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What is Robtex used for?

Various kinds of research of domain names, IP numbers, etc., are performed by Robtex. It should be the first place to go no matter we are hackers, investigating competitor, an IT employee who is doing data forensics, virus, tracking spammers or just curious.

What does Robtex do?

Robtex is a kind of service used to gather public information like routers, hostname, domain name, IP address, Autonomous system and many more. After that, it uses a big database to index the data and then to use this; we can freely access the data.

Our main purpose is to make the most comprehensive, fastest and free tool for DNS lookup over the internet. Billions of documents of the Internet data are now contained by our database. The collection of data is more than a decade.

What types of information does Robtex provide?

Robtex provides two types of information, which is as follows:

Reverse DNS lookup

Reverse DNS lookup shows the DNS lookup in the opposite sequence. In DNS lookup, we find the IP address by querying the DNS or hostname, but in the reverse DNS lookup, we find the hostname by querying the IP address. In the reverse lookup tool, when we specify the IP address, we can get a domain name or hostname which is associated with the corresponding IP. Along with IP address, the reverse DNS records also work with NS (name server) records and MX (mail server) records.


If we register for a domain name, it will make a whois lookup in the whois database. In the whois database, we can use domain registration to find contact information along with the expiration date and registration date. The information will be publically available to everyone who uses the Whois search tool to check the name of the domain once the online domain Whois directory appears in our listening.

All registered domains are listed by the Whois domain. For various kinds of legal purposes, it is regularly used. Whois lookup is used by the network administrator to identify and fix problems. The information of Whois can be used to keep accountable of domain name registrants, find out trademark infringement, and to check the availability of domain name. Using the Whois verification, the fraud or spam can be compacted because the administrator can find out the registered person who participates in phishing scams or post illegal content.

The domain name may be checked by the variety of third parties in the database of Whois check, including:

  • For the expiration dates, domain names are checked by the individual.
  • When we transfer ownership, domain names are checked by the registrars.
  • When we investigate criminal activities, domain names are checked by the authorities.

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