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Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

Buying products online has been one of the most common advantages since the Internet was introduced to us. Online shopping makes buying more comparable, less time-consuming, and the buyers become more shopaholics.

Due to this increasing demand for products in the online market, many organizations are introducing themselves as online shopping markets by launching their shopping sites or Apps.

The Booming Market of Online Shopping in India

With having more than 600 million internet users all over India, the country ranks second in the world, it is one of the key reasons for the increasing demand in the online market of India. For covering this vast market, many online shopping sites are working to make E-purchasing more convenient and satisfying to their customers.

Advantages of Online Shopping

  • Less Time Consuming
  • Large Range of varieties in every product
  • No Pushy Sales
  • 24*7 Availability
  • Money-saving - Due to direct purchasing.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

1. Amazon

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

Amazon is the biggest and the oldest online shopping site all around the world. Amazon was established in the year 1994 by Jeff Bezos and Co-founder Mackenzie Scott. The headquarters of Amazon is in Seattle, Washington, in the U.S. The area served by Amazon is worldwide. In the Initial time of the company, they focused on online bookselling.

The present C.E.O. of Amazon is Andy Jassy.

Amazon in India

In 2013 Amazon started its functioning in India as 'Amazon India' by launching its websites as The company established its first headquarters in Banglore, Karnataka. From the beginning time of its business, Amazon provided a wide range of products and services. On the first day of business in India, Amazon received more than 10000 orders. And currently, Amazon receives more than 1,50,000 orders per day which makes it the highest-earning e-commerce site in India and all over the world.

2. Flipkart

Flipkart is the first India-based E-Commerce platform founded by two Indian entrepreneurs, brother Sachin Bansal and Binny Bansal. The company was established 14 years ago in 2007. Like Amazon, during its initial time, Flipkart was developed for selling books online. Still, with time Flipkart enlarged its range of products by including Electronic Appliances, Cosmetics, groceries, Fashion, Daily lifestyle, and much more range of products.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India


  • In India- Bangalore, Karnataka
  • In Singapore- As legal Domicile

CEO (Chief Executive Officer)- Kalyan Krishnamurthy

Leading Investors in Flipkart

  • Walmart-82.1%
  • Tencent-5.1%
  • Tiger global-4.87%
  • Binny Bansal-3.25%
  • Microsoft-1.46%

And many other small investors.

Market Share of Flipkart in India

Flipkart has a net worth of Rupees 2.84 lakh crores with a revenue of Rupees 43,615 crores in 2020 in India. Flipkart is one of the biggest names in e-commerce sites.

3. Myntra

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

Myntra was established in 2007, having Mukesh Bansal as the Founder alongside Ashutosh Lawania and Vineet Saxena as co-founder of the company.

The more likely Myntra is acknowledged as e-commerce site which deals in fashion products and personalized gift items from the initial stage.

Investment in Myntra

During the Foundation time, the initial funding for Myntra was done by the Erasmic venture fund (currently known as Accel partners).

But in 2014, all the stocks of Myntra were acquired by Flipkart at the deal value of Rupees 2000 crore. Accel Partners and Tiger Global played a large part in this deal.

Advertisement Strategies

More than 500 Indian and international brands, starting from Nike, Adidas, Promote Mango, Nykaa, etc. are selling their products on Myntra. Making customers aware of such varieties of products, demands a very effective marketing strategy and for this, Myntra has worked very effectively and efficiently.

4. Snapdeal

Snapdeal is one of the most trusted India-based E-Commerce sites. It was established in 2010 by two friends, Kunal Bahi post graduated from the Wharton School and Rohit Bansal post graduated from Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi.

During the initial time of the business, Snapdeal was working as a daily need online platform, but in 2011, they changed their business strategy to an Online Shopping site.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

Investments Throughout The Years

The initial investment for the company's establishment was done by Nexus Ventures Partner and Indo U.S. Ventures Partners in 2011 of 12 million U.S. dollars, adding to a second investment in the same year of 45 million U.S. dollars by the Bessemer Venture Partners and many other Co-investors.

