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Vikram University

On March 1, 1957, Vikram University was established in Ujjain. Shri Ranchod Lalji Dhabi from Barnagar donated the land. On October 23, 1956, Shri Govind Vallabh Pant, India's then-home minister, laid the cornerstone for Vikram University. Jiwajirao Scindia, the late Rajpramukh of Madhya Bharat State, presided over the event.

Madhya Bharat was absorbed into the newly created state of Madhya Pradesh in 1956. As a result, the Act about the University was modified. The Madhya Pradesh Gazette released the revised Vikram University Act No. 13, 1957, on August 16, 1957.

Vikram University

The University's authority was reduced due to the establishment of the Indore, Gwalior, and Bhopal universities in 1964-1965. The Governor permitted on April 20, 1973, for Madhya Pradesh Universities to be uniformly organized and run. The Madhya Pradesh Gazette (extraordinary), on April 23, 1973, was the first publication to include this authorization. The Madhya Pradesh Universities Act Nos. 1 to 19 and Nos. 20 to 26 and Nos. 27 to 31 were brought into effect for all of the Madhya Pradesh Universities by a notification of the Education Department 940/20/8/71 dated May 3, 1973. (Including Vikram University).

On June 28, 1985, the Madhya Pradesh Gazette announced an amendment to the Madhya Pradesh Universities Act. According to the change, the definition and boundaries of University Jurisdiction were According to the revision. The University's jurisdiction was revised and divided into the Ujjain, Ratlam, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Shajapur, and Dewas Revenue Districts. The number of affiliated institutions fell due to the new jurisdiction, although several further colleges received affiliation.

Fee Structure

Vikram University offers admission to various undergraduate, graduate, and doctoral degree, diploma, and certificate programs in different specializations. Among the many additional courses provided by Vikram University in 2021 are the M.A., MSc, P.G. Diploma, B Pharma, and BCA programs. Additionally, Vikram University provides a one-year P.G. diploma degree in four specializations. The length of undergraduate programs ranges from three to five years, while graduate programs last for two years. Research programs might last up to five years.

Vikram University has received UGC approval and NAAC accreditation in Grade "A." It is connected to AICTE. The University comprises 28 schools & institutions and 171 affiliated colleges. Vikram University, founded in 1957, has a total of 11 departments, under which it provides a variety of curricula, including U.G., P.G., and research-based programs. A few of the streams that the University offers a variety of courses in include Science, Arts, Management, Computer Applications, Engineering, and many others.

Courses Total Fees Eligibility
MA INR 1.98 K - 23.04 K (For 2-3 years) Graduation: 40 %
MSC INR 2.81 K - 72.04 K (For 2-3 years) Graduation: 40-50 %
PHD INR 4 K (For 2-4 years) -
B.COM INR 2.96 K - 1.08 L (For three years) 10+2: 50 %
BSC INR 4.22 K - 2.42 L (For 3-4 years) 10+2: 50 % Exams: 12th
MBA/PGDM INR 82.04 K - 1.6 L (For two years) Graduation: 50 % Exams: CMAT
BA INR 400 - 33.06 K (For three years) 10+2: 40 %
BBA INR 2.96 K - 1.08 L (For Three years) 10+2: 50 %
BCA INR 4.89 K - 1.08 L (For three years) -
B. PHARMA INR 1.6 L (For four years) 10+2: 50 %
P.G. Diploma INR 6.02 K - 10.02 K (For one year) Graduation: 45 %
LLB INR 4.89 K (For three years) -
M.COM INR 1.98 K - 22.04 K (For 2-3 years) -
MSW INR 22.04 K (For two years) Graduation: 45 %
B.E./B. TECH INR 89.2 K (For four years) Exams: JEE
L.SC INR 8.02 K (For one year) -
BAMS INR 4.73 L (For 66 months) 10+2: 50 % Exams: NEET
MCA INR 1.04 L (For three years) -
BUMS INR 37.7 K (For 66 months) 10+2: 50 % Exams: NEET
BHMS INR 3.1 L (For 66 months) 10+2: 50 % Exams: NEET
M.PHILL INR 1.5 K (For one year) -
CERTIFICATE INR 6.02 K (For one year) 10+2: 40 %
U.G. DIPLOMA INR 6.02 K - 10.02 K (For one year) 10+2: 45 %
MD INR 1.33 L - 3.26 L (For three years) Graduation: 60 % Exams: AIEPGET
M.LIB INR 10.02 K (For one year) Graduation: 50 %

