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What is a click?

When a mouse has two buttons, the left mouse button, which is typically used, is pressed one or more times. This action is referred to as a "click." Depending on the computer you're using or the software program you're in, the action is taken when clicking the mouse button varies.

What is a click

Note: Two buttons on a touchpad are similar to the two buttons on a mouse on a desktop computer.

The common mouse clicks patterns and the functions they carry out are listed below. As previously indicated, the actions you take may vary based on the program you are using.

Different mouse clicks types and click possibilities


When you click on a button, icon, file menu, or other object and then release the mouse button, an action is carried out. For instance, a link in a browser is opened when you single-click on it. The left mouse button, sometimes referred to as left-clicking, is the default when a mouse has two or more buttons.

Note: The right hand's index finger performs the left click for right-handed users.


An application, file, or program can be opened instantly by clicking the usual mouse button twice. In Microsoft Windows and the majority of other operating systems, for instance, double-clicking an application icon launches that program. You would have double-clicked the icon for a web browser if it were there on your desktop in order to launch it.

Note: A double-click is not always necessary to launch an application in all regions of Windows and other operating systems. One click is all that is needed, for instance, to access an icon in the Windows Taskbar. If you are unsure as to whether a single click or a double click is necessary, attempt a single click first; if the element is still highlighted and won't open, attempt a double click.

When working with text, double-clicking a word selects it in its entirety.


Text or objects can be highlighted or dragged-selected by clicking, holding down the mouse button, and dragging the mouse.


The button can be quickly selected by pressing it three times.


To carry out a specific action, press the other mouse button, which is frequently the right mouse button. When you right-click a mouse button, for instance, in Microsoft Windows, a menu with extra options appears for the mouse button that was pressed. The way to strike and copy text is one of the options you can get by right-clicking in Microsoft Word.

Note: The middle finger on the right hand is used to perform a right-click for people who use their right hands.


A pre-programmed option is executed by pressing the centre button on a mouse with three buttons or by pressing the mouse wheel. Your operating system's mouse settings or, occasionally, the software you are using may have this setting set up. For instance, most Internet browsers allow you to open a link in a new tab by employing the mouse wheel as a button on a link.


Depending on where and how it is used, Ctrl+click has several functions. It has the ability to open hyperlinks, access links in a new tab, and pick multiple files or objects. For more details, directions, and examples, see our Ctrl+click.


To highlight all content, icons, or other sets of items between two clicks, perform a single click, hold down Shift, and then click again in a different location on the text. More details, guidelines, and interactive examples can be found on our Shift-click website.


Additionally, many modern desktops mouse contain thumb buttons that can be set to do various functions. One of these buttons is frequently configured to open the previous page in the browser.

Which finger do I click with?

For what is known as a selective click, the right hand's index finger is utilized. To ensure that the mouse keys function the same for left-handed people, the order of the keys can be reversed.

How to click without a mouse?

By pressing the spacebar or Enter key on the keyboard, you can accomplish the same task as a click while using a keyboard. You can move through the links on this page, for instance, by continuously pressing the Tab key on your computer. You can also click Enter to follow the link that is presently highlighted.

How do I click on a tablet or smartphone?

A mouse is not used by a smartphone, tablet, or any other device with a touch screen, so they are unable to "click." However, in most cases, actions that instruct you to "click" are equivalent to "taps."

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