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Top 10 Sherwani Designs

The preferred cultural attire for males throughout the whole Indian sub-continent is the sherwani, a form of a flared long coat. It conveys a sense of regal authority, grace, and manly flair and is used for formal occasions. In India, the most common wedding attire is a sherwani. It is often worn over a kurta and paired with a churidar pyjama, salwar, dhoti, or breeches as the bottom garment. The groom's wedding attire is finished with a matching pair of mojris also known as jootis (embroidered ethnic shoes), a safe (turban), and a scarf slung over one shoulder.

Origin of Sherwani

The sherwani originated in central Asia, specifically in Turkey and Persia. Early in the 19th century, it was first observed in the princely state of Awadh. Before that, Indian males opted to wear an "Angarkha"-a formal outfit, which, over time, developed into the sherwani and achkan. The primary distinction between the two is that a sherwani is a long coat with a more relaxed flaring shape from the waist down, while an achkan is a knee-length coat featuring a tighter fit.

Sherwanis are not worn daily and are reserved for special occasions like weddings, festivals, family gatherings, cultural events, religious celebrations, and ceremonies, among others. It comes in a range of materials, hues, and patterns.

Material used to make a sherwani

A groom's sherwani is made from silk, brocade, terry wool, and velvet and has elaborate embroidery, beads, mirrors, and sequins. Chikankari, Kashidakari, Kashmiri, Zardozi, Phulkari, Jaal, and Kantha are the most often utilized embroidery techniques.

Important Points to Consider While Buying a Sherwani

This is one of the crucial factors that people must take into account. Groom might hear a lot of advice when choosing a sherwani for the wedding, including they won't wear it often, they can put the money to better use, only people notice the bride in marriages, etc.

  • Fit: The sherwani's fit needs to be carefully considered after the sherwani's quality has been decided. An Indian wedding is not a one-ceremony event; multiple ceremonies and a lot of movement are required. The Groom has to ride a horse, stand on the stage, sit on the throne, sit on the ground in the mandap, eat at a table, play games with the bride, and occasionally even dance.
  • Select the bottom: Once you've chosen the sherwani, you'll need to choose the appropriate bottom and additional accessories. A churidar pyjamas, a dhoti, or Jodhpur breeches are all options. The sherwani should match the color of the lower garment. The appropriate footwear (jootis or mojris), turban (safa), scarf, and any other accessories (such as a sword, jewelry, broach, etc.) that emphasize your manhood must also be selected.
  • Select the style: There are many different styles, patterns, colors, and fashions for sherwanis. The best design and pattern for your skin tone and body type should be chosen after carefully researching the latest sherwani trends. For instance, if you are short and thin, you should choose padded shoulders because they will make you look more well-built.

Note: Folks cannot take chances with the actual wedding ceremony in the twenty-first century when everyone aspires to have "The Big Fat Wedding," where even the smallest ceremonies are practised and choreographed under the expert guidance of professional event managers and wedding planners to make them look perfect.

List of the top 10 sherwani designs:

1. Midnight Blue Heavy Embroidered Sherwani

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

With some of the biggest celebrities in Bollywood serving as its brand ambassadors, Manyavar has established itself as one of the best ethnic menswear companies in the nation. This magnificent deep blue sherwani with heavy embroidery will make groom stand out in the crowd. The sherwani is made of a self-designed jacquard fabric with extensive gold embroidery. Beads and elaborate zari work are used to decorate the neck and sleeves. Once you put on this sherwani for your Wedding, your guests will look at you in amazement and happiness. For just 16,999 on Manyavar, you can purchase this designer sherwani with a glazed blue churidar bottom.

2. Hand Embroidered Art Silk Sherwani in Beige

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

For twenty years, Utsav Fashion has produced fashionable and high-quality ethnic clothing for both ladies and men. This gorgeous princely sherwani is constructed of art silk jacquard fabric and is beige. Beautiful hand embroidery employing beads, zari, stones, and patch border work can be found on the neck and sleeves. It comes with a pair of velvet maroon dhoti pants. You'll unquestionably look like a Prince at your Wedding with this sherwani.

