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Valtheru Veerayya Review


Chiranjeevi's character Walther Veerayya is a fisherman. When Solomon Caesar (Bobby Simha), a well-known drug dealer, is in Malaysia, a police officer named Seethapathi contacts him and requests his help in bringing him back. Veerayya and his companions go to Malaysia in order to kidnap Solomon

Valtheru Veerayya Reviews

Michael Caesar, the brother of Solomon (Prakash Raj), is revealed to Veerayya. What took place next? What kind of bond does Veerayya have with Michael? How is Veerayya related to ACP Vikram Sagar (Ravi Teja)? What exactly took place between them? Watching the main film on a large screen will reveal everything.

Valtheru Veerayya Release Date

Valtheru Veerayya Reviews

Along with Ravi Teja, Shruti Haasan, Prakash Raj, and Catherine Tresa, Chiranjeevi plays the title character in the Telugu action movie. On January 13, Bobby Kolli's film Valtheru Veerayya, which also starred Nandamuri Balakrishna as Veer Simha Reddy, was released in theatres. Naveen Yerneni and Y. Ravi Shankar are the producers.

The popular Telugu film Valtheru Veerayya starring seasoned actor Chiranjeevi, will debut on Netflix on February 27, the streaming service said on Tuesday. The streamer for Netflix India South announced the movie's digital premiere.

Star Cast

1. Chiranjeevi

In the film, Chiranjeevi, a megastar, plays a cop tasked with putting an end to the worrying crime wave sweeping across a seaside town.

2. Shruti Haasan

She played the role of RAW Agent (Aditi).

Valtheru Veerayya Reviews

3. Ravi Teja

Vikram Sagar, the recently appointed ACP and Veerayya's half-brother comes to Vizag and starts a crackdown on the drug gang.

4. Catherine Tresa

She is Vikram's wife


Walther Veerayya, a renowned Vizag fisherman and smuggler, needs money to pay for legal defence. When CI Seethapathi approaches him, he informs him about Solomon Caesar, a prominent drug kingpin who escaped from RAW's custody after murdering several police officers, and he is then given more information.

The employee in charge of Caesor's care, Seethapathi, is demoted. In exchange for cash, he begs that Veerayya return Caesar to India from Malaysia. After the deal is approved, Veerayya, his friends, and Seethapathi's brother-in-law leave for Malaysia. They settle into one of Caesar's hotels and then plan to seize him.

Valtheru Veerayya Reviews

Veerayya, however, misses the chance because he is startled to find Dr Nithya and Vaishnavi, her daughter, removing the child furiously from Veerayya. In a fit of rage, Seethapathi's brother-in-law orders the latter to follow Caesar without Veerayya's knowledge, but when they do so, they are apprehended by the Roman general.

The situation is saved when Veerayya comes and deceives Caesar into thinking they want to make a narcotics deal with him. Later, Veerayya receives an invitation from Caesar to his private party, where a squad of disguised assassins attempt to kidnap Caesar. Veerayya, however, foils their plots and discovers that the assassins are actually hotel workers.

They describe themselves as RAW agents, with Athidhi in command. Veerayya receives praise from Caesar, who offers to ask him anything in exchange for sparing his life. Caesar accepts when Veerayya urges him to return to India, but he soon learns about their ruse, and they are caught.

With his older brother Michael Solomon present on a video chat, Caesar attacks Athithi for information. In response, Veerayya admits that Michael was his intended victim. At the public festival at the Batu Caves, Veerayya murders Caeser, and Michael, who is powerless, sees the entire affair.

In the past, Michael acted as Veerayya's buddy and confidant while posing as a fisherman named Kaala. Michael provides narcotics from Veerayya's ice plant without the latter's knowledge. Vikram Sagar, the recently appointed ACP and Veerayya's half-brother comes to Vizag and starts a crackdown on the drug gang.

