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What is the Quick Launch button

Users can easily and quickly install shortcuts to their preferred apps adjacent to the Start menu button by using the Windows Quick Launch function. It is possible to enable or disable the Fast Launch section, as well as add or delete program shortcuts as needed.

Programs can be launched without the Start menu using the Quick Launch portion of the Microsoft Windows taskbar. Close to the Start button is the Fast Launch area. When Microsoft Windows 98 was released, this capability was initially made available. Three Quick Launch icons are placed between the Start button and open programs, as shown in the image below. The Windows Notification Area is located on the far right of the taskbar.

What is the Quick Launch button

You may switch Windows Quick Launch on and off.

First, select your version of Windows from the list below, and then follow the instructions. This button can turn the taskbar's Windows Quick Launch toolbar on or off.

Windows 11:

The Fast Launch function is not present and cannot be enabled in Windows 11. The only option is to pin apps to the taskbar for quick access.

Windows 7, 8, and 10:

The option to pin applications to the taskbar was first made available by Microsoft in Windows 7, and it was maintained in Windows 8 and Windows 10. The Fast Launch section is not required if an application is pinned to the taskbar.

You may still restore Windows Quick Launch if you prefer using it to pinning programs to the taskbar. Just follow the instructions below.

  1. Click the "right" button on a blank area of the Windows taskbar.
  2. Choose the New toolbar under Toolbars from the pop-up menu. After that, select Quick Launch rather than New toolbar to uncheck the box next to the Quick Launch option in order to disable or turn off Quick Launch.
  3. After the Explorer window has opened, copy and paste the following folder path into the address bar at the top of the window:
  1. Click on the Choose Folder button located at the bottom of the Explorer window. Just beside the notification area side of the taskbar is the addition of the Fast Launch section.
What is the Quick Launch button

The steps shown below can be used to position Quick Launch next to the Start Menu button like it was in earlier versions of Windows.

  1. First, Right-click a vacant taskbar space.
  2. Turn off the checkbox that is next to Lock the taskbar or Lock all taskbars by selecting one of the options.
  3. You may now unlock the taskbar by moving the mouse pointer over the two vertical lines adjacent to Quick Launch.
  4. Click and hold the left mouse button to move the Quick Launch as far to the left as possible on the taskbar.
  5. The File Explorer icon is one of the icons that might still be present to the left from the Fast Launch. Choose the two vertical bars by clicking and holding the left mouse button to shift those icons to the right of Quick Launch.
  6. Move the Task View icon and the Cortana or Windows Search box over to the right side of Fast Launch so that Quick Launch is directly next to them.

Windows XP and Vista:

  1. In Windows XP and Vista, click on the "right" button on a blank area of the Windows taskbar.
  2. In the pop-up menu, choose Properties.
  3. Select Display Quick Launch from the taskbar tab and check or uncheck the box to enable or disable this function.
  4. Click Apply and then OK to save the changes to the settings.
What is the Quick Launch button

Windows 98, ME, and NT:

  1. In Windows 98, ME, and NT, click on the "right" button on a blank area of the Windows taskbar.
  2. Choose Toolbars from the pop-up menu.
  3. Select the Fast Launch option and then click OK to enable or disable this feature.

Icons for Windows Quick Launch should be added.:

You can add any shortcut icon to the Quick Launch bar by dragging the shortcut icon to the Quick Launch bar. For example, you could drag an icon and a shortcut from the Quick Launch bar to the Start menu.

Organize the Windows Quick Launch icon collection.

You can change the order of the icons in Quick Launch by clicking the symbol you want to relocate and dragging it to the new location. You should see a black line or arrow pointing in the direction you want it to go when you drag it.

The Windows Quick Launch's size can be modified

Windows Quick Launch is separated from launched or pinned apps on the taskbar by a separator (one or two vertical lines) to the right of it. Click and drag the divider to the left or right to change the size of Quick Launch.

Your taskbar is locked if you are unable to see this bar. Right-click a blank space in the taskbar and select the "Lock the Taskbar" option to uncheck it.

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