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Top 10 Wire Companies in India 2020

The term "wire" or "cable" refers to a method of transmitting electricity. As a result, electricity moves from one location to another. You've probably noticed the wire in your equipment, including refrigerators, air conditioners, water pumps, phone chargers, TVs, and other appliances. Wires in each device are unavoidable because none of them can function without them. There are two types of gadgets that we regularly use: AC and DC. AC appliances use 230V AC, while DC appliances use 12V, 24V, and 48V. So, let's look at the differences between AC and DC wiring.

Electrical cable types

  • Coaxial cable - used for radio frequency signals, for example in cable television distribution systems.
  • Communications cable
  • Direct-buried cable
  • Flexible cables
  • Heliax cable
  • Non-metallic sheathed cable (or nonmetallic building wire, NM, NM-B)
  • Metallic sheathed cable (or armored cable, AC, or BX).
  • Multicore cable (consist of more than one wire and is covered by cable jacket).
  • Paired cable - Composed of two individually insulated conductors that are usually used in DC or low-frequency AC applications.
  • Portable cord - Flexible cable for AC power in portable applications.
Top 10 Wire Companies in India 2020

1. Polycab Wires Pvt. Ltd.

When a firm grows at a pace of 12%, there is undoubtedly something to look out for, and this something is precisely what is bringing clients to the company. The company manufactures low-voltage to high-voltage power cables and medium-voltage power cables that can reach 220V. LAN cables, submersible wires, single-core, multi-core flexible wires, and many other types of cables are produced.

2. Sterlite Technologies Ltd.

It should not be mistaken with market presence, as the corporation has a presence in over 75 countries worldwide. China, Russia, South Africa, and other countries are among the ten countries where the company maintains offices. The company has put its best foot forward and is now one of India's top ten cable companies.

3. Finolex Cables Ltd.

With 28 offices around the country and its headquarters in Pune, Maharashtra, this company has recently dominated the cable market in the country. The company has a large distribution network with over 3,500 distributors and 30,000 retail outlets. With its extensive network, the company quickly established itself as one of India's leading cable companies.

4. KEI Industries Ltd.

The EPC division will be strengthened, according to the corporation. KEI is the only Indian business to have received DNV Class approval for marine cables. The corporation is also taking steps to reduce the energy consumption of the wires it manufactures. The organization has always strived to make the country a greener place to live, and they do it through their energy conservation practices. In 2011-12, KEI received the prestigious "Consumer Super Brand Status" award in the business-to-consumer category.

5. Diamond Power Infrastructure Ltd.

The company manufactured 32,396 all-aluminum alloy conductors and ACR conductors during the 2011-2012 production year. This is one of the reasons why the company is regarded as a market leader. The business has always known how to serve and assist customers and provide them with the most efficient items imaginable. The corporation has also taken all necessary efforts to ensure that it can develop better cables in the future.

6. Havells India Ltd.

A company that employs 7000 people and cares deeply about its employees will undoubtedly deliver the finest service to its clients, as the company's happy employees will provide only the highest quality services. Havells has always aimed for a brighter future, as evidenced by its recent activity, which saw the company double its manufacturing capacity in just a year in 2011.

7. Gupta Power Infrastructure Ltd.

The Bhubaneshwar power station generates high-voltage electricity at a maximum of 66kV. The company produces a diverse range of items, ranging from railway signals to domestic wiring. Special alloy conductors and ACSS conductors are also produced by the firm. In recent years, the corporation has also planned to expand its production plants.

8. Apar Industries Ltd. (Unit: Uniflex Cables)

The company's manufacturing facility is in Gujarat, and it has always been able to ship its products efficiently so that clients may get them from any part of the country. The company produces all types of cables, including fluoropolymer cables, underwater flat cables, welding cables, wind turbine cables, anti-power-theft cables, and solar cables. The company is simply the ultimate stop for all of the country's cable needs.

9. Paramount Communications Ltd.

The company primarily serves the country, with up to 90% of total production being used and the remaining 10% being used for export. The corporation, which generates over 500 crores per year, intends to boost the rate and raise the standard, increasing the production process. However, an increase in production does not automatically suggest that the organization has compromised quality.

10. LS Cable India Pvt. Ltd.

As the slogan suggests, the firm has been one of the most inventive in the department, which is undoubtedly one of the main reasons it has been ranked among India's top 10 cable providers. The company has given users Fire-proof cable, Special cables for the mining industry, Reeling cable with fiber optics, and a variety of other products, making it ideal for usage in various fields around the country.

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