth Services Deliveries that are prearranged, expedited, packaged in weather-resistant materials, COD services, and with electronic delivery proof
Founded In 1983
Employees Count 275000 all over the world and 12200 in India.

2. Delhivery ECommerce Logistics

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

One of the most recognizable and biggest operating logistics companies is Delhivery, which is based in India. Over 7,500 e-commerce companies in India entrust them with their logistics. They are widely renowned for offering scheduled deliveries in addition to next and same-day delivery options. In addition, Delhivery offers COD services, including reversal and swap logistics.

A greater range of commodities, including hazardous, expensive, and heavy things, may be handled by them because of their equipment. The choosing, packaging, creation of shipping labels, and delivery of goods are all simplified by the integration of the Delhivery API.

Parameters Delhivery
Reach of Pin Code 18,000+
Benefits & Real worth Services Delivery options include: COD, expedited, local, customized, and hyperlocal; logistics for exchanges; and timely delivery of products.
Founded In 2011
Employees Count 10000+

3. FedEx Logistics Company

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Prior to offering its logistics operations to eCommerce enterprises, FedEx established a reputation for itself on the worldwide market. To deal with elevated items, large or lightweight goods, and even hazardous commodities like dry ice and lithium batteries, FedEx is very well with qualified staff and top-of-the-line transportation.

Additionally, they assist in managing customs clearance for intrastate and interstate goods. The FedEx API may be integrated with your company's systems to provide deliveries overseas to more than 220 countries and territories while keeping clients informed of the present position of their orders.

Numerous more wonderful capabilities, such as return handling and expedited delivery, are detailed in the FedEx API documentation. A great resource for instructions on how to incorporate FedEx into your current systems and applications is the FedEx API documentation.

Parameters FedEx
Reach of Pin Code 220+ Countries all over the world and 6000+ in India
Benefits & Real worth Services Deliveries that are prioritized, handled with special security, and cleared via customs
Founded In 1971
Employees Count 450000 all over the world

4. Ekart Logistics

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Ekart was first developed as a Flipkart effort and has now expanded to provide logistical solutions to a wide range of other eCommerce businesses. Due to their inexpensive prices and availability of rapid delivery in certain places, they have particularly gained popularity. In 13 locations across the nation, same-day delivery is permitted, while 50 cities provide next-day delivery. The Ekart Tracking API might be helpful for e-commerce firm owners seeking for end-to-end logistics solutions.

The Ekart Monitoring API not only makes automated shipment labels print possible, but it also offers up-to-the-minute information on the status of all of your shipments along the delivery process. This enables ecommerce business owners to learn a variety of things, including how many of their purchases are delayed and if the SLA criteria are being met. Ekart Logistics also helps with efficient reverse logistics and refund handling.

Parameters Ekart
Reach of Pin Code 3,800+
Benefits & Real worth Services Deliveries may be made shortly, the next day, or by cash.
Founded In 2009
Employees Count 500+

5. DHL Logistics Inc

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Another reputable multinational logistics business that has a significant presence in India is DHL. They have a massive distribution network to enhance logistics and supply chain capabilities both locally and internationally. The warehouse services provided by DHL Logistics are popular with SMEs. Their extensive network enables them to minimize environmental effects and waste during delivery.

Over 800 fulfillment facilities operated by DHL are dispersed over the globe. This implies that clients may get purchases more quickly than ever before, regardless of where they reside. DHL assists online retailers in lowering logistics costs by placing warehouses and distribution centers close to the client where they reside. DHL assists online retailers in lowering logistics costs by placing warehouses and distribution centres close to the client.

Parameters DHL
Pin Code Reach 220+ Countries all over the world and 26000+ in India
Value-Added Services and Benefits Timely delivery, individualised packing, and little environmental effect
Founded In 1969
No. of Employees 285,000 all over the world and 21000 in India

6. Ecom Express Logistics Services

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Another logistics firm offering comprehensive eCommerce services to some of India's largest online retailers can be found here. Due to the additional protection and monitoring capabilities they provide, they are a top choice for businesses that deal with expensive commodities like jewelry.

The rapid delivery orders placed with Ecom Express will be completed within 72 hours of the order getting presented, and the company is open even on Weekends and legal holidays. Similar to how they provide doorstep QC (quality inspections) for returned goods and reverse logistics, they also promise that perhaps the product will indeed be replaced under 72 hours.

Parameters Ecom Express
Pin Code Reach 27000+
Value-Added Services and Benefits Services include COD, protection and monitoring, a 72-hour commitment on expedited forward as well as reverse logistics, and quality control for returns
Founded In 2012
No. of Employees 36000+

7. Gati

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Gati entered the logistics industry for the first time in 1989, about 40 years ago. One of the first logistics firms, with its headquarters located in Mumbai, it serves more than 17,000 postcodes across India. If you go with Gati, you will also need to decide which of their different packages you would really like to take advantage of.

To meet the needs of a wide variety of sectors, variously priced packages of multiple programs are made accessible. Express delivery, computerized proof of delivery, planned and time-based shipment, shipment of heavy items, and bespoke weather-resistant packages are a few of the Gati services.

8. DTDC Logistics Corporation

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

With its 1990 founding in Bangalore, DTDC is one of India's leading logistics companies. It presently serves 10,000+ clients throughout 17,500+ pin codes, with big eCommerce companies making up approximately 75% of its clientele. Along with additional simple and adaptable payment alternatives, DTDC offers clients storage and COD (payment) services. Multiple orders may simultaneously get reliable tracking updates from the DTDC Tracking API. It also aids in the management of Non-Delivery Reports (NDR). On courier performance, the DTDC API may also provide comprehensive statistics.

