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Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

The production of drama in Pakistan is expanding. Pakistani dramas occasionally emphasize their plot lines, whether it be through advocating the idea of true love or by overcoming obstacles to lead a better lifestyle. Our plays have also crossed the border because our neighbors were genuinely moved by the brilliant writing, direction, and acting in the serials.

It should be highlighted that while we constantly condemn movies anytime an immoral or un-Islamic deed occurs, we are all deaf and blind regarding our plays. It isn't only about Islam, but there are certain instances where we overlook that these short plays have crossed the line and into uncharted territory, including Pakistan, which is either unknown or insignificant. Here is some most loved Pakistani drama.

1. Zindgi Gulzaar Hai

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

Kashaf, the daughter of a schoolteacher mistreated by her father, thinks that men are cunning and that life is unjust, but Zarun's real love persuades her to change her mind. In the end, she marries him. The play also focuses on Kashaf's life of poverty and her sacrifices to succeed and obtain a respectable career. It is a play based on a novel that shows racial and class prejudice. The patriarchal principles upheld by Zindagi Gulzar Hai allow males to control the behavior, appearance, and preferences of women close to them.

Every marriage portrayed in the program is an example of this. It is often emphasized that the husband "allowed" the wife to pursue a job despite her efforts, which helped him acquire authority. Instead of using the term "support," Junaid describes how he "allowed" Ghazala to pursue a job and how much he regrets doing so because by prioritizing her work, Ghazala ignored her home responsibilities and is responsible for their children's lack of certain values.

On the other hand, a housewife who does everything without assistance from her husband is admired. This raises the question of why, even in the twenty-first century, society still expects women to manage everything without complaining and why the idea of an equal-partnership marriage still exists only in concept.

2. Pyare Afzal

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

Pyare Afzal was a tale of amazing love; it was a tale of love, but not just any kind of love. It was a devastating tale of two hearts' passionate, unending love for one another. Pyare Afzal is readily put in the same literary category as Laila Majnoo, Heer Ranjha, and Romeo & Juliet. This is not hyperbole, as evidenced by the widely acknowledged renown.

The Pyare Afzal team dominated the TV category at the 2015 Lux Style Awards, winning every prize. The well-known drama series sent viewers on an emotional roller coaster while vividly expressing the complex realities of interpersonal interactions. This drama will undoubtedly go down in history and be remembered for a long time. A narrative that was so moving that everyone in the country prayed for a good resolution. Everyone was in tears and horrified by the unfortunate conclusion since it was so poignant. Afzal and Farah eventually expressed their love for one another at this stage in the tale, which had its highs and lows, but regrettably, great love tales must come to a tragic end-or, as they say, tragedies make for great love stories. The narrative of Afzal and Farah was identical. Afzal's run-in with the law resulted in his death, and on the way home from Karachi, while he was confessing his love to Farah, he was fatally shot.

3. Suno Chanda

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

Suno Chanda on Hum TV has established itself as one of the greatest drama series to have appeared on television thus far, despite being a Ramadan special. With its light comedy, gorgeous representation of emotions, and course, the hot on-screen chemistry of Iqra Aziz and Farhan Saeed, Suno Chanda stands out among the extremely adult issues we are constantly exposed to. The story of Arsal (Farhan Saeed) and Ajiya (also known as Jiya) is the focus of Saima Akram Chaudhry's screenplay and Aeshun Talish's masterful direction in Suno Chanda (Iqra Aziz). Arsal and Jiya were coerced into a nikkah by their frail grandpa when they were young, and now the family is determined to have them married despite being incompatible.

Jiya and Arsal attempt to persuade their parents of how mismatched they are as the day of the rukhsati draws closer. With the arrival of Phupo Ji's family and their daughter Kinza, Jiya devises a scheme to finally free herself and Arsal of the nikkah that neither of them can stand. Kinza is more interested in Arsal than in her mother. While Jiya has been portrayed as a driven young woman who is not only determined but also focused on herself and her higher education, Arsal has been portrayed as a laid-back Punjabi Munda who, despite being afraid of his father, enjoys a friendly relationship with the family and wears Peshawari chappals with jeans. In addition to the fact that she cannot tolerate Arsal, Jiya wants to leave the nikkah to pursue a job.

