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Ubuntu Vs. Windows10


Ubuntu Vs. Windows10

Ubuntu is an open-source operating system that was developed by Canonical in October 2004. Ubuntu is a Linux-based operating system. Ubuntu combines all of the features of a Unix OS with a customized GUI (Graphical User Interface, making it popular in universities and research institutions. Ubuntu is mainly designed for Smartphones, Computers, and Network servers. It is developed on the principles of open-source software development.

The GNU General Public License is used to license many of the software packages in Ubuntu. This allows users to customize the software by copying, creating, altering, and redistributing it. Ubuntu comes with several software programs, including LibreOffice and Firefox. It is possible to run proprietary software on Ubuntu.

The ubuntu's primary version used GNOME (GNU Network Object Model Environment, pronounced gah-NOHM), a graphical user interface (GUI), and a suite of desktop applications for Linux.

Ubuntu comes in a variety of flavors:

  • Ubuntu Server Edition
  • Ubuntu Studio, which is designed for multimedia applications.
  • Edubuntu, which is designed for homeschooling and educational institutions.
  • Kubuntu, a version that employs KDE (Kool Desktop Environment) rather than GNOME.
  • Xubuntu, a Linux distribution for PCs with minimal computing capacity.
  • JeOS (just enough OS), a lightweight version for virtual appliances.

Canonical Ltd. Introduces new Ubuntu releases every six months, with a minimum 18-month security update commitment for each release.

Features of Ubuntu

There are various features of Ubuntu:

  1. LibreOffice, a free office suite, is supported by Ubuntu.
  2. Ubuntu's desktop edition supports all the normal software on Windows like Chrome, VLC, Firefox,
  3. There are a host of free applications for users to view and edit images.
  4. There is in-built email software known as Thunderbird, which allows users to access emails like Exchange, Hotmail, Gmail, etc.
  5. Ubuntu's best feature is, it is a free operating system with a large open-source community behind it.
  6. With Ubuntu's smart searching feature, we can find content easily.
  7. A variety of applications exists that allow users to organize and share videos.

Advantages of Ubuntu

The following are some of Ubuntu's advantages:

  1. It is completely customizable
  2. It is better suited for development
  3. It is an open-source operating system that is free to use.
  4. It can be updated without restarting
  5. It supports Window tiling
  6. It is more resource-friendly
  7. It is more secure

Disadvantages of Ubuntu

The following are some of Ubuntu's disadvantages:

  1. Limited functionality as a result of the number of applications available.
  2. Issues about commercialization versus open source
  3. Issues regarding software and hardware compatibility
  4. Ubuntu has limited and unimpressive game titles


Ubuntu Vs. Windows10

Microsoft developed the Windows 10 operating system series. In July of 2015, it was published. It was launch with the intention of being used for personal computing.

The following are some of Windows 10's key features:

  1. For gamers, Windows 10 is the finest operating system.
  2. Windows 10 has a great user interface.
  3. Microsoft Edge is the new browser for Windows 10.
  4. Windows 10 is the most recent and finest version of the Windows operating system series.
  5. Many applications are supported by Windows 10, and the keyboard and mouse interfaces are quite appealing.
  6. It comes with Cortona, a visible personal assistant, which is quite useful and helpful.
  7. The Windows 10 operating system allows us to easily sync our Windows mobile devices.

Advantages of Windows 10

The following are the advantages of Windows 10:

  1. Lighter and faster operating system
  2. Improved device management
  3. Advanced security and management
  4. Compatibility for continuous innovation.

Ubuntu vs. Windows 10

Ubuntu Vs. Windows10
Parameters Ubuntu Windows 10
Developed Ubuntu is developed by Canonical. Window 10 is developed by Microsoft.
OS Family Linux Window NT
Release 20 October 2004 15 July 2015
Userland GNU Windows NT, .NET
Default User Interface The default user interface of Ubuntu is GNOME, Ubuntu Unity The default user interface of Windows 10 is Windows Shell
Cost Ubuntu is a Free and open-Source operating system. Windows is Paid, Licensed version.
Viruses Ubuntu Windows 10
Updates In Ubuntu, updates are very easy. In Windows 10, every time needs to update the Java.
Programming In Ubuntu, the programming part is very easy. In Windows 10, programming part is comfortable but not much compatible.
MS Office Work Comfortable with MS office. Work brilliant in Windows.
Entertainment Ubuntu is not built for entertainment. In Windows10, songs, Photos, and Movies can be managed easily.
Gaming We cannot play games in Ubuntu. In Windows10, all games are supported.
Adobe and Photoshop support Not much support. Works very well.
Security In Ubuntu, no need for Antivirus and Firewall. In Windows10, security is always needed.
Learning Ubuntu is easy to learn. Window10 is very easy to learn.

Both Ubuntu and Windows have their own set of benefits and drawbacks, and their respective user communities. The developer and tester community like to use Ubuntu while the gamer community and the general user love to use windows, so it is basically based on the requirement and choice of the user. Windows is default choice because it is simple to learn and use, whereas Ubuntu is more challenging but superior in many ways.

Key Difference Between Ubuntu and Windows 10

Ubuntu as well as Windows 10 both are well-known options in the market; here are some important key differences:

  • Ubuntu was developed by canonical that belongs to a Linux family, whereas Windows 10 was developed by
  • Ubuntu is a free and open-source operating system, whereas Windows is both a paid and licensed OS.
  • Ubuntu is difficult to use; we must master a large number of commands, but windows 10 is simple to use and learn.
  • In Ubuntu, Microsoft Office does not work appropriately, whereas in Windows10, it will work great.
  • In Ubuntu, Adobe and photoshoot will not function correctly, although Windows 10 does.
  • Ubuntu is primarily a programming operating system; however, Windows 10 can be used for other reasons.
  • Ubuntu is not Gaming, but Windows 10 is the best option for Gamers.
  • Ubuntu offers a feature called Centralized Application Installation, whereas in Windows 10, there is no such type of feature.
  • We can use a pen drive to run Ubuntu without installing it, but we cannot do the same with Windows 10.
  • There is no visual assistant in Ubuntu, although Cortana is available in Windows.
  • Ubuntu has a significantly higher level of privacy than Windows 10 because no cooperation owns our data.
  • The userland of Ubuntu is GNU, whereas the userland of Windows 10 is Windows Nt, Net.
  • Ubuntu uses a Monolithic kernel, whereas Windows 10 uses a Hybrid kernel.
  • Because of its many advantages, Ubuntu is the first option of all developers and testers, while they do not prefer windows.

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