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Tourist Places in Siliguri

What can be a better place to visit than something which can give your mind peace and happiness? Siliguri, a small city in West Bengal, is something more than being a gateway to the verdant Dooars and the mountainous terrain of North Bengal. It can provide you peace of mind and true relief to your eyes. Completely covered with tea gardens, this city is one of the most popular tourist places in Bengal. You can see the North Bengal Science Centre, Surya Sen Park, and Iskcon Temple. Further north, the Salugara Monastery, Kalu Rinpoche, and more places to visit in Siliguri.

Tourist Places in Siliguri

Overall when you decide to visit Siliguri, you will get a chance to see mountains and hills, green parks, tea farms, temples, wildlife sanctuaries, and many more beautiful things, and this is why checking out the best tourist places is important so that you don't miss the chance to make your journey unforgetting and really fun.

1. Salugara Monastery: A Sacred Place

Tourist Places in Siliguri

Salugara Monastery is one of the most popular sacred places of the Buddhist Religion and is nearby 6 km from the city. Someone who is in search of a place to relax or meditate will find this Monastery a perfect place to stay even alone for some time here (as a Monastery should be). You will also find a massive stupa built by Kalu Rinpoche, who was a llama and a teacher. People also call it home to five historical places admired by the followers and must-visit places in Siliguri.

Time to visit: 5:30 am - 6:30 pm (all days)

2. Bengal Safari Park, Siliguri

Tourist Places in Siliguri

For those who want to enjoy Safari, Bengal Safari Park is the perfect place for them to visit and spend some time with nature and the wild. In this park, you will get a view of the richness and diversity of the flowers and fauna found in North Bengal. Bengal safari also is the first park in Bengal where animal safari expeditions were firstly released and made a contribution to the increase of tourism in Siliguri. This park is spread over almost 700 acres and also is part of the lush forested area of Mahananda Wildlife Sanctuary.

There are many medicinal plants and herbs in the park, but the main attraction of the park is elephant rides, and interesting wild safaris bring many visitors. You can see Mixed Herbivore Safari, Royal Bengal Tiger Safari, Asiatic Black Bear Safari, Leopard Safari, Aviary Foot Trail, Lesser Cat Enclosure Trail, etc. And also, get a specific child play area along with a food court and souvenir shop here.

Time to visit: 8:30 am - 5:00 pm ( Monday closed)

3. North Bengal Science Centre, Siliguri

Tourist Places in Siliguri

The only science centre of Siliguri, North Bengal Science Centre, is located in Matigara, which has a landmark of a massive T-Rex statue and is easy to find due to it. The Science centre was created in the year 1997, and there is also a museum with the digital planetarium and Nature Interpretation Centre to make your visit more fun.

The North Bengal Science Centre has well-kept lawns with beautiful swings, seesaws, pendulums, eco tubes, periscopes, etc., which can keep your children happy as well. Science Centre is an informative and educational trip with various fun science shows and better arrangements. You also get to see adorable rabbits and guinea pigs and play with them.

Time to visit: 10:30 am - 6:00 pm (all days)

4. Darjeeling Himalayan Railway: An amazing train Ride

Tourist Places in Siliguri

It is one of the most ancient places in the world (also a UNESCO World Heritage Site), and most important that still working properly; the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway is one of the most magical places to visit in Siliguri. The trains offer you a trip from New Jalpaiguri to Darjeeling and back, to give you the experience of travelling in the heritage train, which feels more imaginary than real life. If you travel with your partner, nothing is better than this in Siliguri.

Time to travel: 08:00 am to 04:05 pm

5. ISKCON Mandir

Tourist Places in Siliguri

A place for peace in Hindu, the largest Krishna Temples spread all around the country, Iskcon Temple of Siliguri is a hull of devotion and respect toward Lord Krishna. Even if you are not someone who prays to him or follows the Hindu religion, this place keeps a lot for you to see. Like all ISKCON temples, this one is also open for every religion and everyone, with a guest house and pure vegetarian delicious restaurant on the temple premises. So if you are planning a trip to Siliguri, keep time to visit the temple as well.

Time to visit: 8: 30 am to 1 pm in the morning and 4 pm to 8:30 pm in the evening (vary sometimes)

6. Savin Kingdom

Tourist Places in Siliguri

These days we are living really stressful lives, and for the vacation, we need to visit fun places like the Savin Kingdom. This amusement park is snuggled between many expansive and peaceful tea farms and provides a variety of rides as well as a playground for children. This unbelievable location is a water park and a fantastic place to spend time with family and friends. This amusement park is constructed on a castle concept, and the entertaining ambience of this park will make your head explode once you get in the park. The park has a variety of rides and water slides for both children and adults. There is also plenty of pleasure to be found. In the park, there is a restaurant serving delectable Bengali cuisine. So someone who wants to go stress-free and enjoy their life. Should visit the Savin Kingdom once.

Time to visit: 9 am to 9 pm

7. Dreamland Amusement Park

Tourist Places in Siliguri

This amusement park is a must-see for tourists looking for a thrilling adventure among the "Places to visit in Siliguri" list because it offers a ton of entertainment and excitement. The 25-acre amusement park offers exhilarating rides and slides, and the lovely Lachka river runs within it, providing it with a picturesque location.

The park features a beautiful garden, boating, ornamental lighting, soaring eagle, cup and saucer, caterpillar, vortex, boating, horseback riding, etc., in addition to a variety of rides. In the kid's zone, kids can also have fun hanging out with ducks, lovebirds, and rabbits. A food court offers a wonderful variety of mouthwatering foods.

