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The BitTorrent protocol is applied for peer-to-peer file distribution and it is an efficient way of sharing and downloading files with multiple people. While file distribution with BitTorrent is associated with video files such as TV episodes or movies. Also, it is common for the developers of Linux to provide a torrent download for their distribution.

Torrents are ideal to download large files as they are divided into smaller chunks and they are downloaded from more than one peer within the torrent "swarm". Simultaneously, being able for downloading from several distinct sources should mean that our download bandwidth is fully saturated, outcoming in a quick download of big files. Automatically, the file is reconstructed when every file chunk is done downloading.

We require to have any Torrent client downloaded and installed on our system for downloading something using BitTorrent. There are some options to select from in the 20.04 Focal Fossa version of Ubuntu. A few have a graphical interface and a few just work on the terminal window, but they each have their quirks and advantages.

  • Torrenting permits us to simultaneously download the file from more than one source.
  • Also, it takes a few strains off of the official mirrors of Ubuntu, so we are supporting them out by downloading an ISO image using the torrent swarm.
  • We can select for leaving the Ubuntu torrent in our torrent client and enable it "seed" to other downloaders if we wish to continue supporting after the downloading process completes.
  • In the torrenting process, the large files are broken down into many parts and it fetches these parts from more than one host at once automatically.
  • Also, it shares these parts that we have already downloaded along with others so that anyone can benefit and share.
  • It's a good way for downloading Ubuntu ISO versions, especially if the regular version sites are very slow because it gets faster if there are several users sharing and downloading at once.
  • Several software of BitTorrent runs perfectly on Linux and Ubuntu.
  • Ubuntu comes with its BitTorrent client which is known as Transmission, it is probably good but not that kind of good.
  • There are various clients of the torrent that are available for Linux. But it is challenging to search which one comes along with the best group of features.

In this article, we are going to discuss some of the best Torrent clients for Ubuntu, so that we do not need to waste our valuable time to check and install each of those Torrent clients one by one.

Best Torrent Clients List

Some of the best torrent clients are mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

Transmission Torrent

Transmission is a client of a BitTorrent that offers a range of user interfaces on the head of a backend cross-platform. Transmission torrent client is free software that is licensed upon the terms of the GNU GPL (General Public License) along with the parts under the MIT license.

Pros of Transmission

  • Magnet link, PEX, DHT, and full encryption support.
  • Local Peer Discovery
  • Daemon is ideal for headless use, embedded systems, and servers.
  • Each of these could be remotely controlled by terminal and web clients.
  • Native Mac, Qt GUI, and GTK+ clients
  • Applies fever resources as compared to other clients.

How to install Transmission Client on Ubuntu?

We can install the Transmission Torrent Client using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

Aria2 Torrent

Aria2 is a lightweight multi-source and multi-protocol download utility of the command line. It supports Metalink, BitTorrent, HTTP/HTTPS, SFTP, and FTP. This Torrent client could be manipulated using built-in XML-RPC and JSON-RPC interfaces.

Pros of Aria2

  • Remote control: It supports an RPC interface for controlling the process of aria2.
  • Metalink Enabled.
  • Completely Featured BitTorrent Client: In a BitTorrent client, every feature is available: UDP tracker, Local Peer Discovery, Selective Downloads, Web-Seeding, Magnet URI, Encryption, PEX, and DHT.
  • Lightweight: It does not need much CPU time and memory. The usage of physical memory is 4 Mib to 9 MiB if the disk cache is disabled. The 2.8MiB/sec of CPU usage is around 6%.
  • Multi connection download: Aria2 Torrent can download any file from more than one protocol/source and try to use the maximum bandwidth of the download.

How to install Aria2 Client on Ubuntu?

We can install the aria2 Torrent Client using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

rTorrent Torrent

This BitTorrent client applies ncurses and it is great for use with dtach, tmux, and screen. The 0.9.7+ version alternatively includes a built-in mode of daemon that is damaging the user interface, so we can just control it by XMLRPC. Also, it supports session saving, permits the user for adding, removing torrents, and much more.

Pros of rTorrent

  • One of the great terminal torrents we can find
  • Can simultaneously execute thousands of torrents
  • Ultra-lite
  • Can execute in the terminal

How to install rTorrent Client on Ubuntu?

We can install the rTorrent Torrent Client using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

qBittorrent Torrent

The project of qBitTorrent aims to facilitate an open-source software that is the substitute to uTorrent. The qBitTorrent client executes and offers similar features on every major platform (Windows, OS/2, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD). It is based on the libtorrent-rasterbar and Qt toolkit library.

Pros of qBitTorrent

  • No ads
  • Polished User Interface like uTorrent
  • Extensible and well-integrated search engine
    • Category-specific find requests (e.g., software, music, books)
    • Simultaneous search in several search sites of Torrent
  • Feed support of RSS with integrated download filters (including regex)
  • Various BitTorrent extensions are supported:
    • Encrypted connections
    • Private torrents
    • Local peer discovery (LSD), peer exchange protocol (PEX), a distributed hash table (DHT)
    • Magnet link
    • And others...
  • Remote control using a Web user interface, specified with AJAX
    • Closely identical to the normal GUI
  • Download sequentially (download in an order)
  • Integrated control on torrents, peers, and trackers
    • Torrent content prioritizing and selection
    • Torrent prioritizing and queueing
  • Available in 70+ languages
  • Available on every platform: Windows, OS/2, macOS, Linux, FreeBSD
  • NAT-PMP/UPnP support of port forwarding IPv6 compliant
  • IP filtering (PeerGuardian and eMule format compatible)
  • Tools are available for Torrent creation
  • Bandwidth scheduler

How to install qBitTorrent Client on Ubuntu?

