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The default wallpaper choice of Ubuntu is not one of the most typical components within the open-source OS. However, it is one of the most ideal.

Ubuntu includes approximately 22 million users and a background image that acknowledges them on initial boot requirements to look nice. It requires to impress. It requires to convey what a distribution of Linux is and what it is about.

Hence, all Ubuntu versions contain its uniquely developed desktop background. In this article, we will list and explain the wallpapers of almost all Ubuntu releases.

All wallpapers of various Ubuntu releases are listed and explained below:

Warty Warthog (Ubuntu 4.10)

When users have complained about the Ubuntu's "brownness" in versions gone by, we have often wished to point back to the Warty Warthog which was the first wallpaper of Ubuntu. Hence, the opinion of those users can manoeuvre itself in something known as 'context'.

In hindsight of the Warty Warthog wallpaper is nothing other than a fully despondent block of brown using a logo. The gradient sure includes a little activity. However, the pallid brown color gave an uninspiring beginning to the design of the desktop of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Hoary Hedgehog (Ubuntu 5.04)

The initial impressions of the Hoary Hedgehog were bucked up and out went a subtle almost unseen gradient previously used and in came to a few wispy effects of light and a darker brown hue homely.

It was the initial of two wallpapers for using an off-center logo of Ubuntu. The entire tone was more satisfying, being one of an increasing personality. The wallpaper of Hoary Hedgehog represented the initial true design of the wallpaper image of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Breezy Badger (Ubuntu 5.10)

A lighter 'tan' brown color was used within the Ubuntu 5.10 default wallpaper. It provided the desktop a nice feeling along with elegant refractions of light including a few bokeh-esque charms.

This wallpaper is remarkable for being the end default wallpaper for using the logo of Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Dapper Drake (Ubuntu 6.04)

The word "dark"sums up the dapper wallpaper of Drake.

The curvy and swirly lines connected with the chocolate and rich brown color enable this wallpaper of Ubuntu one of the most pleasant additions in Ubuntu. It is by no means either iconic or bland.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Edgy Eft (Ubuntu 6.10)

The virulent haters of Mac whose eyes look ties back to Apple anywhere they turn. The default wallpaper of Edgy Eft of Ubuntu 6.10 will have been surely in for hate.

It represents a clear impact through the then-default Mac OS X wallpaper 'Aqua' 10.04.

The light skin colors really worked quite well here and created for a smooth pleasant looking desktop.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Feisty Fawn (Ubuntu 7.04)

It has been noted on occasion that the Feisty Fawn wallpaper of Ubuntu resembled nothing other than the bruised skin patch.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Gusty Gibbon (Ubuntu 7.10)

Going back to fleshy tones in their last two versions, the 7.10 version of Ubuntu saw the rich brown of Dapper-era's return.

Again, this wallpaper echoed well-worn created lines of iconic Aqua wallpaper of OS X. But, it is distinctive enough within the choice of color to feel Ubuntu.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Hardy Heron (Ubuntu 8.04)

The wallpaper of Hardy is widely regarded via several to be one of the best wallpapers (default) so far. It is easy to check parallels among the changes appearing in the operating system itself and the wallpaper's look at that time.

There was an identity emboldened sense between users. Besides, Ubuntu felt confident enough in its objectives for standing up tall and implement things in its way.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Intrepid Ibex (Ubuntu 8.10)

Celebrating the success of Ubuntu 8.04 wallpaper, Ubuntu 8.10 wallpaper featured its nominal mascot in philosophical style.

The outcome was not as famous as its predecessor. However, the design is still showing personality onto many Ubuntu desktops across the world. Regardless of suggestion, the wallpaper of Ibex shown its identity with pleasure, something that will be sorely missing through the default desktop choice.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Jaunty Jackalope (Ubuntu 9.04)

It is back to commons with the drape of Jaunty: out are the mascot and back are gradients. This wallpaper provides twirl light effects.

It was nothing less of a big letdown after the originality and imagination of the old two designs.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Karmic Koala (Ubuntu 9.10)

Many user's initial reactions at the time of booting the Karmic Wallpaper for the very first time, i.e., "Where did the brown color go?". Karmic Koala wallpaper swapped out the clear earthy gradients for cozy orange tones.

The Karmic Koala wallpaper perhaps provided more than other wallpapers an inviting and warm initial impression to Ubuntu. Also, the wallpaper's texture baffles everyone.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Lucid Lynx (Ubuntu 10.04)

Certainly, there was no brown color to be detected in the Lucid Lynx wallpaper because the introduction of a newer visual identity and color scheme signaled a start for the feel and look of the Ubuntu desktop.

