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What is a CISCO Packet Tracer?

The CISCO packet tracker was developed by the CISCO Company. It is a type of tool that provides the simulator to practice simple and complex networks. The main purpose of the CISCO pocket tracker is to help the student for the purpose of learning hand on experience in networking. It also provides specific skills for CISCO technology. This tool cannot replace the router or switch because this software has some inbuilt protocol. The interesting thing is that this device has not only the CISCO product but also it has some inbuilt networking support.

This tool also facilitates some technical concepts like CCENT and CCNA, where the packet utilizes all the technical concepts and networking systems.

This packet also helps the student to complete their assignment by working on their own or working with a team. It also helps the engineer to test their application before implementing them. Also, the engineers who work on network support can also deploy any changes also use the CISCO packet. First, the engineers test the changes they want to make. Then if all the changes worked perfectly, the packet proceeded toward deployment of the test.

With the help of this packet tracker, it is very easier for all the engineers to add or remove any simulated network devices. We can perform these operations in two steps. One is drag and drop user interface, and another is the command line interface.

Workspace for CISCO Packet Tracer

1. Logical

The logical workspace shows the logical network topology that is built by the user. It displays the connecting, placing, and clustering of virtual network devices.

2. Physical

In the physical workspace, we can see the physical implementation of the logical network. It also shows how the network devices such as switches, routers, and hosts are connected in a real network topology.

How to download CISCO Packet Tracer?

CISCO Packet Tracer is a free tool for members of the CISCO Networking Academy. Those who aren't members of this academy have to enroll in one of their Packet Tracer courses. Once done, you can download the Tracer using the following steps:

  • Click the "Enroll to Download Packet Tracer" button.
  • Sign up for the introduction to Packet Tracer course.
  • Finish up your registration in the Network Academy..
  • Launch the "Introduction to Packet Tracer" course.
  • Install instructions available in the course.

Features of CISCO Packet Tracker

There are some features that are provided by the CISCO packet tracker. These are as follows:

  • CISCO packet tracker supports the multi-user system that allows any user to connect in different topologies across different computer networks. By using this feature, the teacher assigns different tasks to different students.
  • We can also remove the capabilities of the CISCO packet tracker with the help of an API. This feature is also provided by the CISCO packet tracker.
  • We can also remove the special features like accessibility, gaming, assessment delivery, and interaction with the real world from the CISCO packet tracker.
  • We can download this from the Netacad account for free of cost.
  • We can also simulate the configuration related to routers, and this can be accessed anywhere.
  • We can access this configuration with unlimited devices.
  • It also provides a self-placed and interactive environment.
  • The Enhanced Physical Mode transports you to a virtual lab where you can simulate cabling devices on a rack. Refresh key skills such as device placement (Rack & Stack), on-device power switching, device port-to-port cabling (including cable selection and management), troubleshooting, and more.
  • The Network Controller allows you a centralized dashboard to see the network's state, instantly discover and diagnose issues, and push configuration changes to all managed devices at once, whether you use its Web GUI or its APIs. You may also use real-world programs on your computer to access the Network Controller and run your infrastructure automation scripts.

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