Time to visit: 10 am to 7 pm

People prefer visiting in: Afternoon

8. Dudhia

Tourist Places in Siliguri

A beautiful location situated on the outskirts of Siliguri (nearly 28 km from the city) is honestly heart-melting. Among the "Places to visit in Siliguri," Dudhia is always a visit since it is the epitome of mountain peacefulness. A town on the Mirik-Siliguri route is the perfect location to go to riverside camp, go sightseeing, go fishing, take a village stroll, and go hiking.

It is the perfect picnic location close to Siliguri because of the breathtaking views of the Balason terrain and the meandering Balaton river. The route from Siliguri to Dudhia provides spectacular landscapes with forest canopy starting up to verdant fields and a rocky slope.

Time to visit: Only in daylight

People prefer Visiting from October to December & February to April.

9. Coronation Bridge

Tourist Places in Siliguri

Popular monument in North Bengal, forming a massive bridge across the Teesta River bed and being encircled by beautiful green mountains. This bridge, which is a component of NH-17 and links the two regions of Darjeeling and Kalimpong, is also locally called Sevoke Bridge and Bagh Pool.

In 1937, the bridge was given its current name in honour of King George VI and Queen Elizabeth's inauguration. Coronation Bridge is, without a doubt, among the most magnificent locations in Siliguri, offering a stunning view of the Teesta River flowing through the mountain valley. People also love to set out a few minutes to shoot some amazing photos from this vantage point.

Time to visit: During the day

10. Sevoke Kali Mandir

Tourist Places in Siliguri

The Sevokeshwari Kali Mandir, also known as Sevoke Kali Mandir, is situated along the banks of the powerful Teesta River, not far from Coronation Bridge. This Kali temple, which is covered by woodlands, draws both pilgrims and tourists because of its seclusion. The main temple can be reached through colourfully painted staircases.

This temple is one of the top tourist attractions in Siliguri because of the breathtaking view of Mount Kanchenjunga towering over the meandering Teesta. The mandir is always accessible to guests. The sound of jingling prayer bells during festivals replaces the temple's serenity.

People prefer Visits during Navratri, Durga Puja, and Diwali for the best experiences. Visit between October and December to see Kanchenjunga covered in snow.

11. Hong Kong Market

Tourist Places in Siliguri

Are you someone who loves to shop? Siliguri's Hong Kong Market is a well-liked place to shop by the people, and this is why you should pay a visit to it. The lively market, which is situated in the centre of the city and is decorated with vibrant lights and bold banners, makes for a wonderful exploration walk.

The enormous market, which is a shoppers' and foodies' delight, provides a wide selection of goods and commodities at cost-effective pricing. This is the only place to discover everything, from genuine Tibetan trinkets to delicate bone china, the newest technology to designer clothes, traditional Buddhist cultural objects to tacky souvenirs.

Time to visit: 9:00 am - 10:00 pm (all days)

12. Lokenath Baba Mandir, Siliguri

Tourist Places in Siliguri

The Lokenath Baba Mandir in Siliguri, which is regarded as a fortunate location, has its uniqueness and significance to many devotees. The exquisitely constructed temple features magnificent sculptures and artwork. The split-idol of Lord Shiva and Lokenath Baba that is set up on a rock in the background is the temple's main draw. The image of Lokenath Baba on the idol represents the idea that he is Lord Shiva manifest on earth.

A large statue of Lord Ganesha and an idol portraying the mythical scene of "Lakhsmi and Narayan under Seshnag" are displayed at the temple's entrance. On the pond, there is also a stunning hovering Lakshmi idol.

13. Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden

Tourist Places in Siliguri

The Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden is situated in the Kurseong Tehsil, or sub-district, of the West Bengal, Darjeeling district. It is roughly 17 kilometres from Siliguri, and the trip there from Siliguri requires 40 minutes. Tourists can choose public transportation to get to the tea garden after they arrive in Siliguri.

A lovely area to visit near Siliguri is the Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden. Tourists can visit the expansive tea gardens, observe the labour-intensive process of picking tea leaves, and learn how to make tea using tea leaves. The tea garden is quite beautiful. The tea leaves are picked and processed by locals.

Away from the smog of the cities, it is a pleasant location to visit. The environment is serene and serene. Visitors to Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden also have the option of taking freshly made tea home with them. The tea garden is a popular destination for visitors to unwind with their loved ones. Overall, it's a pleasure to tour Sepoy Dhura Tea Garden. The location is open to exploration all year long.

Time to visit: 10:00 AM until 6:00 PM.

14. Chilapata Forest, Siliguri

Tourist Places in Siliguri

In Dooars, Alipurduar district, West Bengal, India, there is a thick forest called Chilapata Forest that is close to Jaldapara National Park. Hasimara town is only a short distance away and is located about 40 miles from Alipurduar. Between the Jaldapara National Park and the Buxa Tiger Reserve, the deep, wildlife-rich Chilapata Forest serves as an elephant passage. Rhinos are rarely seen in the jungles, although leopard sightings are relatively common. The abandoned Nal Kings' forts, tonga rides, and boating on the Bania River are among the area's additional pleasures. Chilapata has the distinct advantage of being centrally positioned because it is close to all of Eastern Bhutan's key tourist attractions. From here, visitors may travel to all the city's tourist attractions.

For the safari, there are two shifts per day. 5:00 AM in the morning and 3:00 PM in the evening are the times of the first and second, respectively. Only six people can ride in a gipsy car on a safari offered by the official department, which pays 1600 INR.

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