3. Lucknowi Sherwani - Pista Green

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

Aza is a fashion label that develops young and rising talent and works with renowned existing fashion designers like Manish Malhotra and Anita Dongre. In addition to its online presence, Aza, founded in 2005, has six boutique stores spread out across Mumbai and Delhi. Designer Arihant Rai Sinha makes this gorgeous pista green Lucknowi sherwani. The sherwani is made of poly silk and has a mandarin collar, a front button closure, and delicate Lucknowi flower motifs all over in white. Gold dhoti pants and a dupatta with embroidery are worn with the sherwani.

4. Silk Sherwani in Red and Maroon

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

This crimson and maroon sherwani from Indian Wedding Saree will unquestionably delight anyone if they enjoy bright colors. This crimson and maroon mandarin collared silk sherwani with extensive all-over embroidery, zardozi, and zari work in gold gives it a regal appearance appropriate for a groom. Anyone can purchase the entire set from Indian Wedding Saree for 33,943, and the sherwani comes with matching gold pajamas.

5. Rohit Bal Wedding Sherwani 2020 - Ivory

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

For nearly three decades, Rohit Bal has been a part of every household when it comes to the best fashion design in the industry. His creations are renowned for their exceptional aesthetic sensibility, handcrafted precision, and rigorous attention to detail. He just unveiled his Wedding Sherwani 2020 Collection, highlighting the best sherwani styles while considering the most recent fashions. This sherwani is part of the same line and is made of Chanderi silk in a light beige color with beautiful embroidery you have never seen before. The collar and sleeves of the sherwani also have ivory silk lining. The sherwani is offered for Rs. 2,75,000.

6. Benzer Raw Silk - Green

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

The first Benzer location opened its doors in 1982, making it the oldest fashion retail establishment in the nation. The company is noted for its excellent ethnic, Indo-Western formal, casual, and bridal clothing. This stunning raw silk sherwani has heavy gold embroidered decorations throughout and a buttoned front. It is made in a striking green bottle color. You will undoubtedly stand out in the crowd in the sherwani.

7. Diwan Saheb Embroidered Sherwani - Light Peach

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

Another upscale apparel company in India is called Diwan Saheb. It was established in 1957 and is renowned for its premium fabric, elaborate finishing, and genuinely ageless and traditional designs. They have been dressing corporate executives and famous people for years, and their name is synonymous with upscale, luxurious haute couture. Intricate embroidery can be seen throughout this light peach sherwani. It is worn with a coordinating kurta, churidar pajamas, jootis, and a velvet stole in a different color that goes well with the sherwani.

8. Samyakk Velvet Zari Embroidered Sherwani - Maroon & Gold

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

A fashion company called Samyakk is situated in Bengaluru. It was established in 2006 and first focused on high-end womenswear before progressively expanding to high-end menswear. It is renowned for its premium, elegant, and classic designs. This maroon velvet sherwani, the only one in their collection, has fine zari embroidery done with gold thread. A mandarin collar with slits at the front and side is on the sherwani. To complete the regal appearance, it is worn with a beige churidar made of cotton silk with contrasting colors.

9. Tarun Tahiliani Embroidered Sherwani - Peach

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

Another well-known fashion designer on the global stage is Tarun Tahiliani. The designs produced by Tarun Tahiliani Design Studio, established in 1995, are renowned for showcasing India's rich cultural heritage, creativity, and expert craftsmanship. A sleeveless sherwani with all-over jaal embroidery, a matching full-sleeved kurta, and dhoti pants are included in this rust-colored sherwani set. The mandarin collar and side slits on the sherwani are made of Katan silk.

10. Traditional Sherwani with Stone Work - Beige

Top 10 Sherwani Designs

This self-designed brocade sherwani from Manyavar is yet another stunning design. It has maroon accents and is a fawn color. The exquisite stonework further enhances the sherwani's richness on the neck and a patch on each of the sleeves. You can purchase the sherwani in Manyavar for 16,999, along with a churidar in the maroon color.

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