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Twitter is an online social media platform. It is a micro-blogging tool designed to allow registered users to read, write and share up to 140-characters long messages which are known as tweets. Twitter is created by Jack Dorsey in 2006. Since its inception, it is continuously growing in popularity due to its unique features and usefulness. Today, it has a huge user base and is one of the leading social networking sites in the world.

Twitter marketing refers to the use of Twitter for promoting or advertising the business by companies or users by reaching out to new customers. It also allows you to market your blog, drive traffic to your website and create an identity for your brand. Twitter has a lot of unique features and options that can be used for promoting a business, service, product, etc. Some of the features are as follows:

  • Images and Videos: Twitter allows you to add images and videos to your tweets. By adding images or videos, you can drive engagement by more than 300%. It also allows you to tag as many as 10 users to increase the exposure of your Tweets.
  • Hashtags: It allows you to highlight specific keywords or phrases in your tweets. You can use up to 3 hashtags per tweet.
  • Advanced Search: This feature allows you to get ahead of your competitors. In this feature, through search terms, you can find recent tweets of your locality, keep up with the current events, and find out how people feel about you and your competitors, etc.
  • Twitter Chat: It allows you to gain exposure, grow your followers and interact with your audience. You can participate in an existing chat or host your own chat.
  • Tweet Alert: It allows you to customize your Twitter account so that you get notifications when a tweet is posted. For example, if you want someone to get interested in your brand, you need to know about his interests and for that, you can set up a tweet alert on his account.
  • Twitter Moments: You can create Twitter Moments on the web or mobile app. It is like an RSS feed that keeps you updated on everything that is happening on Twitter.
  • Download Tweets: It allows you to document your activities in one place on Twitter. Using this feature, you can keep a record of your tweets and can review and repurpose them.

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