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How Does Wei Work?


The smallest ether coin, which is utilized on the Ethereum network, is called a wei. One ether equals one billion billion billion Wei (1018). One quintillionth of ether is equal to one wei, which is another way to look at it.

Key Lessons

  • The smallest unit from which a user may complete a transaction is called a wei for ether and a satoshi for bitcoin.
  • Pennies are the indivisible (atomic) unit of U.S. currency, and one dollar may only be divided into 100 them.
  • The Wei is named after Wei Dai, who is most known for developing the Crypto++ library and for creating "b-money," the forerunner of bitcoin.

What Is Cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency refers to a digital or virtual currency that is secured by the process of cryptography, which makes it almost impossible to double-spend or counterfeit. A lot of cryptocurrencies are a decentralized network which is based mostly upon blockchain technology. A blockchain is a distributed ledger enforced across the globe with the help of a vast network of computers.

A very important feature of cryptocurrencies that defines them perfectly is that they are not usually issued by any kind of central authority, which makes them theoretically immune to interference or manipulation of any kind by the government.

Key lessons

  • A cryptocurrency is a kind of digital asset built on a distributed network made up of lots of computers.
  • They are capable of existing independently of any kind of nagging or manipulation that can be done by the government or other central authorities. This is because of the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency.
  • It is believed by a number of experts that a lot of industries, including finance and law, are to be disrupted eventually due to the continuous development of blockchain technology,
  • There are two major benefits that cryptocurrencies offer to the world. One is its cheaper and quicker money transfers, while the other is the decentralized systems which do not possess even a single chance of failure.
  • These two benefits of cryptocurrencies make them popular and highly accepted nowadays.
  • Although nothing is perfect, cryptocurrencies do have certain limitations. Their unpredictable prices, high energy needs for mining, and rising use in criminal operations are all disadvantages.

Describe Ethereum

At its core, Ethereum is a decentralized global software platform which is built on the blockchain. A large number of people are known for this, the reason being the native cryptocurrency of Ethereum, that is, ether, which is responsible for its popularity among the people in today's world.

Anyone in this world can create any kind of secure digital technology with the help of Ethereum. In case it is adopted widely, users may take the help of tokens to pay for tangible goods and services as well. It contains a token designed to reward its users for all the work that is done in favour of the block chain.

Some of the fundamental and crucial properties of Ethereum include becoming scalable, programmable, transparent, and secure. For programmers and companies that are building technology on top of it to bring changes to many industries and the way we go about our daily lives, this is the blockchain of choice.

Smart contracts, a key component of decentralized apps, are supported natively. Smart contracts and blockchain technologies are often used in decentralized finance (Defi) and various other applications.


Key lessons

  • The blockchain-based platform Ethereum is best known for its currency, ether (ETH).
  • Ethereum's blockchain technology makes it possible to establish and maintain openly accessible, secure digital ledgers.
  • Even though Bitcoin and Ethereum have many common characteristics, they differ a lot in long-term goals and constraints.
  • In September 2022, Ethereum changed itself from proof of work to proof of stake.
  • A number of new blockchain-based technology developments are structured on Ethereum.

What is the function of a Wei?

People are curious about how digital asset tokens like ether can be converted into cash because of the exponential rise in the price of several cryptocurrencies. The atomic unit of American money is the penny, and a dollar can only be divided into 100 parts. However, digital currencies can be divided into incredibly tiny pieces.

New units have been named to properly identify and enable the transactions, which may appear to be a very small percentage in terms of ether but have a substantial value when converted to dollars or other real-world currencies.

Wei Dai, a prominent proponent of the broad adoption of robust cryptography and privacy-focused technology, is the name given to the smallest unit of the Ethereum cryptocurrency, known as ether.

There are numerous names in ether for various wei units. These sub-units are known by both their formal and unofficial names, which also reflect the units' overall number. (for instance, to signify a thousand Wei or kilo, we write kwei). For instance, the kwei is also referred to as a "Babbage," and the gwei is frequently called a "sword."

The Wei's Model


Wei Dai has been called "intensely secretive," and he can make sure that there isn't much information about him that is accessible to the broader public thanks to his proficiency in encryption. We do know that he worked for Microsoft in the company's cryptography research division and has a degree in computer science from the University of Washington.

Mr Dai was a part of the Microsoft Corporation's Redmond, which was a Washington-based Cryptography Research Group. While at 1, he focused on the development, design, and application of cryptosystems for specialized applications. Mr Dai worked as a programmer at TerraSciences in Acton, Massachusetts, prior to joining Microsoft.

Wei was a founding member of the 1990s cypherpunk movement, whose participants later created the conceptual framework for cryptocurrencies in the 2010s. In his proto-crypto manifesto for a cryptocurrency called money, Wei laid the groundwork for "smart contracts" that would self-execute and wouldn't require the assistance of a human third party for execution. He is recognized for this invention by having the ether atomic unit named in his honour.

The Conclusion

Wei has been a great help to the people across the world as normal currencies could be broken down into small units only to a certain extent but cryptocurrencies could be broken down into as many small units as required by the consumer. Even though units like Wie appeared to be small on scale of all the cryptocurrencies, being the small unit that it is, it is still quite much when converted into actual currency.

Wie Dai's contribution to the research of cryptocurrency has helped the economy very much and this is why the smallest unit of Ethereum is named after him.

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