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What Problem Hacking Identify

Hacking Identifies the following problems:

  • Ethics is different from individual to individual. Ethics are just a matter of intention and interpretation of hackers that what they are trying to activate. In a few different ways, we can perceive ethical hacking. For some users, it's a noble and great pursuit. It provides a way for us to understand how a hacker thinks and attacks. This knowledge provides a big advantage in protecting the system from an attack.
  • In a company, confidential information can disclose by the ethical hacker to the other parties. The discloser of information can be intentionally or unintentionally by the hacker.
  • The white hat hackers are in the majority. Sometimes ethical hackers use some methods, and due to this, they could be considered grey hat hackers in the application. It is very important for a hacker to get written permission in which it is clearly defined that what we can and cannot do at the time of working on a network.
  • In 1986, an act called Computer Fraud and Abuse was passed. This act says that to access a Computer without authentication, steal financial/credit card information and private government information is illegal. The technological version of trespassing is breaking into a computer system. A hacker should say that there would be no harm to the computer system when they break into the computer system. Persons expect privacy. When that privacy is broken, a person loses their priceless information, even if it seems intangible. Many people don't know about the different types of hackers like grey hat hackers, black hat hackers, white hat hackers. People suppose that all hackers are not to be trusted and malicious. An ethical hacker should come with stigmatization. Due to the lack of this type of knowledge, some people have fear and uncertainty from the ethical hackers. An unknown often drives this fear, and that unknown being the extent of capabilities of an ethical hacker.
  • We know that privacy is priceless. The individual is seen to be a potential threat that can take privacy away. That is why an ethical hacker needs to maintain a high ethical standard. There are some complicated ethical hacking situations, and that situation an ethical hacker may be faced sometimes. For example, it is very common on the workplace computer to find illegally pirated material like games, movies, and music. The individual should inform the management about the misuse of company computers and network resources, but it depends on the individual he will inform or not. That would be an ethical decision made by a person working on that user device. In that scenario, a twist occurs when the network security individual finds child pornography on the workplace computer. In that situation, the individual must immediately report it to management and law enforcement. If an individual fails to report it to law enforcement, due to this, the person who found it liable for criminal prosecution may leave. In the network, an ethical hacker may have a complex role. The hacker will be fine until they have a strong ethical standard.
  • According to Sun Tzu, we don't need to fear the result of any hundred battles until we know ourselves and our enemy. We will defeat for every victory we gained if we know ourselves but don't know about the enemy. In every battle, we will succumb if we know neither ourselves nor the enemy.

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