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Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

Shirts are clothing material that makes everyone look not only decent but presentable. Earlier shirts were generally used in formal events or formal ventures, but today they can be worn in professional meetings, casual dates, beach parties, or even at home in their leisure time. In ancient times, shirts were mostly worn by men but with time the design for shirts evolved, demand for shirts grew, the composition of consumers changed and shirts became gender-neutral.

Evolving demand for shirts allowed entrepreneurs to set up firms to manufacture them. Starting from a small space today these firms became renowned brands. Both men and women are seen wearing the apparel of these big brands giving them a global demand and window for expansion.

With the emerging demand, India has laid down new brands or taken over various shirt brands. Out of various brands for shirts, these are the top 10 shirt brands chosen based on prices, comfort, and pocket-friendly behaviour.

1. Richlook

Richlook has a great variety and specialization of men's apparel and blends elegance with current trends. It started its journey back in 1993 with only 500 multi-brand stores all over the country and till 2006 it had its own 60+ exclusive stores just in northern India. Its prime motive is to provide easy dressing to all its users. They design it in a way user get comfort and ease while dressing. It understands the kind of dressing modern men living in metropolitan cities require and demand as they are unstoppable and always in hurry. They don't have time to rest so they need most of the comfort to be served in their clothes. And for this Richlook is known.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

It joined hands with the best fashion experts who are masters in their field and did a long and elaborative research to serve their customers the best and comfy clothes which complement their lifestyle and standard of living. They possess a versatile range of formals, semi-formals, and casuals for every occasion. Richlook blends your outer appearance with your personality, taste, and preference of how you present yourself differently on different occasions with the varied collection offered in Richlook.

2. Blackberrys

If clothing for the ambitious, confident, man had a brand name it would be Blackberrys only. Having a product range so elegant and decent make men look great and filled with confidence and self-worth.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

It fits so well that discomfort can never stop you achieve your goals in life when dressed like an ambitious young man. Simultaneously taking fashion trends and excellence in hand designers at Blackberrys keeps on evolving their product, craft, and apparel which inspires ambitious men to dream big and work harder to achieve what they dream for. It gives an ambitious person motivation to make his dream come true. They started their journey back in 1991 with suits for modern men which gave them an exemplary fit.

In 1996 they became the first one to come up with wrinkle-free khakis. From being the epitome of introducing dress line trousers to being the brand using fabrics that are globally sourced, Blackberrys came a long way by diversifying their product range with product specifications. In 2014, they introduced the "Whitest shirts in India" with the certification of CIE as the highest whiteness. They commit to improving with evolving fashion and transforming one's fashion requirements as their desire in the future.

3. Red Tape

Originally launched as a shoe brand for the new, ambitious, and young men and women. It will be a lie to say that red tape provides comfy, stylish, trendy, and exceptionally designer clothing apparel. Established themselves in 1996 they became the first footwear brand to be available in a huge and global market of the United Kingdom.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

After a great range of footwear, they have put their hands on shirts for men available in various fabrics and materials. To diversify and be with changing trends they bought design studios in US and UK. After men's clothing, they also introduced accessories with the product they offer in the market which includes both formal and semi-formals like jackets, denim, wallets, etc. They got their markets for selling products in the US, UK, France, South Africa, and western Asia as well as in Germany.

4. Peter England

Back in the era of the Boer war, Peter England was born in 1889, in Londonderry, Ireland. It provided fine khaki trousers to soldiers of Great Britain. After serving so many British soldiers, Peter England paved its way in Indian markets around a century later that is in 1997.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

Right after three years of entering the Indian market, the Aditya Birla group took over the brand in 2000. This takeover made Peter England India a renowned brand for manufacturing and supplying menswear globally. For the next seven consecutive years, Peter England was in the charts of the top 5 most trusted brands which shows their credibility, consumer base, and demand in the market.

Catering to young people is a task but Peter England mastered the art and offered a wide range and great variety in apparel suitable for every occasion and function as well as fulfills the requirements of young professionals boosting their confidence in themselves and an inspiration to achieve their goals towards which they are working day and night.

Holding up to a strong belief in authenticity and originality, Peter England is one of the most trusted and celebrated Indian brands in the Indian as well as global market. Not only offering formals, but Peter England has also spread its branches in casual wear, accessories, indie kurtas, linen, denim, and more.

It is a recipient of various awards and certifications like best performing in men's formal/ casual wear, best customer relationship management program, best technology initiative/ implementation, etc.

5. Zodiac

Zodiac is a passion-driven company as they give in all of their passion in making, designing, stitching, and selling their brand. They believe if the work is done with compassion, perfection and soul put in while doing tasks, success just follows it and need not be chased. Zodiac design and every apparel says its own story of hard work, the research involved, and the emotion of the manufacturer while making it for their customers.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

Zodiac has always embraced tradition with regular innovations. Being a leading brand in selling fine men's clothing with a conventional and modern touch. It has a strong conviction in blending the human feel with the world of images making it more stylish, comfortable, and unique which stands out from others. They utilize lighter fabrics, rejuvenating classics with a great choice of colors that look very sophisticated yet bold.

