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Transgender vs Transsexual

Transgender vs Transsexual: There are many differences between Transgender and Transsexual. A list of differences between Transgender vs Transsexual are given below:

No.Comparison Index TransgenderTranssexual
1)Definition:The transgender persons born with the typical male or female bodies but feel exactly opposite.A transgender person who feel the extreme strong sense of difference regarding to gender identity, is known as transsexual.
2) Surgery:Generally, the transgenders don't go for surgery.The transsexuals usually go for surgery but it is absolutely depends on individual one.
3)Social condition:Due to social pressure, some transgender people can experience depression, anxiety, abuse issues etc.They can also face the same reactions from the public.

Transgender vs Transsexual

transgender vs transsexual

The people who known as transgender or transsexual, are generally born with typical male or female anatomies but they think, they are in the wrong bodies.

Let's explain it by an example: A man who is born with a male anatomy and feel like a woman and try to become female by taking hormones and other medicines is known as transgender. You can also say that if a girl born with a female anatomy but feel like a man and try to change her gender by taking hormones and other alternatives like sex reassignment surgeries, is a transgender.

Transgender is a state of a person's gender identity which doesn't match with his assigned sex. The transgender male or female also identify as heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual etc.

The word transsexual is an adjective and used to describe a person who suffers from a natural, congenital birth condition known as transsexualism. We all have a male gender identity or a female gender identity which is set by genes in our brain, around the 12th- 14th week of pregnancy. But a transsexual person is either a male or female body but with a opposite body's brain.

It can be explained by a simple example:

A transsexual male has a male body but have a brain of a female. He think like a female, act like a female and genuinely think that he is in the wrong body. Same as, a transsexual female has a female body but have a brain of a male. You can say that the transgender people who have the extreme strong sense of difference known as transsexual.

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