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What is the Full Form of UKG

UKG: Upper KinderGarten

UKG stands for Upper KinderGarten. It is referred to as a class or preschool for little kids whose ages usually lie between 3 to 4 years. It is also known as the "Garden for the little children" in the upper level after LKG. The duration of UKG is one year, and in which a young child spends about 4-5 hours a day. UKG classes are mainly dedicated to teaching children about learning new things, playing with toys and various other fun-filled activities. They are performed by children with the help of teachers.

UKG Full Form

In the UKG standard, kids usually learn new things in a fun way, and teachers are so kind to children that they teach them in a better way so that they can enjoy learning new activities. UKG plays a vital role in kids' life because it is the start of their education journey. It is beneficial to learn daily habits and routines in everyday life. Before admission, children should join LKG, the lower kindergarten, because these classes are also essential to the kid's schooling. These classes build the base of the children.

As per the Indian education system, there are mainly three years of elementary education. These are LKG, UKG, and Nursery. Children should enrol in these classes before beginning primary education. Children must go through these essential classes. They learn more and gain much knowledge through the activities provided in elementary school and are better prepared for primary school.

In India and as seen in many other countries, children, usually at the age of 3 to 4, go to UKG classes where they learn a lot. They learn about letters, numbers as well as shapes. In addition, they learn to draw, perform many physical activities and play games in the classroom. They also perform various activities like singing and dancing as part of the educational system.

When the kid grows at the age of 3 to 4 years, children's brain is in the developing phase. They can learn and observe things fast; they will understand the thing that a teacher wants to teach them. It is helpful for their academic growth as well as for their physical and mental development. Nowadays, children in India also learn social interaction skills right from the beginning of schooling, which is very beneficial for their future.

Brief History of UKG

Louise Scheppler and Johann Friedrich Oberlin founded an elementary school to teach the little kids with fun activities and build a good foundation for students. Its main motive was to instruct extremely young pre-schoolers in Strasbourg in 1779, and in the year 1780, a comparable preschool was established in Bavaria to teach young children.

Soon, this became a standard manner for institutions to provide elementary education. As a result, more UKG and LKG were started. It made it necessary for kids to enrol in these classes. However, each school or institution had its policy regarding admittance to these elementary classes.

Importance of UKG in Kids' Life

  • In upper kindergarten, the school aims to teach the children to speak well.
  • Teachers in UKG focus on building good habits and manners in children.
  • Children usually develop their language skills in kindergarten school.
  • Children learn to read and write.
  • Children build their confidence by interacting with new people.
  • Children learn to make new friends.

Common Activities Performed in UKG

In kindergarten school, children are supposed to learn many things apart from studies. It is the core base of the children's study. Additionally, in UKG, kids are involved in many extracurricular activities that usually help them build their confidence and physical strength. These activities somehow help the children to keep their minds and body active. Various activities are combined to teach discipline. The main motive of these activities is to make the students eligible for doing better studies with healthy minds and shape their lives for a better future.

Sometimes, keeping kids entertained at a young age can be challenging, and at this age, kids have so much energy and enthusiasm. Parents and teachers may keep the focus on their kids at this age by enrolling them in elementary classes. Excitement and desire for learning must be developed by parents and educators combined. It is essential to their survival as well.

With the help of essential activities in elementary classes, children can learn better. In an Upper Kindergarten classroom, the primary focus is on teaching the students about the basic concepts of mathematics, as children are already between 3 and 4 years of age at this level. Teachers introduce children to enjoyable and necessary kindergarten arithmetic exercises. These activities help children learn basic concepts in a fun way, as students at this age learn new things very fast. So, joining kindergarten classes is necessary for children.

The following are some math activities that the students learn in UKG class:

  • The first one is counting; children will learn the basic concept of counting in which they memorise the numbers.
  • The second one is Number matching.
  • The third one is essential addition and subtraction, in which students learn numbers' important addition and subtraction tactics.
  • The fourth one is sorting the coins in which they memorise the number of coins and rupees.
  • Children also learn different types of math activities like 'equal', 'greater than', 'less than', and many more. All the things they do with a little fun and appropriate activities.

In upper kindergarten, every child is supposed to build the habit of learning, reading and writing. However, reading activities are not of much use for the development of students at this age because it is a little hard to understand all things. Still, the fun and simple kindergarten activities and reading-writing with some funny tasks help children build their vocabularies. They also develop some sense of grammar and the language structure used in them.

The following are some reading and writing activities that the children learn in UKG class:

  • In kindergarten, teachers' primary focus is on teaching the children about essential learning of the alphabet from A to
  • Children also learn the rhyming of the words.
  • They learn to make some drawings with the activities and many more.


The primary focus of Upper Kindergarten education is to make children more productive from an early age.

It is beneficiary for the children to join the UKG to build their base and grow their skills. They have to deal with this level of education as soon as they reach a certain age, usually for children between 4-5 age. It is advisable for each kid to join the LKG before UKG to grow their skills and start their education in playgroups as they enter school. Later, they should move on to nursery class, and finally, they become ready for their primary education. UKG is the second and final phase of kindergarten schooling. Children can learn many things at an early age, and including activities in their education is more important to make learning enjoyable.

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