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Vadhandhi Review


Vadhandhi is a web series released by the popular streaming platform Amazon Prime Video. Sujata Bose and Arun Karthick direct the series, which stars Prakash Raj, Uma Maheswari, K.P.A.C. Lalitha, Meenakshi, and Mathew Thomas. The series is based on the real-life story of Komalavalli, a woman who is forced to lead a life of a beggar after the death of her father. As she struggles to make ends meet and survive in the harsh economic conditions of rural society, her journey of resilience and hope is captured in this moving narrative.

Vadhandhi Reviews


  • Prakash Raj as Komalavalli, the protagonist who is forced to become a beggar.
  • Uma Maheswari is the village headwoman who takes Komalavalli under her wing.
  • K.P.A.C. Lalitha as Komalavalli's grandmother.
  • Meenakshi as Komalavalli's aunt.
  • Mathew Thomas as Komalavalli's father.


Vadhandhi is the story of Komalavalli, a young woman living a life of poverty after her father's death. Despite her dire financial situation, Komalavalli is determined to make a better life for herself and her family by working hard and doing whatever she can to make ends meet. When she meets the village headwoman, Uma Maheswari, her fortunes change as Uma takes her under her wing and encourages her to stand up for her rights and fight for a better life. With Uma's support and guidance, Komalavalli embarks on a journey of resilience and hope and sets out to prove once and for all that where there is a will, there's a way.


It has not been reported yet what the earnings of the Vadhandhi web series have been. Since the series has been released recently, it may take some time for the exact numbers to be released.

Reviews from Different Platforms

Vadhandhi has made its mark on different platforms and garnered good responses from the audience and critics. The movie's performances, direction, music, and storyline have been lauded. Users on social media platforms praised the movie for its warm and heart-warming story. has given the movie 4/5 stars and said that "Vadhandhi is a romantic drama that delves into the complexity of relationships and the fragility of emotions, set against the backdrop of a vibrant Hyderabad. An impressive debut by debutant Ananth, this movie holds the audience's attention with its captivating story. IndiaToday has given the movie 3.5/5 stars and wrote, "Vadhandhi is an enthralling tale that brings up many relevant themes. Solid performances, exciting script, and music lift the proceedings.


"Vadhandhi is an inspiring story about a woman's courage and resilience as she embarks on a journey to better her life despite the odds. Prakash Raj performs excellently as Komalavalli and is supported by an outstanding cast who brings the story to life. An enjoyable and thought-provoking journey."

Rotten Tomatoes

"Vadhandhi is an uplifting story of resilience and hope in adversity. It takes a unique look at the struggles of a poverty-stricken woman from rural India and is a compelling watch for all viewers. Prakash Raj shines as the determined Komalavalli, and the supporting cast delivers strong performances. A worthy watch."

Hit or Fail?

Based on the positive reviews from different platforms, it is safe to say that Vadhandhi is a hit. The series succeeds in capturing the struggles of Komalavalli as she makes strides for a better life despite the poverty she is faced with. Prakash Raj delivers an excellent performance as the determined Komalavalli and is supported by a talented cast who brings the story to life. This moving narrative is sure to engage viewers of all ages and backgrounds.


Overall, Vadhandhi is a well-crafted and inspiring story that succeeds in capturing the struggles and resilience of Komalavalli as she strives for a better life. It is an enjoyable watch for all viewers, and Prakash Raj and the supporting cast deliver strong performances. Given the positive reviews from different platforms, Vadhandhi is a hit and will surely be a worthy watch. The movie features an excellent cast that has delivered in spades. It has a pacey story with solid characters and a gripping screenplay that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. It is an entertaining watch with heart-warming feelings and a strong message for the audience.

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