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Udanpirappe Review

The story of the movie revolves around woman yearns for the reconciliation of two families who were divided due to ideological differences between her law-abiding husband and her pious yet short-tempered brother.

Udanpirappe Review
  • Under the banner of 2D Entertainment
  • The movie features a talented cast, including Sija Rose, Jyothika, M. Sasikumar, Samuthirakani, Soori, Kalaiyarasan, and M. Sasikumar.
  • The film is directed by Saravanan and Era and produced by Jyothika and Suriya.
  • The music is composed by D. Imman.
  • Udanpirappe Movie Running Time 137 minutes.
  • Udanpirappe Movie Language Tamil
  • Udanpirappe Movie Release Date 14October 2021 (in India)
  • Udanpirappe Movie Genre: Family

Main Lessons from Udanpirappe

One of the rare Kollywood leading actresses with a loyal fan base for more than 20 years is Jyothika. It remains to be seen if her fans will be moved by the rural sibling drama in her 50th movie, "Udanpirappe," which has high expectations. In the movie 'Udanpirappe,' the plot revolves around a middle-aged woman caught in a conflict between her law-abiding husband and her truth-seeking brother. Vairavan's younger sister, Madangi, means everything to him, but their relationship is strained because her husband dislikes his aggressive nature.

The two men also have a history of a tragic event that drives them apart. Despite this, Madangi tries to bring them together. However, things get more complicated when Vairavan crosses paths with a cunning individual, played by Kalairasan, scheming to control the village's water supply.

The movie's final act explores whether Madangi's efforts to reunite her daughter and her brother's son will be successful. Jyotika's performance as a dignified mother is impressive, displaying her elegance and control. The audience cheered particularly loudly during a scene where she intimidates a hospital dean without speaking. Jo's acting skills shine as she portrays various emotions, including maternal love, sisterly affection, and a powerful outburst against the villain.

Sasikumar, who plays Jyotika's older brother, excels in the action scenes and stands up for his wife in a crucial moment in front of their family members. Samuthirakani, on the other hand, struggles with his cartoonish role and appears unsure. Although he stresses the importance of not judging people based on appearances, he fails to apply this advice to his aggressive yet kind brother-in-law. The movie's brutal scenes stand out more than the comedic ones, such as Soori's happiness when he learns that Sasikumar is coming out of hiding to save him.

Sija Rose delivers an adequate performance as Sasikumar's wife, but it doesn't match her potential. Kalaiarasan tries his best to elevate a poorly written character, and Deepa showcases her talent in a pivotal role alongside the rest of the cast. "Udanpirappe" works well because of its progressive themes and storytelling, such as Jyothika pawning her wedding ring to save a child. Viewers also enjoy the comedic performance by Soori in his role as "Thamarai."

Udanpirappe Review

The movie "Udanpirappe" has a traditional and serialized approach in its story, script, and execution. Even if the audience is unfamiliar with Jyothika and Sasikumar's brotherly bond, their separation lacks emotional impact. Much time is spent developing the two main characters, which could be utilized more effectively. Additionally, Jyothika's character's history of sacrifice for her brother in the flashback is intended to enhance her character but ultimately diminishes its previous value.

The music by D. Imman featured in the movie is decent, with Sasikumar's theme song particularly compelling. The camera work by cinematographer Velraj beautifully captures the lush greenery, coconut trees, temple festivals, and residents of Tanjore.

Despite the editor's lackluster efforts, the movie boasts excellent production values, thanks to the efforts of Jyothika and Suriya's 2D Entertainment. While some of the dialogue in Ira Saravanan's second film is noteworthy, the movie's overall script and production quality fall short. If you are a fan of Jyothika and Sasikumar, you should give this movie a chance, but it only scores 2.25 out of 5.0.

Udanpirappe Movie Awards

  1. Jyotika has been nominated for the Best Actress award at the Filmfare Awards South 2022 in the Tamil film industry category.
  2. Nivedhithaa Sathish has been nominated for the Best Supporting Actress award at the 2022 Filmfare Awards in the Tamil film industry.
  3. Jyotika has been nominated for the Best Actress - South award at the 2022 Bollywood Life - OTT Awards.

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