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Vedha Movie Review

About Movie Vedha

Release Date 2022-12-23
Director Harsha
Producer Geeta Shivarajkumar
Starring Production Companies Geetha Pictures Zee Studios
Starring Shiva Rajkumar, Ganavi Laxman, Shwetha Chengappa, Umashree, Aditi Sagar
Cinematography Swamy J. Gowda
Music by Arjun Janya
Running Time 156 minutes
Language Kannada
Box Office Est.?19.8 crore


Vedha is a 2022 Indian action drama movie in the Kannada language that was written, produced, and directed by Harsha. Geeta Shivarajkumar worked with Zee Studios under the banner of Geeta Pictures to bring the project to the big screen. Aditi Sagar, Umashree, Shwetha Chengappa, Ganavi Laxman, & Kuri Prathap will be appearing alongside Shiva Rajkumar in his 125th film.

Vedha Movie Review

Vedha was made available in theaters on December 23, 2022, two days before Christmas. It was a commercial success and earned both critics and spectators positive reviews.


A woman named Neela is subjected to harassment by a man on a bus as she travels to work in Mysore. When Neela returns home, she tells her retired inspector Grandma Raama about this. Raama advises her to read Vedha, a book that concentrates on the once-vigilante-now-hooligan Vedha.

The film discusses the story of the year 1980. According to this, Vedha (portrayed by Shivrajkumar) meets his daughter Kanaka (portrayed by Aditi Sagar) when she is released from prison and both go on a murdering spree. Three people named Rudra, Giri, and Nanjappa are murdered by them (father-daughter duo) while wandering from one village to another. They do this intentionally to take revenge on those who disturbed their happy family life. Vedha also stops the sale of two women as bonded workers, punishing those involved.

As Inspector Ramaa assumed control, he and policeman Govindappa started looking into the crime reports and came to the conclusion that Vedha & Kanaka were responsible. However, Ramaa comes to know about Vedha's history from a lawyer named Girija during his research.


Past Story of Vedha's Life

With his wife Pushpa and daughter Kanaka, Vedha's existence was satisfied and they all were happily enjoying their lives. Later, due to a theft by Beera, Vedha is imprisoned for three days. One evening, while intoxicated, Giri, Beera, Kalaiyan, and Nanjappa severely beat Kanaka. Pushpa, who is enraged by this, assaults them but is slain by them as a result. Kanaka is transported to a juvenile detention facility, and Rudra (an Inspector) aids in the destruction of the evidence. When Vedha learns of this, she kills the witness Chowdappa for lying, beats up Rudra (who survives), and flees the city, while he waits for Kanaka to be released from prison to extract retribution.

Present Story of Vedha's Life

After Vedha and Kanaka make an attempt to kill Kalaiyan, he subsequently commits suicide out of guilt. They visit Beera's house as well, where they decapitate his wife before murdering him. Ramaa appears together with Vedha's friend Daya and a sex prostitute named Paari. Paari reveals that Daya allegedly participated in the attack on Kanaka and was involved in informing Beera of their arrival. Furthermore, Paari had made multiple efforts to kill Daya, but he always managed to escape. To get retribution for the crime committed against Pushpa and Kanaka, Vedha kills Daya in a fit of rage. After burying Pushpa's ashes in the river, Vedha & Kanaka continue their vigilante activities.

After hearing Vedha's story, Neela ultimately musters the courage to return to work. Neela ultimately finds the confidence to face her fears after hearing Vedha's tale and returns to her job. Neela is again being harassed on the bus on her way to work, however this time, she hits the man on the penis with a ballpoint pen.


The most common reaction to the recently released Vedha film has been favorable. A lot of people have commended the film's writing and directing, pointing out that it has some creative turns and shocks that keep the audience on the edge of their seats.

Numerous people have also praised the primary cast's acting, which includes five different characters in the film Vedha. Vedha is presently one of the highest-rated Tamil films of all time, setting a standard for others to match.

Critical Response

The Times of India's viewer named Sridevi S has given Vedha 3.5 out of 5 stars and stated, "Vedha deals with an unexplored, delicate theme of child abuse. It has a strong message about the harassment that women experience on a daily basis and is the ideal combination of commercial aspects. The narrative should have been better, but the film's message and great performances carry it."

Shivarajkumar's fans should "must watch" the movie, according to Y. Maheswara Reddy of Bangalore Mirror, who awarded it 3.5 out of 5 stars.


The unexplored and delicate subject of child abuse is covered in the movie Vedha. A striking message about the harassment that women experience on a daily basis is perfectly paired with commercial components in this amazing screenplay.

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