Sagar accidentally fell from a tree when he was a toddler due to Veerayya's vertigo. The brothers have subsequently grown up apart. Despite Sagar's growing disdain for Veerayya, Veerayya has always had feelings for him. Dr Nithya and Sagar's daughter Vaishnavi were born into a happy marriage.

Valtheru Veerayya Reviews

Michael is able to retain his cover while Sagar finds the source of the narcotics in Veerayya's neighbourhood. Twenty-five children died as a result of the ice factory's unintentional delivery of cocaine packaged in ice to a school. Veerayya is then accuses by Michael, who intends to flee to Malaysia.

The police intend to murder Veerayya in a confrontation after they have detained him to quell the populace's outrage. Sagar steals the narcotics that were seized in order to seduce Michael since he thinks Veerayya is innocent. In place of Veerayya, he secretly shows up to the scheduled encounter shooting to capture Michael.

The JCP, who is also Sagar's senior officer, is working with Michael, and he and Michael's men kill Sagar by stabbing him. Veerayya comes just as Michael is able to go, but not before revealing his actual identity to him. Veerayya tries to transport a seriously hurt Sagar to the hospital.

Still, he passes away on the route, admitting that he had always had feelings for Sagar but was unable to express them openly because of his campaign against the drug cartel. The cops halt Veerayya and take her away. Sagar loses his state honours, and the police accuse him of being a traitor. Before Seethapati gives him the route, Veerayya, who is devastated, decides to extradite Michael to India for his evidence in court

Present: Veerayya blows up the activities of Michael's drug partner to set Michael up against him. In return for his life from the opposing gang, Michael promises to travel to India with Veerayya and provide a witness statement. Michael is returned to India by Veerayya with the aid of Athithi. After hearing Michael's evidence, the court honours Sagar for his bravery and absolves Veerayya of all accusations, recognizing Sagar and bestowing upon him state honours. Veerayya decapitates Michael in the courtroom and receives a jail term in order to carry out Sagar's last request to exact revenge for the murders of the children.

Valtheru Veerayya Plus Points

Despite the fact that our viewers are fairly familiar with the narrative, the screenplay that director Bobby crafted is what keeps it interesting. The filmmaker is well aware of the excitement fans feel when their favorite star makes a cameo in a high-profile movie. Bobby highlighted Chiranjeevi with elegance. Chiranjeevi was flawless in appearance and dress, and once again demonstrated his ability to enthral his followers and strangers with his superb comic timing. When it comes to emotional sequences, Chiranjeevi delivers a superb performance.

Ravi Teja is one of the other fascinating individuals who deserve praise. He just had a brief cameo on the big screen, but he nevertheless made an impression with his best performance. His entrance makes the second half more interesting. For their respective fans, the sequences starring Chiranjeevi and Ravi Teja are entertaining and a feast.

A pleasant surprise in this film is Shruti Haasan. She is given the opportunity to perform rather than just limiting herself to songwriting. She sings well, and her dance movements are outstanding as well. Catherine Tresa, another heroine, does a respectable job in her assigned function.

Valtheru Veerayya Reviews

Bobby Simha explains why being a drug mafia boss's brother is good. The remainder of the ensemble, which also includes Prakash Raj, Rajendra Prasad, and Vennela Kishore, performs admirably.

The humour and action parts are both entertaining enough to draw in viewers. It was a fantastic idea to recreate certain classic sequences from Chiranjeevi's films, and the movie benefited from doing so. Viewing a few songs on the big screen. Notably Poonakalu Loading, is fun.

Valtheru Veerayya Minus Points

Chiranjeevi fan director Bobby wanted to show the actor in the role that his audience wished to see. He was successful in doing that, but in order to do so, he picked a typical tale with a few twists and turns. The events in the second half are clearly predictable. Bobby ought to have given the news item greater attention. However, the clever screenplay masks the narrative's minor weaknesses.

One feels mundane around Prakash Raj's persona. To make the role more intriguing, Bobby ought to have enlisted the help of another actor. Many of the movie's characters serve no purpose. For instance, Pradeep Rawat and Nasser's inclusion in the movie could be more worthwhile. In this film, they only have a little acting to do.