Likewise, there were several investments done in different years during the ups and downs of the company.

Snapdeal in India

Headquarter- New Delhi

With more than 4000 towns all over India, Snapdeal successfully covers the vast market ans reaches to the 92% of the total market of India.

5. COM

Ajio is also an India-based E-commerce Initiative started by Reliance Retail digital in 2016. AJIO has a headquarter in Mumbai, India.

The company is the most rapidly growing E-Commerce site dealing in lifestyle products. Ajio provides its products in more than 200 countries all around the world, especially in India.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

The Uniqueness of also has its privately-owned product label named 'Ajio'. Many head-turning styled products related to fashion and lifestyle like Sunglasses, wallets, Watches, Clothing, etc. are available on the site.

Ajio also extended its product range to International brands like Nike, Puma, Superdry, Skechers, and many more.

6. Tata 1MG

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

TATA 1MG was previously known as 1MG. It was founded in 2015 after the separation of 'Healthkart Plus' from Bright Lifecare Private Limited'. The idea of establishing 1MG was given by Prashant Tandon, Gaurav Agrawal, and Vikas Chauhan.

During the initial time of the business, 1MG served as a generic drug search business with the prime objective of making Healthcare more reachable and inexpensive for everyone.

Headquarter- Gurgaon, Haryana.

In 2021, 55% of 1MG shares were acquired by TATA Digital Limited and then the E-Commerce site changed its name to TATA 1MG.

Several e-commerce sites are doing business in E-Pharmacy, but some distinctive services given by TATA 1Mg are-

  • You can apply for a home laboratory test at no cost in TATA 1MG Labs.
  • Several widely known doctors give their online services at TATA 1MG sites from whom you can consult while at home.
  • You can order online for daily health care and wellness products easily.
  • Tata 1MG also facilitates the home delivery services for Ayurvedic and Homoeopathic medicines.

Tata 1MG in India

Tata 1MG is considered as the topmost trusted 'Made in India' E-Pharmacy site. Currently, TATA 1MG is providing its service in more than 270 cities in India.

7. Nykaa

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

Nykaa was established in the online shopping market in 2012 but was available for its customers in 2013. Nykaa is also an India-based E-Commerce site dealing in Unisex fashion and beauty products.

Nykaa is the first Indian E-Commerce startup kickoff by Indian female entrepreneur Falguni Nayar.

Nykaa in the E-Commerce Market

In the initial time of the business, Nykaa was only selling Women Oriented beauty and fashion products. Still, in the year 2018, Nykaa also introduced men's grooming and fashion products. During this diversification period of the company into the fashion market, Nykaa also launched their own Design Studio, 'Nykaa Fashion'.

8. com

Dealing in fashion products and electronic gadgets in the E-commerce market is common, but having an e-commerce site providing a huge range of furniture and home decor products is unique. Pepperfry is one scuh e-commerce site working in this field.

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

The idea was introduced by the famous online shopping site Pepperfry was founded in the year 2011 by Ambaresh Murthy and co-founder Ashish Shah. It is also an India-based startup headquartered inMumbai and several warehouses all around India, four of them are in Bangalore, Jodhpur, Mumbai, and Delhi.

9. Netmeds

Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

With a famous tagline 'India ki pharmacy', Netmeds is a well know E-Pharmacy site where we can order prescription medicine, can take consultation from the doctor online, and also can book laboratory tests online.

Netmeds was founded in the year 2015 by one of the most reliable pharmacy brand Dadha & company.

Netmeds also provides various health care and comfort products.


Top 10 Online Shopping Sites in India

It is India's one of the most trusted brands in kid's fashion, accessories, Baby food, and much more products. Firstcry was founded in the year 2010 by Span Maheswari and Prashant Jadhav.

In the initial time when FirstCry was launched, it was based on selling kid's products directly from there several warehouses to all over India. But after some time, the marketing strategy gets a modification, when they merge local retailers in their platform and availed them the opportunity of selling their products on

Self Owned Brands Of Firstcry

  • Baby Hug- Fashion products for babies and kids.
  • CuteWalk- A Footwear Brand.

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