About University

Vikram University

The definition and boundaries of university jurisdiction were changed to reflect the revenue districts of the Ujjain Division, namely Ujjain, Ratlam, Mandsaur, Neemuch, Shajapur, and Dewas. The number of affiliated institutions fell due to the new jurisdiction, although several further colleges received affiliation. Significant figures like Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru, Dr. Sarvapalli Radhakrishnan, Sir C. P. Ramaswami Ayyar, Dr. Kalulal Shrimali, Pt. Dwarkaprasad Mishra, Pt. Kunjilal Dube, Babu Jagjiwanram, Dr. Govind Narayan Singh, Smt. Mahadevi Verma, under The Lions and the Rising Sun, which together made up the great Vikramaditya's Crest, stand in for unwavering courage and the dawning light of wisdom in the University's emblem.

The Book, perched delicately on the lotus petals, represents the various fields of knowledge. The Mahakaleshwar Temple's silhouette represents the religious culture of the historic city of Ujjain, where the University is located. The University accepts the JEE Main entrance test for admission to B.E. programs. Vikram University also administers entrance exams for select programs. However, merit-based admission is also accepted for programs like B.A., B.Com., B.Sc., M.A., and M.Com. Visit the Vikram University website if you're interested in applying for admission.

The University offers facilities including a computer center, hostel, library, sports, guest house, workshop, andmany more services for the convenience of the students. Through the University's placement initiatives, students from Vikram University have been hired by several famous and well-known companies. The professors at Vikram University (V.U.) are knowledgeable and competent, and the school is organized into departments. 22 Professors, 25 Readers, 17 Lecturers, and a Senior Lecturer are also present. The college provides P.G. Diploma and certification programs in several specializations and standard courses.

Admissions at Vikram University

Students must adhere to a few rules to get admitted to Vikram University, and they are as follows:

  • Students must go to Vikram University's official website.
  • A link to the online application will be provided for you to click on.
  • The application form will appear on the screen, and candidates must carefully fill it out with enough information.
  • After completing the form, upload the necessary files and pay the application fees.
  • Fill out the form completely and attach all the required papers before the deadline.

Required Paperwork

  • Mark sheets and certificates for the 10+2 grade, graduate, and master's degrees (If applicable) Migration Certificate Character Certificate Caste Certificate

University Placement

The placement efforts of Vikram University have a respectable success record. Numerous reputable companies have hired students. Reputable businesses like TATA, Wipro, HCL, IBM, Oracle, etc. The highest CTC was offered for the P.G. program at INR 5.50 LPA, while the median pay for the U.G. program was provided at INR 3 LPA. 90% or so of the University's passionate students land jobs at prestigious companies. Students in their final semester can participate in the University's recruitment activities and conduct interviews.

Vikram University Facility

  • Library: The University is home to a well-stocked library with more than 1,60,856 print volumes, 4,800 back issues of journals, 26 newspapers, and more than 80 electronic media, including C.D.s and DVDs. Sample collections on various topics, including management, technology, pharmacy, sciences, and law, are available at the library. Each year, more than 1400 people utilize this library.
  • Hostel: The institution offers four boys' and one girl's hostels for students. The hostel lodgings are equipped with all the amenities that students would need to live. The hostel is located on a college campus. For students, the annual hostel price of 6000 rupees is relatively inexpensive. The hostel provides all amenities to the students. If a student wishes to reside in P.G., the monthly rent ranges from 3,000 to 6000 INR for a hostel room. External Expense: 2000-4000 rupees
    Vikram University
  • Sports: The University has playgrounds for various sports like volleyball, football, cricket, and more so that students can improve their physical condition and instill a competitive spirit.
  • College Life: College life is quite interesting. We go to breakfast every day and take pleasure in hostel life. Every pupil is good, and so are their mindsets. The majority of kids are concerned about their futures and schooling. Our college has planted 7000 trees on its grounds. The labs are excellent.

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