4. Humsafar

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

Khirad is a confident and independent individual who places little value on riches and power and aspires to be respected. Due to the sudden passing of Khirad's mother, Khirad and Ashar are under pressure to be married, but Ashar's closest friend Sara, who is in love with him, is devastated. Childhood pals Sara and Ashar share the same status; Sara has always had intense feelings for Ashar, while Khirad resides in a two-bedroom apartment with her mother. Due to dire circumstances, Ashar and Khirad are compelled to wed.

Ashar thinks he would have wed a woman of equal status if he hadn't been coerced into a loveless marriage. As their bond grows, the two discover a foundation to start their marriage along with the emotional conflicts of these two powerful individuals, Sara and others close to her plan to stoke animosity between the recently weds.

5. Diyar-e-Dil

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

The drama's cast is superb, and the performance makes the serial worth watching with actors with names like Maya Ali (Faarah Wali Khan), Osman Khalid Butt (Wali Suhaib Khan), harem Farooq (Arjumand Suhaib Khan), Sanam Saeed (Ruhina Behroze Khan), Mikaal Zulfiqar (Behroze Bakhtiyar Khan), Ali Rehman Khan (Suhaib Bakhtiyar Khan), and Ahmad Zeb (Farhat Ishtiaq has successfully afforded each of her characters the freedom to tell their narrative in their unique way. The younger son honors his father's desires by marrying the woman his father picks for him, whereas the older son, Behroze, refuses to wed the woman his father has chosen for him. Diyar-e-Dil is not only a tale about traditional values but also about male camaraderie. It emphasizes Agha Jaan's closeness with his sons Behroze and Shoaib. She also explains the early engagements phenomena in this drama section.

The drama focuses on the degree of parental power demonstrated and highlights the resistance in today's youngsters. Sometimes, when kids finally let go of their stubbornness, it's too late. Diyar-e-Dil is most well-liked for its powerful message that relationships between parents and children should not be severed because of ego problems. This special relationship is shared not just between parents and children but also between grandparents and grandchildren, a virtue that is lacking in Western culture.

6.Dil e Jaanam

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

Eshal and Shavez, two cousins who have been together since childhood, are Hina Altaf Khan and Zahid Ahmed. However, things change when Shavez begins showing interest in Asma (Zhalay Sarhadi). His parents, Rabiya (Shaheen Khan) and Rehman (Usman Peerzada) are oblivious to the situation and are planning to marry Shavez to his maternal uncle Usman's (Anwar Iqbal) daughter, Eshal. While Haris, a friend of Eshal's (Imran Ashraf), offers her assistance with various issues. Eshal does not feel anything for him, but he is in love with her. In front of his parents, Shavez performs his nikah with Asma on the wedding day and declares his love for her. When his parents arrive, they are in disbelief. To apologize to her brother and sister-in-law, a distraught Rabiya goes. However, they claim that she is not to blame. Eshal's parents soon prepare for her to marry someone else, but she is abducted on the day of the wedding. To frighten Eshal and her family should she try to marry someone else or admit to anybody that she was the one who had her abducted, Haris shows his face to Eshal just before he is freed. Everyone is glad that Eshal has been found and unaware that Haris has abducted her.

7. Tabeer

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

Yasir's child is being carried by Tabeer (Iqra Aziz). For Fawad, Yasir (Imran Ashraf) is employed. Fawad (Shehzad Sheikh) is a very kind and straightforward person. However, his mother is a little arrogant. Zarnish (Eshal Fayyaz), married to Fawad, gave birth to a kid before passing away from cancer. Yasir perishes in an automobile accident as well. The birth of Yasir's kid, who also passes away later due to Ajju's (Ali Safina) negligence, leaves Tabeer in intense shock.

