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Virtual Box

Virtual box is a type of program that allows us to install computers inside our own computer as normal computers do. If we want to install other machines inside our machine, the other will act as the virtual machines. When we perform the penetration testing, the virtual box will be very important for us. If we are setting up a lab, we will use them a lot. It is important for us to understand that a completely separate working machine is provided by the virtual machine. When we install an OS as a virtual machine, we are going to lose nothing, and it will perform the same as when installing an OS on a separate laptop. While trying to hack any system, we need four or five computers around us. Instead of having so many computers, we will use our machine and download all of them as a virtual machine inside our machine. This concept might seem confusing for us, but we will totally understand them when we go through this concept or apply it personally. In our tutorial, we are going to have the kali Linux operating system and metasploitable operating system windows operating system and our main machine.
Basically, our main computer is going to contain three computers. In our lab, we will have three computers, which are described as follows:

Victim 1: Metasploitable

Victim 2: Windows

Attacker machine: Kali Linux

Suppose Mac operating system is contained by our main computer, we will not do any changes or anything with that. We have a machine called a virtual machine that will be the machine of an attacker and run Kali Linux. We are also going to have two victims:

  • A victim that run a Metasploitable OS
  • A victim that runs on Windows operating system

So we have lean that we have our main computer and three separate computers inside our computer. This is only possible by Virtual box.

Kali Linux

Kali Linux is a type of operating system which is specially designed for hacking. By using the Kali, we are saving our effort and time. It is a flavor of Linux based on Debian. All the applications and programs, which are required while hacking is preconfigured and preinstalled in Kali Linux. That means we just need to install the Kali Linux OS and start to learn to hack.

We can install Kali Linux in two ways. We can use our main machine to download it as the main operating system, or we can use a Virtual box to download it inside our main operating system. In our tutorial, we are going to download it as a virtual machine. They will work when we download it to our current machine, and the work when we download it as a virtual machine is exactly the same. It is running inside the Virtual box and completed isolated from our system. If we create any problem or mess things up or break it, we can quickly fix it. When we are using it and want to go back to other configurations or snapshots, we can easily do it. By using the system as a virtual machine, any functionality will not be loosed. Because of this, we always use this way.

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