In order to improve the film, a few pointless sequences should have been removed. Devi Sri Prasad's score falls short as well, particularly in the sequences that excite viewers. The second part has poor dubbing.

Valtheru Veerayya Review

Bobby's Waltair Veerayya, which also starred Chiranjeevi, Shruti Haasan, Ravi Teja, Catherine Tresa, Bobby Simha, and Prakash Raj, seemed like a lot better movie from the beginning after the uninspired Venky Mama. The film does a wonderful job of retaining your interest while being a mixed bag.

Veerayya (Chiranjeevi) is a fisherman from Jalarpet, Vizag, smuggling expensive items and alcohol. Even the coast guard calls on him in times of emergency despite his criminal history because of his respectability.

He is referred to as "samundar ka sarkar" in one incident. Rajendra Prasad, a police officer, is still reeling from what he saw at Maredumalli, which was so terrible. In the vain hope that he may accomplish something that not even the law can do, he approaches Veerayya. He accepts, seemingly in need of cash. Is there a bigger reason Veerayya consented to this than only the fact that the target is Solomon Caesar (Bobby Simha), the dreaded drug lord Michael's (Prakash Raj) brother?

Valtheru Veerayya Reviews

Waltair Veerayya, like us, needs to take itself more seriously. There are several characters in the movie that don't appear to be who they really are. Bobby gradually reveals the truths these individuals are hiding as the plot of the movie unfolds using the masala formula of conversation, conflict, music, and other elements. They aren't all what they first appear to be. The majority of the film's first half is lighthearted and enjoyable. Nobody appears to be able to concentrate well enough, even when Veerayya and the group go to Malaysia for their objective. Even when the stakes are raised, they are never enough. However, just before the intermission, things alter.

In the movie's second half, there are still jokes and some laughing, but the tone has changed. With the introduction of ACP Vikram Sagar (Ravi Teja), the tone of the movie gradually becomes more somber. Herein lays the exact flaw in the movie. Despite the fact that the movie has to get more serious at times, it doesn't mesh well with the humorous scenes. The movie fluctuates between the two until a ridiculous, over-the-top ending puts it to a close.

Atidhi (Shruti Haasan), who appears to have a part in the plot until she is sidelined, is frequently brought into scenes or cut off at random, which is distracting. The movie has enough exciting moments to keep you entertained, but the plot could be more original.

Veerayya, played by Chiranjeevi, appears to be entertaining. His regional dialect may be more caricature than real, but his comic timing (particularly when he makes a Jaru Mitaya allusion) and body language are appropriate for the part. Additionally, he enjoys himself while bopping to Boss Party and Poonakalu Loading, which is exactly how we feel

A substantial role is given to Ravi Teja, who does it flawlessly. Without a single problem, he fits perfectly into the masala story. Bobby, Prakash Raj, Catherine, and the rest of the actors give their best effort given what they have. Bobby's directorial is enhanced beautifully by DSP's background music and Arthur A Wilson's camerawork.

Waltair Veerayya may not leave you with the same sense of awe that it promised, but it's still worth watching, especially if you're a fan of Chiranjeevi or Ravi Teja. Just remember not to anticipate the unexpected.


Fans of Chiru will enjoy Waltair Veerayya since he is a reliable mass performer. With his demeanor, Chiranjeevi does a terrific job, and his comic timing is a big asset. It's unquestionably a feast for fans of Chiru. With his superb performance, Ravi Teja plays his part wonderfully and brings suspense and mystery to the film. Despite a few unnecessary segments and the lackluster background music, you could still like the film.

For those who enjoy finding allusions to Chiranjeevi's past movies, including Khaidi and Gang Leader, as well as enjoying Ravi Teja and Chiranjeevi quoting one other's catchphrases during their on-screen sparring, Waltair Veerayya is a lot of fun. But this is only possible if you're hoping for a good fanboy homage that honours Chiranjeevi's popularity with a compelling tale.

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