Sania (Hajra Yameen) is an extremely emotional heroine who has a passionate love for Fawad but is devastated by his rejection. She enrolls at a school to ease her suffering, and there she meets Ahson Talish, a painter who has recently lost his wife and is also grieving. He begins to fall for Sania secretly. After experiencing many ups and downs in her life, Tabeer provides food for Fawad's child, and with Daadi's blessing, Fawad discreetly weds her at her home (Azra Mansoor). Without his consent, Fawad's mother takes his marriage proposal to Sania to receive her acceptance. Upon learning, he phones Sania and informs her about his marriage to Tabeer. Sania's heart is wounded, so she visits her painter's best friend at his house. However, when she learns he has departed for London, she becomes frightened and unintentionally falls into a swimming pool. She gets taken into the hospital and is in critical condition.

8. Ehd-e-Wafa

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

Ahad Raza Mir, Ahmed Ali Akbar, Wahaj Ali, and Osman Khalid Butt all play significant parts in the drama's plot, which centers on four buddies who come from various families and are undergoing training to join the Pakistan Army. The four friends' bond develops so quickly and deeply that they stop concentrating on their Army training and instead take advantage of each chance to have fun and escape the monotonous training schedule.

The narrative isn't just about the four friends; it also touches on their families and how they fight to be there for them through it all. The plot twist occurs when the arguments between the four friends become so severe that they break apart. The friend with an Army family history continues in military training while the other three pals depart. That sums up how special this drama is in terms of the plot and characters.

9. Yakeen Ka Safar

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

Hum TV in Pakistan carries the Urdu-language TV series Yakeen Ka Safar. It was produced by Momina Duraid through MD Productions, while Shahzad Kashmiri served as the director. The script for the series was written by Farhat Ishtiaq, who also wrote the book "Woh Yakeen Ka Naya Safar." Three distinct storylines that would eventually become interconnected form the first part of the serial. Ahad Raza Mir portrays Dr. Asfandyar Ali Khan, Sajal Ali portrays Dr. Zubia Khalil, Hira Mani portrays Gaeti Daniyal Ali Khan, Shaz Khan portrays Barrister Daniyal Ali Khan, Mohammed Ehteshamuddin portrays Khalil, Beenish Raja portrays Sheema Rehan. Faryaal portrays Rehan Khalil is portrayed by Sabeena Syed, Urooj Nisar by Aisha Khan Jr., Shamyl Shahroze is played by Shameyel Tareen, and Salman Saqib Sheikh portrays Dr. Haroon.

Jehangir Singh, the son of a wealthy politician, gang-rapes Noori, a country girl from Islamabad. They threaten to murder her parents if they report the accused to the authorities. Noori flees her house to exact revenge on the villagers who are now victimizing her.

When Noori is discovered, a woman working for an NGO decides to take her to Karachi so she may find a lawyer. They speak with the attorney Dhaniyal Ali Khan, who does his utmost to defend the case but is killed by the politician. They make his passing appear to be a suicide. A few days later, Noori enters a political gathering and executes everyone connected to the trauma she experienced. The second tale concerns Asfandyar Ali Khan, Dhaniyal's brother. When they learned of his brother's passing, Asfandyar and his fiancée were already engaged. The wedding is called off, and he relocates overseas to pursue his studies.

10. Balaa

Top 10 Pakistani Dramas

In 2018, the ARY Digital channel premiered the Urdu television series Balaa. This television show is the ideal thriller. The drama meets all the criteria for an original take on the personality of the disabled thanks to its wicked and nasty lead character, who is hell-bent on destroying the lives of those who are better off than her. Nigar limps as a result of a congenital condition. She lashes out in envy and rage at the helpless individuals that cross her path.

Ushna Shah, an actress, won praise for her depiction of Nigar. Sajid Hassan portrayed Zafar, the father of Nigar. Azekah Daniel, Samina Peerzada, Bilal Abbas Khan as Taimoor, Mehar Bano as Batool, and others are cast, members. Nigar is a wicked lady with a limp who was born that way. She never allows her impairment to stand in the way of achieving her goals, no matter who she harms. Her father, who puts all his trust in Nigar, further supports her behavior. Similar traits are present in her father, Zafar, and other avarice. He adores Nigar deeply since her birth has been a great blessing for him. The spouse of Nigar's brother, Junaid, was a poor lady named Zeba. Zeba was not well-liked by Nigar and Junaid, who attempted to have Junaid divorce her.

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