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Use Case Technique

The use case is functional testing of the black box testing used to identify the test cases from the beginning to the end of the system as per the usage of the system. By using this technique, the test team creates a test scenario that can exercise the entire software based on the functionality of each function from start to end.

In this scenario, there is a tester who represents the user to use the functions of a system one by one. In this scenario, there is an actor who represents the user to use the functions of a software system.

This describes step-by-step functionality of the software application which can be understood with an example, assume that there is a software application of online money transfer. The various steps for transferring money are as follows:

  • The user does login for the authentication of the actual user.
  • The system checks ID and password with the database to ensure that whether it is a valid user or not.
  • If the verification succeeds, the server connects the user to the account page, otherwise returns to the login page.
  • In the account page, there are several options because the examiner is checking the money transfer option; the user goes into the money transfer option.
  • After successful completion of this step, the user enters the account number in which he wants to transfer money. The user also need to enter other details like bank name, amount, IFSC code, home branch, etc.

In the last step, if there is a security feature that includes verification of the ATM card number and PIN, then enter the ATM card number, PIN and other required details.

If the system is successfully following all the steps, then there is no need to design test cases for this function. By describing the steps to use, it is easy to design test cases for software systems.

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