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What is a Special character?

A character that does not fall under the category of either alphabet or a number is called a special character. The comma, full stop, and other punctuation symbols, along with other symbols such as hashtags, are special symbols. The special characters are used in many ways, like the hashtag and forward slash to express comments in some programming languages, and @symbol is used in Gmail addresses.

What is a Special character

And some special characters are used as an escape sequence and in taking attributes.

Special characters usage in Password creation

Special characters are used in creating passwords. When these characters are used in passwords, the hacking of the accounts becomes tough as passwords become strong as the guessing of these characters is uncertain.

Special Character Name of Special Character Usage Unicode Keyboard shortcut
~ Tilde Used as an accent mark in Spanish U + 007E Shift + `
` Grave accent Used as an accent mark in French U + 0060 `
! Exclamation mark 1)Marks the termination as an exclamatory sentence or word.
2)Denotes the logic, not in programming languages.
3)In mathematics, it is used as a factorial mark.
U + 0021 Shift + 1
@ Ampersand 1)Used in Gmail address for connecting usernames to domain names.
2)In accounting, used for expressing rates.
3)In social media, used before names.
U + 0040 Shift + 2
# Octothorpe 1)Used for expressing comments in programming languages.
2)Used as hashtags in social media
U + 0023 Shift + 3
$ Dollar sign 1)Used to express the currency value U + 0024 Shift + 4
% Percentage symbol 1)Used for denoting the percentage values. U + 0025 Shift + 5
^ Caret or Circumflex Used as the exponent in mathematics,
Used as a shortcut for the CTRL key on the keyboard.
U + 005E Shift + 6
& Ampersand 1)Used to connect sentences in English as "and".
2)In a spreadsheet used to combine formulas.
U + 0026 Shift + 7
* Asterisk 1)Used in doing mathematics multiplication.
2)Used to denote the footnotes.
U + 002A Shift + 8
( Open parenthesis Starts the text in brackets. U + 0028 Shift + 9
) Close parenthesis Ends the text in brackets U + 0029 Shift + 0
- Hyphen, dash 1)Used to do subtraction in mathematical calculations.
2) Dashes text of any language.
U + 002D -
_ Underscore 1)Used in place of the Space key when spaces are restricted in writing or typing. U + 005F Shift + -
+ Plus symbol Used to perform the mathematical additions. U + 002B Shift + =
= Equal sign Used to equate the RHS and LHS in mathematical equations. U + 003D =
{ Open curly brace 1)Used to open a code block in some programming languages.
1)They are also used in mathematics to denote the sets.
U + 007B Shift + [
} Close curly brace 1)Used to close blocks or statements in some programming languages.
2) It is used in mathematics to denote the set.
U + 007D Shift + ]
[ Open bracket 1)Starts the calculations in mathematics.
2)Used as the string validation in programming languages.
U + 005B [
] Close bracket 1)Starts the calculations in mathematics.
2)Used as the string validation in programming languages.
U + 005D ]
: Colon Used to separate the address on websites U + 003A Shift + ;
| A vertical bar, Or Pipe 1)Denotes the Boolean operation "OR".
2)Used as the delimiter in writing texts.
U + 007C Shift + \
\ Backslash Differentiates the file location in the network path or URL. U + 005C \
; Semicolon 1) Connects the linked sentences in the text.
2) Terminates the code lines in some programming languages.
3) differentiates the lengthy listed things in writing text.
U + 003B ;
" Double Quotation marks or inverted commas 1) Used in grammar while denoting the direct speech spoken by a person.
2) Used in mentioning the attributes in HTML.
U + 0022 Shift + '
' Single Quotation mark or Apostrophe 1) Used to denote a quotation mark in English text.
2) Denotes the omitted characters and contractions.
U + 0027 '
< Less than an open angular bracket In logical statements and mathematics used to denote the relationship between two values, the less value is placed left to the symbol and the greater value to the right. U + 003C Shift + ,
, Comma 1) Used to separate items in sentences and lists.
2) Differentiates the numbers.
3) Used to join the clauses in the sentences.
U + 002C ,
> Greater than close angular brackets In logical statements and mathematics used to denote the relationship between two values, the less value is placed to the right, and the greater value is placed to the left. U + 003E Shift +.
. Period, full stop, dot 1)Denotes the termination of a sentence.
2)Used to represent the file extension in the file name.
3)Differentiates the parts in a URL.
U + 002E .
? Question mark Terminates the interrogative sentences. U + 003F Shift + /
/ Forward Slash and division in mathematics 1) Dose the division in mathematics.
2)Used to denote the comments in programming languages.
3)In HTML and XML, it closes the tags.
4)Differentiates the sessions in URL and network paths.
U + 002F /

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