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What is the full form of TRAI

TRAI: Telecom Regulatory Authority of India

TRAI stands for Telecom Regulatory Authority of India. It is a regulatory body established by Govt. of India in 1997 under section 3 of the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India Act, 1997, to oversee the telecommunications industry in India.

TRAI Full Form

TRAI is responsible for the uniform growth of the telecom sector as well as protecting the interests of both telecom service providers and consumers. It promotes technological improvements and provides suggestions to improve efficiency and technical compatibility.

Major Functions of TRAI:

  • It establishes standards for quality of service (QoS) and supervises how service providers share revenue.
  • TRAI also conducts surveys at regular intervals to evaluate the services of telecom service providers to ensure they are acting in the best interest of consumers and are operating in compliance with universal service obligations.
  • It regulates telecommunication services, adjudicates disputes, dispose of appeals, and protects the interest of the service providers and consumers.
  • It establishes standards for Quality of Services (QoS) and supervises how service providers share revenue.

Functions of TRAI are mentioned under section 11 of the TRAI Act.

  • Consumer Protection
  • Ensure Quality of Service
  • Ensure Affordable Tariff
  • It regulates interconnections
  • To provide a fair and transparent environment to promote the growth of telecom service providers

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