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Pinterest is a social bookmarking tool that can be used to promote a business, product, service etc. It is an online virtual pinboard. It allows you create boards where you can pin images, videos and share them with other users. It is driven entirely by visuals, i.e. you can't share ideas without using an image or video.

Pinterest Lingos

PIN: An image or video shared on Pinterest is known as pin. You can add it from a website using Pintit button or upload from your PC.

Repin: It is used to re-share pins (someone else's pin). You can repin an image or video to another board.

Board: It refers to a collection of Pins. You can create different boards for different categories and add as many pins as you like. You can also edit boards anytime.

Follow: It allows you to follow someone's board. When you follow a person, his pins show up in your Pinterest home feed.

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