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Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

Kolkata, known as the "City of Joy," has remained India's cultural powerhouse. Aside from "Sandesh" and "Rasagulas," the city is renowned as the epicenter of modern Indian education, culture, science, and politics. This city, associated with 6 Noble Laureates to date, is at the pinnacle of education. This article will offer you an overview of Kolkata's top 10 best schools.

1. La Martiniere for Girls

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

La Martiniere for Girls achieved its pinnacle, and the Department of Posts honored the school's 175th anniversary with the production of a commemorative stamp. The school, founded in 1836 by French General Claude Martin, has been serving the cause of girls' education for over 184 years and is one of Kolkata's premier institutions. The school now has about 2800 girls enrolled. It makes every effort to support extracurricular activities such as basketball, tennis, football, swimming, music, art, theater, guidance, and community work. It also provides a wealth of career advice, which helps shape every girl child. Admissions are made on a space-available basis at the school.

Address: 14, Sarojini Naidu Sarani, Kolkata 700017

2. La Martiniere for Boys

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

In 1836, La Martiniere for Boys was founded as a day school for boys to provide academic achievement while also ensuring the holistic development of all students. It is La Martiniere's sister institution for females. It is one of the earliest boy schools to operate and one of the greatest schools in Kolkata. In addition to this, the school features an infirmary, a music room, a basketball court, an art room, and various other sports facilities to help the young boys develop their extracurricular interests. The school accepts students based on available spots.

Address: 11, Loudon Street, Kolkata 700017

3. Don Bosco School Kolkata

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

English is the medium of instruction. The Anglo-Indian School for Catholic boys, run by the Salesians of Don Bosco, was established in 1958, but it now accepts students of other faiths. It is one of Kolkata's best schools. During their time at the school, they will be instilled with the habits of purity, virtue, discipline, and self-reliance to provide value-based education. Apart from instilling ideals, the school guarantees that a high standard of morality and discipline is maintained.

Address: 23, Darga Road, Park Circus Kolkata 700017

4. Modern High School Kolkata

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

Rukmani Devi Birla founded the Modern High School for Girls in Kolkata in 1952 to develop thinking, independent, and strong young women. The school's main goal is to provide a stress-free yet dynamic learning environment while recognizing each child's individuality. Through its different groups, the school actively promotes extracurricular activities.

Address: 78, Syed Amir Ali Avenue, Kolkata 700019

5. Xavier's Collegiate School

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

St. Xavier's Collegiate School, one of Kolkata's premier institutions, was founded in 1860 by the Jesuits for the education of Catholic boys but now accepts students from all castes, creeds, and religions. It is well-known for its house system, which fosters a healthy competitive spirit among students and serves as a source of inspiration for young brains.

Address: 30, Park St, Mullick Bazar, Park Street area, Kolkata, West Bengal 700016

6. Loreto House Kolkata

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

Loreto House Kolkata was founded in 1842 to provide a strong moral education to its students while also cultivating their hidden abilities. The school offers a large library, computer lab, a variety of sports facilities, and smart classrooms for students in grades K through 12. The curriculum is based on the ICSE and ISC boards. Aside from academics, the school holds several national-level Olympiad tests for pupils and recognizes their accomplishments. The school provides a dedicated reading center to help kids find and recognize their literary abilities. The school's social cell guarantees that every kid, beginning at an early age, develops into a socially responsible citizen.

Address: 7, Middleton Row, Kolkata

7. Heritage School Kolkata

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

The Heritage School is a co-educational day school founded in 2001 by the Kalyan Bharathi Trust to revive the Indian "gurukula" tradition. The school's major goal is to provide all necessary resources for the children's social, physical, mental, and intellectual growth. The school is surrounded by nature and boasts a variety of amenities, including laboratories for diverse studies in various subjects and smart classrooms. Aside from the above facilities, the school provides vegetarian meals to the students in a large dining hall and transportation.

Address: 994, Chowbaga Road, Anandapur, East Kolkata Township, Kolkata 700107

8. James School Kolkata

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

St. James School was founded in 1864 and was inaugurated by the then Bishop of Calcutta, Most Revd. George Edward Cotton. It is considered one of the greatest schools in Kolkata. Despite a brief financial problem, the school grew to a point where it could attain its pinnacle with the support of church sponsorship. Aside from academics, the school emphasizes co-curricular activities. It contains roughly 15 distinct groups, including scouts and other organizations.

Address: 165, Acharya Jagadish Chandra Bose Road, Entally, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014

9. Calcutta International School

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

Miss Barth created the school in 1953. The school was founded for the children of the British expatriate population, but it is today an international co-educational day school with almost 2000 students of all nationalities. The school's mission is to nurture children and assist them in discovering themselves and their surroundings. An art room, science room, computer lab, library, infirmary, reading room, and numerous other clubs that support sports and co-curricular activities are among the facilities. The school's transportation service is air-conditioned and GPS-equipped.

Address: 724, Anandapur, Kolkata 700107

10. Ashok Hall Girls' Higher Secondary School Kolkata

Top 10 Schools in Kolkata

The Ashok Hall Group established six schools, including this one. It was created in 1951 to prepare girl children to confront both possibilities and challenges. Computer-assisted learning, library and information services, labs, medical assistance, sports facilities, and several other co-curricular activities are among the school's amenities and characteristics. Aside from academics, the school aspires to instill a respect for traditional and spiritual values.

Address: 5A, Sarat Bose Road, Kolkata 700020

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