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Vettam Movie Review


"Vettam" is a 2004 Malayalam comedy film directed by Priyadarshan. The story revolves around Nandakumar, a compulsive liar played by Dileep, who gets involved in a series of hilarious situations when he pretends to be a detective to impress Janaki, a woman on the run. The film is known for its slapstick humor, witty dialogues, and a cast of talented actors. Released to positive reviews, "Vettam" is a delightful comedy offering a fun, entertaining cinematic experience.

The Cast of Vettam Movie

The cast of the Malayalam film "Vettam" includes:

  • Dileep as Nandakumar: He plays the lead role of Nandakumar, a compulsive liar who pretends to be a detective to impress Janaki.
  • Bhavna Pani as Janaki: Bhavna Pani portrays the character of Janaki, a woman on the run who mistakenly believes Nandakumar to be a detective.
  • Kalabhavan Mani as Bhasi: Kalabhavan Mani plays the role of Bhasi, Nandakumar's loyal friend who assists him in his adventures.
  • Innocent as Muthalali: Innocent appears as Muthalali, the owner of the hotel where Nandakumar and Janaki stay.
  • Nedumudi Venu as Muthalali's brother: Nedumudi Venu portrays the character of Muthalali's brother, who adds to the film's comic elements.
  • Jagathy Sreekumar as Janaki's uncle: Jagathy Sreekumar plays the role of Janaki's uncle, who is involved in misunderstandings and comedic situations.
  • Mohini as Mohini: Mohini appears as herself in a cameo role in the film.
  • Salim Kumar as Taxi Driver: Salim Kumar briefly appears as a taxi driver in the film.

The film features a talented ensemble cast that brings their comedic timing and acting prowess to create a memorable and entertaining experience for the audience.

Story of the Vettam Movie

Vettam Movie Review

The story of the Malayalam film "Vettam" revolves around Nandakumar (played by Dileep), a compulsive liar who finds himself caught in a web of hilarious situations. Nandakumar encounters Janaki (played by Bhavna Pani), a woman on the run from a dangerous criminal. Due to a case of mistaken identity, Janaki believes Nandakumar to be a private detective.

To impress Janaki and win her trust, Nandakumar pretends to be a detective and agrees to help her. However, his web of lies becomes increasingly complex as he tries to maintain the ruse. As Nandakumar's lies pile up, the story twists and turns, leading to misunderstandings, mistaken identities, and comical situations.

Along the way, Nandakumar's loyal friend Bhasi (played by Kalabhavan Mani) assists him in his adventures, adding to the humor and chaos. The film also introduces quirky characters like Muthalali (played by Innocent), the owner of the hotel where Nandakumar and Janaki stay, and Janaki's uncle (played by Jagathy Sreekumar), who further contribute to the comedic elements of the story.

Nandakumar's lies become increasingly challenging as the plot unfolds, leading to hilarious and unpredictable consequences. The film combines situational comedy, witty dialogues, and slapstick humor to create a light-hearted and entertaining experience for the audience.

Direction and Music of the Vettam Movie

"Vettam" is directed by renowned filmmaker Priyadarshan, known for his expertise in crafting comedy films. Priyadarshan's direction brings out the essence of the film's humor, ensuring the comedic timing and situational comedy elements are executed effectively. His ability to create entertaining narratives with well-paced sequences and engaging storytelling shines through in "Vettam."

The music in "Vettam" is composed by the talented musician Vidyasagar. The film's soundtrack features catchy and melodic songs that complement the narrative and add to the entertainment value. The music enhances the emotional moments and adds a lively touch to the comedy sequences, enhancing the audience's viewing experience.

Plus Point of the Movie

"Vettam" has several notable strengths contributing to its appeal and positive reception. Here are some of the films plus points:

1. Comedy and Humor: One of the major highlights of "Vettam" is its ability to deliver consistent laughter and entertainment. The film has situational comedy, witty dialogues, and humorous sequences that keep the audience engaged and amused. The comedic timing of the actors, especially Dileep, adds to the overall comedic appeal of the film.

2. Strong Performances: The film boasts a talented cast who deliver commendable performances. Dileep shines in the lead role, showcasing his comic flair and impeccable timing. Bhavna Pani's portrayal of Janaki adds charm and innocence to the film. The supporting actors, including Kalabhavan Mani, Innocent, and Jagathy Sreekumar, contribute to the comedic elements with their stellar performances.

3. Engaging Storyline: The story of "Vettam" revolves around a web of lies and mistaken identities, creating a series of hilarious situations. The narrative is fast-paced and keeps the audience invested throughout the film. The clever twists and turns in the plot add to the enjoyment factor.

4. Direction and Screenplay: Priyadarshan's direction and screenplay play a crucial role in the success of "Vettam." Known for his expertise in comedy films, Priyadarshan effectively handles the humor, pacing, and timing, ensuring a delightful cinematic experience. The screenplay is well-crafted, delivering funny and memorable moments.

5. Entertainment Value: "Vettam" is a highly entertaining film that caters to a wide range of audience preferences. It blends comedy, romance, and suspense engagingly, providing a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.

Minus Point of the Movie

While "Vettam" received positive reviews, there are a few aspects that some viewers may consider as drawbacks. Here are some potential minus points of the film:

1. Predictability: Some viewers may find the plot and certain comedic moments predictable, mainly if they are familiar with the tropes and conventions of comedy films. The film follows a formulaic structure, and seasoned moviegoers can anticipate the outcomes of certain situations.

2. Lack of Depth: As a comedy film, "Vettam" focuses primarily on delivering laughs and entertainment. While this is its intended purpose, it may leave some viewers looking for deeper storytelling or character development, wanting more substance. The film prioritizes humor over exploring profound themes or emotional depth.

3. Overreliance on Slapstick Humor: While slapstick humor is a prominent feature of "Vettam" and contributes to its comedic appeal, it may not resonate with all viewers. Some may prefer a more sophisticated or subtle style of humor and find the reliance on physical comedy and exaggerated gags repetitive or overdone.

4. Lack of Novelty: "Vettam" operates within the conventions of the comedy genre, utilizing familiar tropes and narrative elements. As a result, some viewers may feel that the film doesn't bring much novelty or innovation to the genre and offers a relatively formulaic comedic experience.


"Vettam" is a well-received Malayalam comedy film known for its entertaining and consistent humor. Dileep's comedic performance as Nandakumar, supported by a talented cast, keeps the audience engaged. The film's direction by Priyadarshan and Vidyasagar's music adds to its charm. While it may have some predictable moments, "Vettam" remains an enjoyable and recommended watch for comedy enthusiasts.

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