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12 Best Tourist Places in Namakkal


Visitors visiting Namakkal in Tamil Nadu may find a range of attractions to suit their interests. Namakkal's city and administrative district is one of the most well-liked tourist places in India's southern region. Namakkal has a long history that reaches back to the seventh century. The environment and infrastructure of the city are well-known, and it has a reputation for being a historical, poultry, educational, and transportation city. After being cut off from the Salem district, it was given district status in 1997. This article will be focused on the tourist destinations available in Namakkal.

Brief about Namakkal

The Tamil Nadu region of Kongu Nadu included Namakkal. The area's name is taken from the Namagiri rock formation in the city's center. King Gunashila of the Adiyaman dynasty was in charge of the town. Several historical sites, including the Ranganatha Swamy Temple and the Narasimha Swamy Temple constructed by King Gunashila.

His connections to the Pallava dynasty through marriage have significantly impacted the architecture. The Hoysalas ruled this empire until the 14th century when the Cholas destroyed it. Later, the kingdom was governed by the Golkonda rulers of Mysore, the Sultans of Bijapur, the Vijayanagara kings, the Madurai Nayaks, the Marathas, Hyder Ali, and ultimately the British. The culture of the area carries the mark of each king.

Top Tourist Places in Namakkal

1. Namakkal Durg Fort in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

On top of Namagiri hill stands the Namakkal Durgam Fort, constructed in the 16th century by Ramachandra Nayakar. This fort also has a long-destroyed ancient Vishnu shrine. It takes around 1.5 acres to contain the Namakkal Durgam Fort. Narrow stairs have been built to go to the fort from the southwest. On each side of the Namagiri hills are the rock-cut temples of Nrisimhaswamy and Ranganathaswamy. Since the deities' pictures were carved into rocks, they have survived to this day due to the mountains' strength and the rocks' strength. These rocks contain eight sacred water sources, and many lotus flowers are in bloom.

Due to its historical and architectural importance, this fort is a must-visit place. It is also thought that Tipu Sultan sought safety from the British in this fort, and the British people afterward seized this fort.

2. Narasimha Temple in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

One of the most historic temples in the area is the Lord Narasimha Temple at the base of the hill. This ancient temple, built by King Gunashila of the Adiyaman dynasty, has a rock-cut idol of Lord Nrisimha. It is one of the places where pilgrims go to the most in the region. One of Lord Vishnu's ten incarnations, Lord Narasimha, draws visitors from all over the globe that comes to ask for his blessings.

In Namakkal, the celebration of Lord Narasimha's car festival is celebrated grandly. In the past few years, a Shiva temple has been constructed nearby. However, Namakkal is a Vaishnava shrine or Vaishnava Kshetra. The Narasimha Temple is close, as are Kamalalayam Tal and Amman Temple at the base of the hill.

3. Tathagiri Murugan Temple in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

On the route to Mutugapatti, Tathagiri Murugan Temple is 10 kilometers from Namakkal. On a little mound, there is a temple dedicated to Tathagiri Murugan. It is stated that Kirupananda Varrier frequently stopped by this temple in search of peace.

4. Tiruchengodu Ardhanareswara Temple in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

One of Namakkal's most well-known attractions is the Tiruchengodu Ardhanareswara Temple. This temple, which honors Lord Shiva in his hermaphrodite form, is perched on a hill at 900 meters. A manifestation of Lord Shiva and his spouse, Parvati or Shakti, who stands for the fusion of male and female force, is known as Ardhanareshwar.

The temple's lore states that Lord Shiva granted his wife the left side of his body to coexist peacefully. Shakti or Parvati thus became intimately connected to Lord Shiva's men's rule, and Ardhanari is the name of this goddess's form. The Ardhanareshwar idol has a split in the center and is represented as half male and half female.

5. Anjaniyar Temple in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

For tourists and devotees, the Anjaneyar Temple is a must-visit location. This historic temple dates back around 1500 years and can be found beneath Namakkal Fort. In the opposite direction of the Narasimha Temple, it is located around 100 meters away. Lord Anjaniyar, another name for Lord Hanuman, is the center of attention in this temple, and his 13-foot-tall idol is its primary draw. The face of Lord Anjaneyar is facing Lord Narasimha on this idol because of the manner it was set up. The fort is thought to be guarded by Lord Anjaniyar's idol, which also defends it from enemy forces.

6. Naina-Malai in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

A little hill called Naina Malai is located 10 kilometers from Namakkal town. Thirumalaipatti hamlet is not far from Naina Malai hill. You may quickly get to this location from Sendamangalam, approximately 2 kilometers away. On top of the Naina Malai hill, Swami Venkatajalpati has a temple built for him.

This temple is located at the hill's summit and requires devotees to climb more than 2500 steps. Many worshippers come to this temple despite the strenuous hike. On Saturdays, worshippers come to this temple.

