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Top Gun Maverick Review

Top Gun-the movie that was released in 1986 became a cultural phenomenon, capturing the hearts of audiences with its thrilling aerial dogfights, amazing characters, and the mesmerising soundtrack.

Decades later, director Joseph Kosinski brings up Top Gun: Maverick, also known as Top Gun: 2: a highly anticipated sequel that continues the story of Pete Maverick Mitchell, that character and a remarkable character played by Tom Cruise.

Top Gun Maverick Review

In this review we will delve into the story plot, narrative, technical analysis and the performance given by the artist offering a comprehensive analysis of the most awaited film.

Summary of the Film

Top Gun 2 also known as Top Gun: Maverick picks up the decades after the events of the original film happened with Maverick now serving as a flight instructor at the Top Gun naval fighter weapons school.

First this story globes around Maverick struggle to balance his loyalty towards the Navy, and his desire to push the boundaries of aviation and make it reach to the new level.

It can be seen in this story that Maverick, when he encounters Lt.Bradley Bradshaw's who is the son of his late friend and formal colleague Nick Bradshaw, Maverick is faced with the challenge of giving a guidance to the young pilot who is haunted or scared by his fathers' sudden death.

As a narrative unfolds, Maverick is confronted with personal and professional challenges ultimately leading to a high stakes mission that test his skills and determination

Plot and Narrative

Top Gun: Maverik has an amazing blended element of nostalgia from the original film with a fresh and new story line. The plot revolves around the theme of legacy, sacrifice, and the pursuit of excellence.

Maverick's journey serves as a vehicle for exploring the impact of laws and the weight of responsibility. The narratives' art presents a satisfying progression which allows the audience to witness the growth that is showcased in the character Maverick while also providing great moments of action and fighting sequence.

Quick Analysis

Top Gun: Maverick successfully captures the spirit and energy of the previous movie while incorporating new and modern cinematic technology. The film tries to create a balance between the previous film which gives a nostalgia to the audience, and it also helps combine the original and introduce a new generation of characters that will keep the audience engaged in the film throughout.

The area sequences are breath-taking as they are so well choreographed, which eventually makes the path for the audience to have a heart pounding thrill of high-speed aviation. It can be seen in the movie that the plot may at times field rigid the film which compensates with strong emotional beats and a focus on character development.

Technical Analysis

There is no doubt that the movie has amazing technical aspects and indeed deserves the praise for their impeccable execution, first this cinematography which was headed by Claudio Miranda, catches the beauty of aerial sequences while having amazing shots that highlight the vastness and the reach of the sky. The team that has incorporated the visual effects, deserve a huge round of applause, as they deliver stunning realism making the dog fights and flight scenes truly mesmerising, giving an actual reality check to the audience.

The sound design particularly the loud sound of the jet engines and the pulse pounding score by Harold and Hansda elevates the intensity of each action sequence. Skilful direction ensures a seamless interaction of all these technical elements resulting in a visually appealing, amazing spectacular film.

Artist Performances

Who does not know Tom Cruise?

Cinemas' Tom Cruise acts as an amazing portrayal of Maverick remains as charismatic and captivating as ever. Tom with his effortlessly acting skills acts embodies the character, cockiness, and vulnerability, reminding audiences why he is one of the most iconic action stars of Hollywood.

Other supporting cast that includes of Jennifer Connelly as Mavericks love, Barry Tubb as late Bradley Bradshaw, and Val Kilmer reprising his role as Tom "Iceman" Kazansky, delivers solid performances that add realism, depth, and emotional resonance to the story. The chemistry that can be seen between all the cast members enhances the films overall appeal and provides a strong foundation for the character driven narrative.

Not only this, the bonds that are shared between the characters gives an audience a reality view.


The language that is used in the most powerful film Top Gun: Maverick is consistent with the military and aviation jargon prevalent in the original film itself. This movie is linguistically authentic that leads to realism of the world being portrayed and creates a sense of immersion for the audience.

It has to be noted, that this script effectively balances moments of intense action with heart filled dialogues which gives an audience heart felt and emotional balance.


This film is directed by Joseph Kosinski who is known for his work on films like Shawn Colin legacy and oblivion and he takes the Top Gun: Maverick to the next level. Keeping in mind the original film, and give a direction to this film in that way itself is a directorial style that showcases a keen eye for visuals and a talent for crafting accelerating action sequences. He tries to successfully balance the homage of the original film with the fresh perspective which gives the audience newness and keep them connected with the original film.

Kosinski is appreciated for keeping an insurance about the sequel retraining its own identity while remaining faithful to the franchise of the films' key attention to detail and his ability to elicit strong performances from the cast contribute to the overall success of the film.

Cast of the Film

The cast of Top Gun: Maverick consists of amazing actors who bring their characters to life with conviction and their personification of charisma as well. Tom Cruise who is known for his amazing acting, reprises his role as Maverick and delivers a performance that is equal parts iconic and heartfelt. He make sure that the audience relates to its character well.

His on screen presence and commitment to the role anchor the film reminding audiences why Maverick is a beloved character, also the audience appreciates Tom Cruise's acting. Jennifer Connelly shines as his love and provides a strong and independent portrayal that adds realism and depth to the story line.

Barry Tubb impresses as Lt. Bradley by capturing the struggle of living up to his father's legacy while craving out his own destiny. Val Kilmer's return as iceman offers a nostalgic touch, and gives the audience the remembrance of the old time. His performance adds a layer of history and moments to the film.

The supporting cast that includes of John Ham, Ed Harris, and Glenn Powell also deliver amazing performances, that eventually leads to the overall cohesion and strength of the old film.

Rating and Score

Top Gun: Maverick deserves high rates for its technical achievements, immersive storytelling, and memorable performances. According to the audience, this movie should deserve a 9 out of 10 taking into account the overall experience offered by the, it deserves a rating of 9.

This code, composed by Harold and Hans Zimmer, compliments the film perfectly, and leads took the captures of essence of the original while infusing it with modern touch. The music adds the excitement during action sequences and gives the audience an emotional tear when there is an emotional or romantic scene going on in the film.

Top Gun Maverick Review


Top Gun: Maverick appreciably takes flight as a worthy sequel to the iconic original film. The film combines the story line with breath-taking visuals, and thrilling action sequences to deliver an immersive and entertaining cinematic experience for the ordinance, and this is a film that can be enjoyed by every age group. Tom Cruise's charismatic performance along with the talented Co cast, brings the characters to life with depth and authenticity.

Director Joseph and his skilful direction add shows a seamless blend of previous film with a modern touch element of technology and cinematography as well. With his technical power he tries to engage generative with an outstanding artist performance. Top Gun: Maverick source as a testament to the enduring appeal of the franchise. It is a must watch film which can be enjoyed with friends and family as well.

So, grab your popcorn and watch this film with your loved ones and enjoy the most awaited film!

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