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Ved Review


It is a remake of the 2019 Telugu love romance Majili. "Ved," Riteish Deshmukh's debut Marathi film, has earned 20.67 crores. After "Sairat" in 2016, it is now the second-highest-grossing Marathi movie. Ved's theatrical debut occurred on 30 December 2022. The movie, featuring Riteish's wife, Genelia D'souza, has received accolades for acting and directing and has performed well at the box office. Jiya Shankar and Ashok Saraf perform the supporting roles. The movie earned 10 crores in its opening weekend, the fourth-highest sum ever achieved by a Marathi film in its opening weekend.

Genre- Romantic Drama

Directed by- Riteish Deshmukh

The remake of- Majili by Shiva Nirvana

Produced by - Genelia D'Souza

Starring - Riteish Deshmukh, Genelia D'Souza, Ashok Saraf, Jiya Shankar.

Cinematography - Bhushan Kumar Jain

Editor - Chandan Arora

Music by - Ajay-Atul and Saurabh Bhalera

Release date - 30 Dec 2022

Language - Marathi

Ved Review


Satya (Riteish), an ambitious young man from the suburbs of Mumbai, wants to play cricket. He meets Nisha (Jiya Shankar), with whom he falls in love. Because he is reluctant to accept that fate has taken her from him, Satya turns to drink to dull the hurt. Even after being married to Shravani (Genelia Deshmukh), who has loved him eternally, he still struggles with loss. Satya wed Shravani at his father's request rather than out of true love. He spends his time reflecting on the memories of Nisha rather than working. He has the money to buy booze thanks to Shravani. It's about him looking for forgiveness and making peace with his past.


Riteish, who is making his directorial debut, has over two decades of expertise and is adept at packaging a movie such that, at the very least, the advertising would bring viewers in. He brought in a superstar (Salman Khan) to perform a song, recruited one of the most famous music composers to produce the songs, and romanced/irritated with his wife on screen. The two get a considerable audience when they perform together. Nearly all of the components needed to make a captivating movie are there.

Ved Review

Riteish Deshmukh's portrayal of Satya, who is a lover, is the perfect mix of Kabir Singh and Chulbul Pandey. The actor does a wonderful job of conveying his dissatisfaction, desire to participate in confrontation, and desire to murder. However, some viewers claim that despite his best efforts, he failed to capture the essence of Kabir Singh in his solitude. He succeeds in displaying a range since he is rarely given the opportunity in movies supported by others. But unexpectedly, despite being a part of one of the most potent Maharashtrian legacies, the Marathi that comes out of him doesn't seem natural at any point.

Genelia D'Souza portrays Shravani as a captivating and alluring figure. She would be a lovely wife to him. She describes falling in love in the most perfect way. The way Genelia handles silences is remarkable since we've never seen her explore this aspect of her talent. She has to portray various nuanced emotions in addition to being a pleasant girl, and she does so skillfully.

Jiya Shankar does her essential duties and never has to do any heavy lifting. After a lengthy absence, Ashok Saraf is making a comeback in popular culture, and he is an artist we should all learn from. The finest thing that occurs in the film is the bond between Ashok and Genelia. In the second part, Riteish and Genelia are really endearing. They go through both lovely and sad times. Riteish's sign language moment is the cherry on a delicious cake.

The choreography of Ranju Varghese is of a high caliber. The background music of Saurabh Bhalerao enhances the drama. The cinematography by Bhushankumar Jain is captivating. The action stunt scenes in Manohar Verma's films are fascinating. Durgaprasad Mahapatra Nilesh Wagh do good production designs?sharp editing by Chandan Arora.

Music and Direction

Riteish Deshmukh is an expert at montages and his work on the movie. Just look at the two songs Besuri Ved Tujhe to see how he conveys the memory using slow-motion pictures and skillful editing. He skillfully weaves together the actors, story, and music. Besuri song is a great illustration of the relationship between Satya and Shravani. The song plays an important role in the film since it depicts how their love has evolved through time. Additionally, the camera helps him produce them. He has a director in him but has not reached his full potential yet.

The soundtrack composed by Ajay-Atul works nicely with the movie's overall plot. As one may anticipate, the final song is Ved Lavlay. Apart from the song, Salman Khan has a surprise for everyone, and every Bhai fan will be left whistling.

Ved Review


Riteish Deshmukh received the "Lokmat Maharashtrian of the Year" award for his highly successful debut film "Ved." His film created excitement throughout Maharashtra and enjoyed tremendous box-office success. The award for Outstanding Achievement in Regional Cinema went to this film. Additionally, Riteish's wife actress Genelia Deshmukh made her Marathi film debut with this movie. She also won the title of "Best Actress."

Box-Office Collection

Ved made 2.5 crores net and 3.5 crores gross on the first day. The movie made 10 crores throughout the course of the weekend, which is the 4th highest weekend opening total for a Marathi movie to date. In its first week, the movie brought in 20.67 crore, and by the finish of its second week, it had brought in 40.85 crores in India. In the initial 20 days of release, the movie brought in 50 crores. After the fourth week, 57 crores had been gathered as a whole. In its fifth week, the movie made 58.11 crores net and 70.90 crores overall. The movie made 60.6 crore in India 74 crore worldwide over its fifty-day run. On 19 February 2023, the movie achieved a global gross of 74 crore.


Ved is a fantastic movie. It has numerous areas where Majili falls short. But the film stays true to the adaptation. The vibe is killed by Ved's nice things being tainted with predictability. It is considerably more potent than it is now since Ved might have finished several scenes earlier. Nevertheless, this film is amusing and jam-packed with action, making it a masala entertainment that everyone enjoys seeing.

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