7. Rock Fort in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

The Rock Fort, a shelter, is on top of the hill. This granite fort might be difficult to climb to the summit and takes 30 minutes to complete. In addition to being one of the most well-liked forts in the nation, it is also regarded as one of the safest. At the height of 75 meters, this fort may be located.

Girivalam refers to the fortified area surrounding the hill. It is built around the ninth century, this famous fort. This fort's remarkable characteristic is that it has both a mosque and a temple. The mosque and temple in the fort are frequented by many worshippers who offer prayers there. Thousands of devotees travel to Girivalam, a highly well-liked tourist destination, to receive blessings.

8. Kolli Hills in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

At an elevation of 1200 meters and 45 kilometers from Namakkal Town, the Kollimalai Hills of the Namakkal District are situated in the Eastern Ghats. The things to visit for the interested visitor are the Arapaleswarar Temple, the Horticulture Farm, the Herbal Farm, Agaya Gangai Waterfalls, the Boat House, Peryaswamy Temple, Ettukai Amman Temple, Pineapple fields, View Point, and the Telescope House. Herbs and medicinal plants that grow in plenty in the Kollimalai Hills are well-known. Attukalkilangu soup and raw food were for sale in these highlands. Here, in August each year, is conducted the Valvil Ori festival. This is a delicious and efficient medication for knee discomfort.

9. Kolippatti Murugan Temple in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

The Kolippatti Murugan Temple is roughly 3 kilometers from Namakkal and near the Tiruraiyar route. Kolippatti Murugan Temple is a popular destination for visitors and pilgrims, perched on a small hill. Visit this old and magnificent temple as soon as possible.

10. Namagiri Amman Temple

Tourist Places in Namakkal

A temple that is devoted to Namagiri Amman. Within the Narasimha Swamy kovil temple complex, it is located. Legend has it that Namagiri Amman (or Namagiri Lakshmi) visited the Kamalalayam and carried out penance that delighted Narasimha Swamy. Amman is supposed to grant requests for marriage and procreation. The temple, which has the Narasimha Theertham holy water spring within, is situated next to the Narasimha Swamy Kovil. Hanumantharaya Swami, also known as Visvarupa Anjaneya, is depicted in a beautifully crafted stone statue placed outside in the open. The statues in the temple show the influence of Chalukya and Pallava art.

11. Jedarpalayam Dam in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

The Jedarpalayam Dam is located inside the Kabilarmalai Panchayat Unit of the Namakkal District. It is almost 36 miles away from Namakkal. Across the River Cauvery, where many visitors congregate on weekends and during festival season, a dam has been built. This Dam provides a dinghy sailing water storage area. For boating, there are six fibre boats available. There are also youngster parks with facilities for games and sports. There are also separate bathrooms and changing areas for men and women.

12. Narasimha Swamy Temple in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

The Arulmigu Narasimha Swamy Temple is located in the Namakkal region of Tamil Nadu and draws tourists from all over the nation. The temple is thought to have been built by the Pandya kings, probably in the eighth century. Lord Hanuman is positioned in a worshipful stance in front of this temple. The Dravidian architecture was used to construct the Arulmigu Narasimha Swami temple. A temple built into a hill may be located at the foot of the Namakkal Fort. The fort itself is another draw for tourists to the area. The processional deities are carried through the streets as part of the 15-day Panguni Uthiram festival, which occurs every year in March and April.

This magnificent passage of pillared halls leads to this location. The Lord is seen seated in the main temple, garnering Him the moniker Asanamurthi. His hands hold a chakra and a conch, and two images of the Sun and Moon may be seen beneath His feet.

Famous food in Namakkal

Tourist Places in Namakkal

Namakkal, Tamil Nadu, is famous for its traditional South Indian cuisine, including dishes like Sambar Rice, Dosai, Idli, Vada, and Pongal.

How to Reach Namakkal

  • By Flight: The airport that is closest to Namakkal is Tiruchirappalli Airport. A distance of 74 kilometers separates Namakkal from Tiruchirappalli, an international airport. From here, you may take local flights to Chennai and international flights to cities like Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Colombo, and Middle Eastern nations. There are also frequent bus services from Tiruchirappalli to Namakkal.
  • By Train: There is no train station in Namakkal. But a new railway line, which will open shortly, is being built close to Namakkal. Salem and Karur are two railway stations close to Namakkal and have connections to all the main American cities. Taxis and buses are available from Salem and Karur.
  • By Road: It is quite simple to go to Namakkal because roads well connect the town. Every small and large city in Tamil Nadu and several cities in Karnataka and Kerala offer a bus service to Namakkal.

Best time to visit Namakkal

October to March is the ideal month to visit Namakkal because of the mild weather. The other months of the year can be hot and uncomfortable for travelers.

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