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Trip Movie Review


'Trip', a Tamil film, was released on February 5, 2021. The primary actors in the Dennis Manjunath-directed film were Yogi Babu, Sunainaa, Karunakaran, and Mottai Rajendran. The movie also featured other well-known actors. During their trip to a forest, a group of friends confuses two innocent people for killers, setting off a chain of events that puts them all at risk.


Trip Movie Review

The movie centers on a brave teenager who becomes addicted to drugs and spends his entire life seeking highs. His addiction overrides his cognitive judgment since he frequently observes a haziness between both good and bad.

Events take an unexpected turn when Gautham gets trapped amid a jungle in the far-flung region of Orissa, where he goes to seek the best drugs in the nation. The film's core centers on Gautham's transformation into a better man as the results of his life's choices finally catch up with him.

Plot Cast

Yogi Babu (Azhagam, carpenter), Sunainaa (Lidi), Karunakaran (Amuthan), Praveen Kumar (Vikram) Motta Rajendran, VJ Siddhu, VJ Rakesh, Kalloori Vinoth, Rajesh Siva, Athulya Chandra, Lakshmi Priya, Nancy Jennifer, Sathya, Mak Mani, Sathish, Arun, Neethu.


Gautham gives an actual performance in his portrayal of a mischievous youngster who is lost in his wretched world. The viewers may relate to Gautham's mother's sorrow after watching her son struggle with addiction, thanks to Aamani's portrayal of her. Shafi excels in his role and unites the entire picture. The supporting cast does its absolute best to keep the narrative interesting.


Dennis Manjunath's 'Trip' is a hybrid of the horror movie 'Wrong Turn' and the Hollywood comedy-horror 'Tucker Dale vs. Evil'. The plot is about friends in their 20s (Sunaina, Pradeep, and others) visiting a forest and being stranded in a terrible scenario. Azhagan and Amudhan, two men that have arrived to restore a house in the jungle, are initially mistaken for assassins by the group. And as a result of a chain of events, the misunderstanding only gets worse. Both of these parties are unaware that a small number of cannibals have taken refuge in the forest and are hunting them all down.

The movie's first half, which has a lot of references to 'Tucker Dale Vs. Evil', is structured more like a horror comedy. However, the direction needs a sense of this subject. Instead of black comedy, we get standard Kollywood fare like Yogi Babu's attempts to make people laugh while wearing pajamas, insult humor, and casual sexist comments. However, the only somewhat intriguing parts are the ones featuring Yogi Babu and Karunakaran.

The performances are very flat, and the parts with the pals are seemingly uninteresting. When the 'Wrong Turn' inspired plot components are introduced in the second half, the movie's tone changes to one of a severe horror thriller. By providing us with a back narrative of indigenous people who have been compelled to transform into savages and flesh-eating plants, the director attempts to inject a little creativity into the picture. Still, this additional material adds little to the movie. There are very less thrills in these sections, despite the very serious threat the people face. Every scenario unfolds in a predetermined manner, and the buildup to the climax seems drawn out. The tale has a few major turning points that keep the screenplay interesting. One of the main turning points in the film, other than the journey Gautham embarks on, is his mother's assistance in his recovery.

One of the film's standout moments is Gautham, who sustains the narrative until the end. The film's stunning depiction of nature is another noteworthy feature. Crisp writing and effective screenplay keep the viewers interested the entire running period. If someone is yet to experience Hollywood-inspired films, they may look fascinating overall, but you should proceed cautiously. The movie is competently shot.


The first half deals with Gautham's life's downward spiral while setting up the storyline. In the second part, the emphasis changes to the protagonist's persevering journey. The movie 'Trip' compels viewers to consider their own lives and the decisions they have made along the way. The viewers remain interested in the plot thanks to the captivating narration and performances. Due to the mother's emotional journey, 'Trip' will surely draw young people and their families to the theatre.

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