It is particularly well-known for offering prompt delivery options, such as overnight delivery, hyper-local shipment, planned and slot-based delivery, same-day delivery, and the next delivery, among others. A greater range of items, such as high-value commodities, heavy goods, and even risky or hazardous materials, may be handled by DTDC's logistics partner, which increases its adaptability (HAZMAT).

9. Dunzo

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Dunzo, a logistics firm located in New Delhi, was founded in 2014 and has maintained its position as a leader in end-to-end logistics. Some well-known eCommerce firms, such as Titan EyePlus and Zivame, love it a lot. Just under 3000 locations and more than 27,000 pin codes may receive orders from customers around the nation.

Customers may take advantage of the collect-on-delivery feature, which enables consumers to pay with cash, demand draughts, and certain other types of digital payment at the point of delivery. In addition to providing doorstep QC (quality inspections) for purchases that need to be returned, Dunzo offers a greater safety level for mid-to-heavyweight shipments.

10. India Post

Top 10 Logistic Companies in India

Since 1854, India Post has had a prominent position in the world's logistics industry. India's postal service, run by the government, serves more than 100 nations. India Post has traditionally served as a reliable institution for handling individual clients' logistical requirements, yet with the rise of e-commerce, India Post too has joined the transformation in e-commerce logistics. India Post, a well-known carrier on a global scale, can guide its clients through the import and export customs clearance process.

The logistics division of India Post serves a variety of sectors, from pharmaceutical to aviation. As a result, it is prepared to transport big objects like equipment, valuables like jewelry, and even HAZMAT products like lithium batteries or dry ice. India Post has been a popular choice for companies who offer a more specialised or narrow range of goods as a result. The India Post postal service API will make it simple for your e-commerce company to print packing slips, provide clients with an estimate of when their orders will arrive, and assist you in managing returns.

Parameters India Post
Pin Code Reach 220+ Countries all over the world and 19100+ in India
Value-Added Services and Benefits E-commerce, Cash on Delivery, Co-packaging, Deliveries, Wholesale Shipping, Documentation, and Package
Founded In 1854
No. of Employees 416083 in India and all the world

How to Select the Best Indian Logistics Company for eCommerce?

After learning about the many top logistics companies available, you still need to decide which ones you want to work with. This is not a decision that should be taken hastily. An eCommerce company must take into account a number of factors before partnering with a logistics service provider. This choice might also take into account a lot of industry-specific factors. We'll go through the four most crucial factors that each firm should consider when picking the finest logistics provider for Indian eCommerce.

1) Delivery Cost

Although it may be tempting to choose the logistics provider with the lowest pricing, low prices don't always equate to reduced shipping expenses. What you truly want is the appropriate cost for the appropriate services. Even though the shipment cost is cheap, the overall cost of eCommerce logistics may still be significant. This is often due to the unexpected emergence of hidden expenses, such as additional fees for pay on delivery orders, various value-added services, or weight inconsistencies.

Because of this, it's crucial to be clear about the services you need and the optimal money that should be allocated for them. Which logistics partner would be the most cost-effective for you may be decided.

2) Pin Code Access

Among the most crucial things to examine initially is a partner's pin code accessibility. The more pin codes, however, does not always guarantee it will meet your demands, just like with expenses. You must first be aware of the precise areas and pin codes from which you get orders around the nation. Even far-flung areas in rank 2 and 3 regions may fall under this category, since most logistic providers might not be able to access them.

3) Monitoring Visibility

For you to guarantee that you provide the consumer with a positive post-purchase experience, order tracking visibility is crucial. To ensure that clients are informed of every delivery milestone that their purchase has reached, you should be able to provide them with frequent and real-time updates.

They will continue to be anticipating their order as a result. You may guarantee that your clients are informed and preserve order tracking transparency by working with a logistics partner that has more advanced technological capabilities, such as GPRS-enabled tracking.

4) Conditions of Use

The broad word "logistics" encompasses many distinct service kinds. Core delivery options like fast delivery and cash-on-delivery fall under this category. Additionally, additional specific services may be offered, such as hyper-local deliveries, slot-based shipment, individualized packing, and even bulk order shipping.

Considering how these services might be packaged to lower the cost of eCommerce shipping is important since each of these services normally has its own price. Additionally, you may proactively decide on the upper bounds for certain critical targets, such as the maximum number of fraudulent deliveries or RTOs that will not be punished.

5) Delivery Time

Customer expectations have increased along with the eCommerce industry's expansion and status as one of the most widely used purchasing methods. Additionally, the majority of clients demand quick delivery. Because of this, you should be able to offer them cheap, quick shipping choices. Additionally, you would want your logistics partners to provide you with these valuable delivery services at competitive prices.

Accordingly, you may initially focus on logistics firms that provide a range of quick delivery options, such as express delivery, scheduled delivery, or hyperlocal delivery. Based on the prices charged, you may then further reduce that list. It's crucial to check the terms of service indicated above, preferably in the form of an SLA, including details on how and when these different quicker delivery services will be offered (service level agreement).


Even if choosing the finest logistics businesses to deal with is not an easy choice, it may be significantly facilitated by first identifying the top Indian logistics service providers. Instead of choosing from over 120 logistics providers, you simply need to choose the best ones. It, therefore, becomes a matter of deciding which logistics partners can provide you with the most pin code reach and the greatest level of visibility when monitoring our goods. Prioritize cost reduction by enhancing operational efficiency by being aware of your needed services.

Sometimes, choosing the ideal logistics partners to collaborate with you may optimise your logistics solutions. Finding the ideal logistics provider may seem tough, given that there are already more than 150 businesses operating across India. The best course of action, however, is to contact logistics service providers depending on your company's requirements and the particular services you need.

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