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What is Open with?

Open with is a feature provided by Microsoft Windows that allows users to choose between the programs to open a particular file type. If we open a file with .log or any other extensions Windows will not recognize, then the "Open with" will open. The user can decide which program to open and view the file in that situation. But when the user needs to know which program to use or they are not decided to use any one program, then the user can see the file extension list. This file extension list gives us information about the list of file extensions along with their corresponding programs.

If we consider an image, it will open in the Photo application in Windows operating System by default. This kind of opening is done for an image with the help of the Open with the program.

What is Open with

This picture is an example and model of "Open with" Window.

Opening the file with default Open With

  • Select the file you wish to open.
  • Double-click on the chosen file
What is Open with
  • The file will open in the default application, which is designed to open the particular file type.
  • For example, in the above figure, the picture is selected and it will open in Photo application.

We often prefer to open certain files using a particular application by double-clicking on that chosen file. But when the file is linked with other programs, users can change the default Open with the program.

Changing the default Open with the program

To change, follow the given steps.

  • Do a simple right-click on the file and choose the Open with an option for which you want to change the default Open with.
  • When the option is not visible, press the Shift key on a keyboard and hold it while right-clicking on a file.

Another way to change the default Open with the program

  • First, select the file and right-click on it.
  • Then select "Properties".
  • Now properties Window opens, and click the "Change" button to change the corresponding Open with the program.
    What is Open with
  • In the above image, the default Open for the. JPG files are "Photos". To change that, if the click is done on Change, there are many alternative programs like Paint, Paint 3D, Microsoft Office 2010, Snip & Sketch, etc., to use instead, as shown below for opening. JPG file.
    What is Open with

Sometimes we observe that a file will have many corresponding programs for opening. In that case, we can select any particular Open with the program. For that, right-click on the file and choose any one open with an option among the options in the file menu.

Opening the file in a different file without changing the default program

If we want to open a particular file using a different application and don't want to change the default, Open with. For example, if we require to open the. JPG file with paint 3D instead of the default "Photo" program.

Pay attention to the below given steps to open a file in a different program without changing the default application.

  • First go to the file and right-click on it.
    What is Open with
  • Then a drop-down menu opens, choose the required program in which you want to open the file.
    What is Open with
  • Now the file opens in that selected program.

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