The purple gradients, blurry artifacts, and lens flares used in the default wallpaper of Lucid Lynx were gentle and in keeping along with the 'Lucid' moniker. Many found this wallpaper unobtrusive way to have been at the personality cost.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Maverick Meerkat (Ubuntu 10.10)

The original strategy for the background of Maverick was something a little more ambitious as compared to what resulted. Time ran out sadly and they were efforted for coming up with this substitution.

The news was that the outcome was an adequate drape and laced with intangible strobing for lending a quality otherwordly.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Natty Narwhal (Ubuntu 11.04)

If the modifications in the previous wallpaper's tone were examined as a 'subtle evolution', then the approach of Natty Narwhal to the wallpaper front can be examined pretty extinct.

Determining to err with an iterative and consistent approach to the modifications of the wallpaper from here to the 12.04 version of Ubuntu, the design blusters just a handful of barely and minor remarkable modifications from the 10.10 version.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Oneiric Ocelot (Ubuntu 11.10)

The Oneiric Ocelot was an updated wallpaper through 11.04 Ubuntu wallpaper. It is only a very sophisticated upgrade.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Precise Pangolin (Ubuntu 12.04)

The Designers swapped out the cold purple of the 3 entries for an orange hue because Ubuntu 12.04 LTS wallpaper's default background will be played for five years long.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Quantal Quetzal (Ubuntu 12.10)

After 5 years of indistinguishable drapes comes the same themed but apparently distinct wallpaper for Quantal Quetzal. Some recommended that this wallpaper resembled a nostril's macro shot.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Raring Ringtail (Ubuntu 13.04)

The default background for the Raring Ringtail wallpaper was revealed previously than usual. Some are assured that a single modification between this and the previous releases of wallpapers was a 180 degree vertical flip.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Saucy Salamander (Ubuntu 13.10)

The latest wallpaper (default) to be included in the collection is 'Saucy Salamander'. It is sporting more purple as compared to the old iteration. However, the 'smudge' is still there and albeit in a more exhausted form.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Trusty Tahr (Ubuntu 14.04)

The first wallpaper for melding the previous look and feel of the desktop along with a new mobile-oriented Suru style of design.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Utopic Unicorn (Ubuntu 14.10)

The Ubuntu 14.10 wallpaper didn't ship with the updated wallpaper. The 14.04 LTS design of Ubuntu is still the default.

Vivid Vervet (Ubuntu 15.04)

Fittingly for a version is known as "Vivid". This wallpaper of the desktop is made in influence with an unexpected look that is dark. The newer 'Suru' design defined the year old remains.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Wily Werewolf (Ubuntu 15.10)

The Wily Werewolf's wallpaper keeps the language of the newer Suru design. However, it quietens the previous purple gradient's darkness. The outcome is a lighter overall occurrence with some angular blocks offsetting folds of the corner.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Xenial Xerus (Ubuntu 16.04)

The Xenial Xerus wallpaper for Ubuntu 16.04 is the lightest and brightest entry in a long time. It provides more orange color and new geometric sectioning for creating the 'web-like' look.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Yakkety Yak (Ubuntu 16.10)

The brighter and lighter theme comes with the Ubuntu 16.10 wallpaper using a more orange color gradient. The angular geometry defined in the old wallpaper also continues with this wallpaper. This wallpaper is covering a more solid section of the screen.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Zesty Zapus (Ubuntu 17.04)

The Zesty Zapus wallpaper is identical to the previous wallpaper virtually. This default wallpaper maintains the orange purple color gradient. However, it flips the interest area over to the right.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Artful Aardvark (Ubuntu 17.10)

The Artful Aardvark wallpaper for Ubuntu 17.10 is the initial Ubuntu background that provides a codename mascot from 2008.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Default Wallpaper (Ubuntu 18.04 LTS)

The background of "Bionic Beaver" remains the tradition of applying a mascot artwork within the design.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 18.10 Wallpaper

In this wallpaper, the orange and purple gradients are used and the version mascot is center and front once again.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 19.04 Wallpaper

This wallpaper is sticking with a purple background and it depicts a carefully designed dingo.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 19.10 Wallpaper

The Ubuntu 19.10 wallpaper is building over the warm Dingo wallpaper's reception. It features a circular stoat motif (the version was known as Eoan Ermine) and an orangier gradient.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 20.04 Wallpaper

The codename of this wallpaper is "Focal Fossa". It was launched for the release of its current long-term support (LTS) version. The design team of Ubuntu included other flairs with the inclusion of "focal lines".

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Ubuntu 20.10 Wallpaper

This wallpaper was known as Groovy Gorilla. This colorful codename needs a characterful mascot and the design of Canonical came up with this release.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

Hirsute Hippo (Ubuntu 21.04)

Ubuntu 21.04 wallpaper contains a hairy codename. It means something that the designers of Ubuntu have kept heed of in the Hirsute Hippo wallpaper.

Ubuntu Wallpaper

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