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Tryst with Destiny Review


'Tryst with Destiny' is Prakash Nair's latest work and is now released, streaming live on OTT platforms. The series is an anthology of the famous speech given by Jawaharlal Nehru in 1947. The four episodes, which are shown individually, show the life of four people who are struggling with issues and are coded in tricolor. There are certain important symbols such as peacocks, tigers, hockey, banyan trees, and so on. The movie serves as a good example of India being represented in the right manner


Tryst with Destiny Review

Dealing with socioeconomic difficulties in present-day India is comparable to becoming an influencer today while dealing with issues from the first world. The introduction is exactly what you can anticipate from this anthology series that followed the lives of four people as they attempted to understand their futures better. It combines four distinct plots concerning various members of society who are all irritated by a circumstance outside of their control. The show follows these characters' attempts to exert more control over their lives and the difficulties they encounter.

This is the tale of a wealthy and influential man who can afford everything yet struggles because of his black skin. Sadly, a crooked traffic police officer gets caught up in a payout. A couple attempts to rebuild their lives after being the target of social class and caste prejudice. And an individual who plans to exact retribution for things we will eventually learn. The show's main themes include greed, insecurity, caste, and retaliation. The trailer presents an intriguing watch in which everyone is caught up in a paradox of something they cannot get but will pursue anyhow due to their inborn hunger for people. The trailer accurately captures the mood and gives us a preview of what we can expect.

Plot Cas

There are several skilled names attached to this series such as Jaideep Ahlawat, who is a well-known personality in the OTT world, performs strikingly as a dishonest traffic police officer destined for disaster but ends up getting it anyhow. Ashish Vidyarthi portrays a wealthy man self-conscious about his dark skin, which is his one regret. He is a man with money who can purchase everything, yet he does not have lighter skin.

Ishwak Singh received much praise for portraying the devoted policeman in Paatal Lok, and he will appear in the show opposite Ashish Vidyarthi. In addition to this, the incredible performances of Vineet Kumar Singh, Palomi Ghosh, Suhasini Mani Ratnam, Lilette Dubey, Amit Sial, and others keep you enthralled.


Fair and Fine, the opening episode of 'Tryst with Destiny' opens with a single shot. One would be able to focus on the one event in the frame rather than letting your attention wander. Although the idea is intriguing and off to a good start, we soon find ourselves in a chaotic environment. The narrative takes a humorous turn as it goes along. The one oddity in the initial episode is that Ashish Vidyarthi, who portrays a powerful businessman, has yet to be known to the general public. When he became a businessman, he was suffocating.

The same is demonstrated in a brief but impactful moment in which he eventually relieves himself by taking off his tie. It is only more demonstrated by the scene of him wandering around in shorts and always being preoccupied. He yearns for the times when life was easy and wants to return to those times. Like many others in the same position, he cannot give away the authority which comes with the job. Being a businessman, everything he touches or observes looks to him to be a business transaction. Even though Ashish is an excellent performer in his own right, the show reveals a new side of him. He expertly executes what the plot requires with the director Prashant Nair. The initial episodes guide the audience through every step, which forces them to concentrate at that time.

To understand what Prashant was trying to say, viewers are forced to revisit the scenes. The scenes of this series are all expertly handled. In the smallest amount of time, Ashish exhibits all emotions, from rage to wit. This is a must-watch because of the contrast and complexity of his personality. With a new character, the second episode picks up where the first one left off. This episode, titled "The River," focuses on Vineet Kumar Singh's character's challenges. His entrance alone is so forceful that it pierces your stomach. Even in this episode, a straightforward sequence has a profound effect. You can imagine Vineet's emotions if he were to spend the evening gazing at the sky. You'll feel pretty uneasy after that scene.

Vineet's reactions in this sequence are the only thing that catches your eye, but you can still feel all that is happening. The injustice persists as you try to comprehend how something serious has become commonplace for this family. The river tells the tale of this family's quest for and pursuit of happiness. Along with being strong, the episode additionally takes a lovely turn that will undoubtedly make your heart race. Jaideep Ahlawat returns as an inspector in the third episode of "One BHK", this time as a police traffic inspector. The episode moves quickly to start. It quickly takes a pretty odd turn. Additionally, the cinematography moves quickly, even when it is not necessary. The viewers might become disinterested in this episode as a result. But the episode does a good job of exploring Jaideep's insecurity. "One BHK" seamlessly integrates with "The River". Although you wouldn't anticipate the river to be closed, it is very welcome.

There is a nod to the first episode "Fair and Fine", but "One BHK" is unique because Vineet, unlike Ashish, appears in the series. At the airport, the fourth episode?"A Beast Within"?begins. It concentrates mainly on the scenic beauty. The tale this time centers on a woman, who is portrayed by Geetanjali Thapa, after three episodes. What was anticipated of Sherni is summarized in this short yet impactful story. The fact that "A Beast Within" covers each lead character's current existence is its most lovely aspect. Prashant has also connected pre-Independence and Independence to the development of the series. It works effectively because the director illustrates how only one truly achieves Independence once they battle for it.


People must watch 'Tryst With Destiny' to fully appreciate it. Despite Prashant Nair's efforts to make his story as clear and plain as possible for us to understand, it is not straightforward. Since there is no laughter to break up the tension on screen, honesty is utilized throughout the entire series. Therefore, it might not be to everyone's taste but it deserves to be on people's watchlist, though, if such deep and authentic content is what they are after.

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