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You must be aware of Twitter lingo and abbreviations before using Twitter, some of which are as follows:

Tweet: It is a short message sent or a post shared by you on Twitter. It can be up to 140 characters long and can include hashtags, images, videos and URLs. You can tweet your personal messages, ideas, thoughts, links etc.

Retweet (RT): It refers to sharing or reposting someone else's tweet. It is simply the repetition of another user's tweet or post. By default, it begins with "RT: @username," tweet text.

@reply: It is used to reply to other users. It starts with @username followed by your tweet, where username is the Twitter handle of the recipient. It is saved in the replies tab of a user.

DM (Direct Message): It is used to send private message to someone you are following. Only the recipient can read the direct message. You can view the DMs in the Message tab of your profile.

#Hashtag: It is used to add "Hash" sign before important keywords in your tweet. It helps your tweet get easily found by your target audience.

Twitter Handle: It is your username, e.g. The text after the @ sign.

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