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Understanding javap tool

The javap command disassembles a class file. The javap command displays information about the fields,constructors and methods present in a class file.

Syntax to use javap tool

Let's see how to use javap tool or command.

Example to use javap tool


Another example to use javap tool for your class

Let's use the javap command for our java file.

Now let's use the javap tool to disassemble the class file.


javap -c command

You can use the javap -c command to see disassembled code. The code that reflects the java bytecode.


Options of javap tool

The important options of javap tool are as follows.

-helpprints the help message.
-lprints line number and local variable
-cdisassembles the code
-sprints internal type signature
-sysinfoshows system info (path, size, date, MD5 hash)
-constantsshows static final constants
-versionshows version information

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