We can install the qBitTorrent Torrent Client using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

Ktorrent Torrent

It is an application of BitTorrent by KDE which permits us for downloading files with the BitTorrent protocol. It enables us to execute more than one Torrent at a time. Also, it provides extended aspects for making it a completely-featured client for BitTorrent.

Pros of Ktorrent

  • Connection from a proxy
  • Support for tracker authentication Integration of system tray
  • Interprocess management by D-Bus interface and scripting support by Kross
  • Webseed is supported
  • UPnP support for automatically forwarding ports over a LAN network along with dynamic hosts
  • The distributed hash table is supported
  • Support to create trackerless torrents
  • Protocol encryption support (consistent with Azureus)
  • Support for peer exchange of uTorrent
  • Private torrents and trackers are supported.
  • Support for UDP tracker
  • Ban/kick peers with an extra dialog of IP Filter for edit/list purposes
  • Selective downloading for more than one file Torrent
  • Importing of fully or partially downloaded files
  • Previewing of some file types (audio and video)
  • Per and global limits of Torrent speed
  • Torrent Queueing

How to install Ktorrent Client on Ubuntu?

We can install the Ktorrent Torrent Client using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

Fragments Torrent

It is an easy-to-use client of BitTorrent for the desktop environment of GNOME. It is helpful to receive files with the BitTorrent protocol. Also, it enables us for transmitting large files like installation images or videos for many distributions of Linux.

Pros of Fragments

  • Simple
  • Open-source
  • Every mandatory aspect for torrenting

Drawback of Fragments

  • We require to have Flatpak enabled for installing it through Flathub.

Deluge Torrent

Deluge is an open-source, cross-platform, and free client of BitTorrent specified in Python. It uses a back and front end architecture in which libtorrent, a library of the software specified in C++ which offers the networking logic of the application, is linked to one of several front ends including a graphical desktop interface, the web interface, and a text console using GTK from the Python buildings of the project. Deluge Torrent focuses to be a lightweight choice for users.

Pros of Deluge

  • Plugin System
  • Web UI
  • Full Encryption

How to install Deluge Torrent in Ubuntu?

In Ubuntu, we can install Deluge Torrent using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

We can also use the following command for using the console mode:

Uget Torrent

This Torrent client is a download manager which is fully featured. It can apply multi-threaded connections for speeding up the downloading process of the files. Also, it supports torrents, providing us full software suite to download every type of file.

Pros of Uget

  • YouTube videos: It provides the ability for downloading videos through YouTube with the help of the YouTube API so no requirement for dependency management.
  • Browser integration: It provides Browser integration by an extension that supports Opera, Chromium, Google Chrome, Vivaldi, and Firefox.
  • Multi connection downloads: We can download many files in several segments for increasing download speed. This Torrent client simultaneously supports up to 60 connections per download.

How to install Uget Torrent in Ubuntu?

In Ubuntu, we can install Uget Torrent using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

Vuze Torrent

This BitTorrent client is used for transferring files by the BitTorrent protocol. Previously, it was Azureus. It is written in Java and applies the engine of Azureus. In addition to downloading data linked to the .torrent files, Azureus permits users for viewing, publishing, and sharing original HD and DVD quality video content.

The content is represented from channels and several categories containing series, video games, movies, music videos, TV shows, and others. Additionally, users might earn money using this Torrent client if they prefer to release their real content.

It offers metasearch, video player, built-in video converter, web remote, a torrent download subscription, etc. Also, we can extend the functionality of Vuze with the help of a considerable number of plugins and even subscribe to the payment plan for accessing the cooler features.

Pros of Vuze

  • Many features
  • Stable
  • Safe

Drawback of Vuze

  • A few can see Vuze's slow speed.

How to install Vuze Torrent in Ubuntu?

In Ubuntu, we can install Vuze Torrent using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

Tixati Torrent

In addition to the classic BitTorrent client distributing functions, Tixati offers integral chatrooms along with channel chat and private messaging as well which is highly encrypted. According to the support page of Tixati, "the channels feature of Tixati is a particularly good demonstration of how to build a decentralized networked application that supports very high throughputs while remaining cryptographically secure in a 100% decentralized environment. It includes a linear network-coded decentralized media streaming feature, which is secured by a homomorphic hash function and elliptic-curve signatures (the first system of its kind to be implemented successfully)".

All chatrooms could be either secret or public. Users are permitted to optionally distribute lists of URL or magnet links that are searchable around every channel a user is connected to. Browsing a specific share list of the user is also supported. Also, the channels permit streaming video and audio media.

Pros of Tixati

  • No nonsense
  • No ads
  • No spyware
  • Magnet link, PEX, and DHT support
  • Easy-to-use and simple

Drawback of Tixati

  • No snap install
  • No apt install

How to install Tixati Torrent in Ubuntu?

In Ubuntu, we can install Tixati Torrent using the command in the terminal window. The command is mentioned below:

Ubuntu Torrent

Ubuntu Torrent

Frostwire Torrent

Frostwire is an adaptable open-source client of BitTorrent that we might wish to try. It's more than just a normal Torrent client. It is not only limited to Linux operating system, but it is also available for many other devices like Android which we can use for sharing files using Wi-Fi.

Also, it is available for macOS and Windows.

We can find downloaded torrents from inside the application and enjoy them within the application. It can browse our local media and organize them in the player in inclusion to the downloaded files. The same thing applies to any version of Android.

An extra feature is that it also offers access to creative basics music by many artists. We can download and enjoy them for free.

How to install Frostwire Torrent in Ubuntu?

We can find the .rpm or .deb file from the official download web page of Frostwire. This Torrent client is not available in the Ubuntu Software Center so we need to download it using the official site.

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