Egyptian cotton shirts with 21 invisible stitches per inch and patented 3-hole trinity buttons are a feather to their cap. Egyptian cotton is the queen of all cotton. With 1200 independent retailers, Zodiac also trails COCO (Company Owned Company Operated) model for its 105 stores. They have a team of handpicked best European designers who design magical designs and stitch a spell so magical and comfortable.

6. Levi's

With a freshly brewed style of clothing, Levi's was founded in 1853. Levi Strauss joined hands with Jacob Davis to invent blue jeans. From that time till today they are experimenting and innovating new ideas for making their clothes.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

Levi's is well known for its values which are empathy towards its consumers, providing original and authentic brand, integrity towards their available human resources, employees, partner companies, etc., And last but not least courage to stand alone and experiment with its products and taking a risk on people's preference. Courage to be truthful to their consumers without losing their conventional wisdom.

Levi's is a leading brand in making denim but also manufactures a world-class collection of shirts and other apparel with the same passion, conviction, and faith. They do take care of the environment also by using sustainable methods while producing their clothes like using less water while finishing their jeans, as well as they, respect those hands who give their sweat and blood while stitching their craft and earning. Production of blue jeans was just a stepping stone for their promising future in the industry of textiles.

7. Allen Solly

Allen Solly was launched in 1993 in India giving Indian consumers a completely different way of styling. It came up with casual wear which included shirts, trousers, pants, etc., which attracted the young generation.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

It was a British brand launched by Madura fashion & lifestyle in India. Their jittery positioning, great communication, and smart fashion gave birth to the smart casual category of consumers in the market. Madura fashion & lifestyle is a division of Aditya Birla Fashion and Retail Limited (ABFRL). It was featured in the economic times brand equity survey as the topmost brand in India and the highest among all the brands. Allen Solly came up with the fashion concept of 'Friday dressing' which reinvented work wear for women as well as western wear for Indian women.

Aditya Birla Group is an Indian conglomerate and a fashion powerhouse with a bunch of India's leading fashion brands and fashion retailers. They have two fashion emblems: Madura Fashion & Lifestyle and Pantaloons redefining fashion in India.

8. ManQ

With over 25 years of excellence and expertise in men's formal wear, ManQ is a brand famous for its finest fabrics, highest quality, and elegant fits of their blazers, waistcoats, and suits a whole formal wear wardrobe. ManQ generates most of its business from amazon and other E-commerce sites since 2016.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

ManQ blazers always top the charts and most sold product all over. It gets an impeccable response from e-commerce sites with excellent ratings of 4.5 stars out of 5. Consumer satisfaction and their heart-warming response motivate the team to work diligently and harder every day to serve their consumers with the best products. They have a unique way of producing and designing their suits. Designers and technicians aim at providing the best style, model quality, and edge-cutting style.

9. Raymond

In 1925, close to Thane Creek, Raymond Limited was initially formed as the Raymond Woolen Mill. In 1944, Lala Kailashpat Singhania gained control of The Raymond Woolen Mill. Since, they have been synonymous with style, uniqueness, and sophistication, which is reflected in their men's clothing.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

The Raymond Group is a diverse organization with the majority of its commercial holdings in the textile and apparel industries. It also operates in the domestic and overseas markets of consumer goods, real estate, and engineering sectors. Having been in the textile business for 97 years, Raymond is a manufacturing powerhouse with cutting-edge facilities and powerful fiber-to-fabric productive capacity. It has a good reputation and is the brand of fashion cloth that is expanding the fastest.

Raymond provides its consumer with a wide variety of choices in shirting and suiting fabrics with best fabrics like wool blends, denim, and linen. Raymond is a fashion conglomerate with a bouquet of fashion brands such as Park Avenue, Colorplus, and Parx Ethnix.

Further, the corporation has started the effort to construct high-quality homes for everyone by creating Raymond Realty and Home, with the motto "Go Beyond."

10. Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger is internationally recognized and a world-class designer of lifestyle and fashion brands. He started his journey back in 1969 in Elmira, New York. Elmira is his hometown and he inaugurated his first store there. After this, he never stopped and keep on expanding in Manhattan, India, and all over the world.

Top 10 Shirt Brands in India

It had a collection of Tommy jeans, accessories, kid's wear, men's and women's sportswear, bodywear, watches, jewellery, and fragrances. Tommy Hilfiger is also a philanthropic figure in the world of the fashion business. They use sustainable methods to produce their products and started a Tommy Cares organization that supports the initiatives like world wildlife and saving children.

Tommy Hilfiger produces a sophisticated collection of frisky fashion icons. They have a consumer as a kid, men and women with different age ranges which proves that it is capable of catering to all sections of society. Their effortless designs and comfortable fits make it a prime choice for consumers and help earn their trust and loyalty. They are also experts in tailored suits and casual wear using the finest quality fabrics, the latest cuts, gorgeous colors, and deluxe details.

Keeping young people in the loop and their youthful energies, Tommy Hilfiger is a master in producing American pieces of denim. It gives a soulful twist of tradition and rich heritage in their designs.

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