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What are Absolute coordinates?

Absolute coordinates mean the Cartesian System, which consists of the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis. This cartesian system measures the distance from the intersection of the x-axis, y-axis, and z-axis called the origin.

The absolute coordinates are then used to specify the object location concerning the origin (0, 0).

What are Absolute coordinates

Consider the above figure, which represents the two-dimensional cartesian system divided into four quadrants, namely quadrant 1, quadrant 2, quadrant 3, and quadrant 4.

Quadrant 1 contains only the positive axis. Whereas Quadrant 3 contains only a negative axis.

When we consider the below image, the origin is the intersection of both the x and y-axis. It is denoted as "0, 0" points, and the absolute coordinate measured from the origin is "7,6," which is 7 units through the x-axis and 6 units through the y-axis.

What are Absolute coordinates

The absolute coordinates are useful while giving the data inputs to the CAD program. To draw a line(indicated in blue) as shown in the above image, the user should give input in the form (x, y) form. The x and y values represent the distance of the line, which is x units away from the origin on the X-axis and y units on the Y-axis.

The (1,4) input makes a line 1 unit to the right and four units above from the origin.

When the user wants to draw a shape in a three-dimensional plane, input three values in the format (x, y, z) representing the distance away from the origin in the X, Y, and Z axis, respectively. The point (1,2,3) draws a line 1unit above the X-axis and 2 units right to Y-axis and 3 units from the origin in the Z-axis.


Can absolute coordinates be negative?

In AutoCAD, the location of a point is specified from 0-X, 0-Y, 0-Z(0, 0, 0) point. The absolute coordinates do not include negative dimensions because absolute coordinates include only Quadrant 1 in a cartesian plane. In the AutoCAD software, the absolute coordinates mean only positive values of the axis.

Uses of the absolute coordinates

  • Absolute coordinates denote and specify the accurate dimensions of geometric figures such as lines, pyramids, etc.
  • We can calculate the distance between two points with accuracy.
  • When we consider the information systems of geographical locations, the location of a particular object or point on a feature map is done using the absolute coordinates of an already-known coordinate system. Let's consider a specific country location on a globe. It is represented by absolute coordinates concerning the intersection point of the equator and prime meridian, which is named 0-degree latitude and 0-degree longitude.
  • The engineers use the coordinates to design the models before constructing the various buildings and bridges.
  • Engineers use the coordinates in the CAD (Computer Aided Design) program to model the blueprint.
  • Scientists use the coordinates to denote the position of many objects like asteroids and planets present in space.
  • The width, height, and length of a building constructed on the ground are measured using absolute coordinates. Here one base corner of the building is considered as an origin.

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