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WhatsApp Alternatives

We cannot deny the insane popularity of WhatsApp as a messenger application. WhatsApp not only allows its users to send texts, but the users can send images, documents, audio, video and their current location. It also has the feature of audio calls and video calls to connect with friends who are users of WhatsApp.

Almost everyone is using WhatsApp today, and it is not easy to replace this application. WhatsApp is very convenient, and people of any age group can use it without any difficulty. WhatsApp allows its users to register by using their phone number, and then they can start chatting with their friends or people who are also using WhatsApp.

It is difficult for anyone to drop WhatsApp without having any perfect alternative to it in hand. WhatsApp is the most trusted application for private communication, but in the last few years, because of some updates in the privacy policy, some controversy has arisen. Moreover, sometimes, the server of WhatsApp also goes down along with Facebook, and that is why people are searching for alternatives to WhatsApp. Now, it is not possible for us to stop using WhatsApp and go back to the traditional SMS application to text others as it is not the as convenient way or as fast as WhatsApp. Also, the traditional SMS service is not as secure as WhatsApp since it does not offer end-to-end encryption to its users.

Alternatives to WhatsApp

There are many alternatives or say options available out there that users can trust in terms of privacy, and we are going to mention those alternatives here in the article. Let us begin with the list of alternatives to WhatsApp.

1. Signal

WhatsApp Alternatives

The first alternative to WhatsApp in our list is Signal. Like WhatsApp, Signal is also a messenger application using which the users of it can send texts, audio, images, videos, documents, etc., to their friends without paying any amount. This means that Signal is also free of cost and does not charge any amount to its users. The other similarity between WhatsApp and Signal is that both offer users end-to-end encryption privacy to its users which is one of the best features of any messenger application because it almost vanishes the chance of your texts being read by any third person.

Signal has its own application, which is available on the Google Play Store and on Apple Store. Users can enjoy its services on Android and iOS. The Signal can also be used on the desktop by visiting its website. The users can send a text or other supported formats of data to anyone else from their desktop by using Chrome or any other modern browser. The user interface of Signal is very similar to WhatsApp; therefore, if someone is switching from WhatsApp to Signal, he will not face any difficulty using it. Not many of us know that Signal is owned by a non-profit foundation and is headed by none other than the co-founder of WhatsApp itself and Moxie Marlinspike.

Because of a dispute, the co-founder Brian Action left Facebook in 2017 and started working on a new project with Moxie Marlinspike. So if you are searching for any alternative to WhatsApp that can satisfy your needs, like WhatsApp used to do, then Signal can be the best choice in such a case.

2. Google Messages

WhatsApp Alternatives

As soon as we hear the word Google, the one thing which comes into our mind is excellent service. Google and its products are easily trusted as all the services it has offered till now are the best on their own.

Google Messages is another service which Google offers to its users as a trusted alternative to WhatsApp. Google Messages App is only available for Android users, and hence iOS users cannot take advantage of it. Interested Android users can download Google Messages from Google Play Store.

Google Messages app was mainly designed with the goal of replacing old SMS from our devices from Android devices. Like WhatsApp, it also has an end-to-end encryption feature, which improves the app's security. It allows its users to send texts, images and other documents to their friends, relatives, etc. However, it does not have the facility of audio calls or video calls, and if the user wants to use such features, he can use Google Duo for that, which is also provided by Google.

3. Threema

WhatsApp Alternatives

The next alternative to WhatsApp on our list is Threema, a Switzerland-based application. However, it is not free to use like WhatsApp. One notable advantage of this platform is that the users of Threema can use it anonymously. It means that the users do not need to give their phone numbers to use this app; it automatically gives you a Threema Id to identify your account. When we are talking about the encryption algorithm, it is missing the perfect forward secrecy from its algorithm.

Although Threema is a paid app, its source code may be compiled and modified freely. It mentions the regular security audits on its site. It does not log the user's IP address as well as any metadata. Sending any kind of file and text and even calling is end-to-end encrypted here. The users can block unknown contacts and also request an incognito keyboard for improved security. It offers its users the feature to send texts, images, videos and other files just like WhatsApp.

The users of Threema have the option to create Group Chats and create a poll to get feedback from their friends or group members. All data in Threema is saved only on the user's device and not on any other random server that a third party can access, hence making it as secure as WhatsApp. It is not as popular as WhatsApp because it charges some amount if someone wants to use it. In terms of the security and privacy of its user's data, Threema is the best alternative than any other on the list.

4. Wire

WhatsApp Alternatives

Wire is also a messenger application developed by a Switzerland-based Company, and that is why no one can doubt the security of this application. