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Versions of AutoCAD

AutoCAD by Autodesk has released various versions. The latest version by 2019 end is AutoCAD 2020. The latest version always includes more advanced features than the previous version. Since 2010, AutoCAD was released as a mobile application marketed as AutoCAD 360.

All the versions of AutoCAD are listed in the below table: Or Release no. Versions Released Date Description
1 AutoCAD 1.0 December 1982 It was the first initial release of AutoCAD. It was demonstrated at the Comdex (computer expo trade show). The file format DWG R1.0 was introduced during the time of release.
2 AutoCAD 1.2 April 1983 It was released after the first initial version. The file format DWG R1.2 was introduced.
3 AutoCAD 1.3 August 1983 The file format DWG R1.3 was introduced. This version introduced add on features such as configuration, justified text, adjustment of alignment and plot origin, grid spacing, large plotter, standardized color numbers, and addition of header information in the DXF file.
4 AutoCAD 1.4 October 1983 Some of the features were added, such as text fonts, ZOOM, and block enhancements, new commands (HATCH, UNITS, BREAK, FILLET, AXIS, and SKETCH), arrays, snap mode, aligned text, status line, rotation angle, and control keys.
5 AutoCAD 2.0 October 1984 This version introduced add on features such as line type, text styles, attributes, the extension of area command, dynamic specifications, angle, commands (SAVE, VIEW, MIRROR, O SNAP, QTEXT, V SLIDE, M SLIDE, and ENDSV), etc.
6 AutoCAD 2.1 May 1985 Some of the features were added, such as LIMITS, FILLET extended, 3D Visualization, polylines, layer, freeze command, holding values, new commands (CHAMFER, DXBIN, PRPLOT, BLIPMODE), etc.
7 AutoCAD 2.5 June 1986 This version introduced add on features such as UNDO/REDO facility, PAN, ZOOM, enhanced keyboard, menu loading and capacity becomes faster than the previous version, COP, TIME, POINT, PLOT, RESUME, MINSERT, extended memory, angles, and commands (OFFSET, POLYGON, EXTEND, EXPLODE, MEASURE, STRETCH, MEASURE, etc.).
8 AutoCAD 2.6 April 1987 Some of the features were added, such as 3D line and 3D face entities, REDRAW command, enhancement of DIMZIN, and AREA dimensioning variable.
9 AutoCAD R9 September 1987 The R in these versions stands for Release. This version was based on the 8086 families of microprocessors. The R9 was the first version of AutoCAD that required an 80x87 math coprocessor. The additional features were MULTIPLE command modifier, spline curves, advanced user interface, etc.
10 AutoCAD R10 October 1988 The added features include several linetypes, PURGE command, and viewports command. It also consists of the additional 3D capabilities commands such as UCSICON, line, DVIEW, 3D polish, 3D mesh, etc.
11 AutoCAD R11 October 1990 The additional features in the R11 version include multiple viewports, several dimension enhancements commands such as DIMSCALE, DIMBLK, DIMCLRT, DIMCLRE, network support features, TILEMODE system variables, etc.
12 AutoCAD R12 June 1992 The R12 version is more compatible with the previous (R11) version. After the configuration of this version, the AutoCAD displays the graphics screen, and the main menu has been eliminated. Some features were included, such as object snap, dimensioning, plot, hatch, etc.
13 AutoCAD R13 November 1994 It includes the enhancement of all the commands.
14 AutoCAD R14 February 1997 The added features include drawing productive tools (template drawings), customization tools, and management tools.
15 AutoCAD 2000 March 1999 The introduction of various platforms, such as floating toolbars, screen layout, drawing preview, spelling checker, dimensioning styles, and families. The commands such as lengthen, extend, grouping, parallel lines, Boolean operations, etc.
16 AutoCAD 2000i July 2000 The new capabilities were introduced from the worldwide design community resulting increase in drawing productivity, performance, usability, speed, design. The commands such as polyline, quick select, color, plot, trim, grips, fillet, etc. were introduced.
17 AutoCAD 2002 June 2001 This version offers the power of collaborative designs. The introduction of the block, edit, and enhanced attributes, text scaling, spell checking, layer translator, data storage via the web, etc.
18 AutoCAD 2004 March 2003 It includes new Express tools, a new tool palettes, sharing of files with Ease, and better efficiency.
19 AutoCAD 2005 March 2004 It introduces new standard to increase the productivity of CAD, the evolution of design technology, etc.
20 AutoCAD 2006 March 2005 This version introduces drafting and documentation tools, such as hatch, block, multiline text, dimensioning, streamline, tool palettes, etc.
21 AutoCAD 2007 March 2006 The concept of visualizing, design, share, and documentation was implemented in this version to work efficiently.
22 AutoCAD 2008 March 2007 It includes enhanced tables, annotation scaling, text, key, and leader enhancements.
23 AutoCAD 2009 March 2008 The added features include a user interface, navigation bar, commands (block, array, and purge), technology IPv6, modern interface, and enhanced look.
24 AutoCAD 2010 March 2009 The added features include 3D printing, free-form design, parametric drawing, and pdf enhancements.
25 AutoCAD 2011 March 2010 The features include 3D Gizmos, updated UCS icon, background and grid colors, extended X and Y origin lines, Workspace menu, Viewcube in 2D frame, new navigation bar, etc.
26 AutoCAD 2012 March 2011 The features included online storage, new arrays, multifunctional grips, content explorer, Pickauto setting, better snap mode, deletion of duplicate objects, etc.
27 AutoCAD 2013 March 2012 The additional features such as OFFSET preview, array and online enhancements, improved PRESSPULL command, etc.
28 AutoCAD 2014 March 2013 It includes command-line improvements, Xref upgrades, natural sort, file tabs, and Merge selected layers.
29 AutoCAD 2015 March 2014 The features included are drafting, viewport resizing, block galleries, printable online maps and new text alignment.
30 AutoCAD 2016 March 2015 The additional features of 2016 version are Mtext enhancements, smart dimensioning, easy editing revision clouds, status bar wrap, variable monitor, etc.
31 AutoCAD 2017 March 2016 The features included are Autodesk app, sharing drawings, centerline, center marks, making 3D print file, migrate custom settings, and enhanced graphics.
32 AutoCAD 2018 March 2017 The additional features are user interface, PDF Import, object selection, high-resolution monitor, share designs, external file references, etc.
33 AutoCAD 2019 April 2018 The features included are Map 3D, Mechanical design, electrical design, architecture, new AutoCAD web and mobile app, raster design, and MEP (Mechanical Electrical Pumping).
34 AutoCAD 2020 March 2019 The features included are block palettes, enhanced DWG, drawing annotation, quick measurements, cloud storage connectivity, etc.

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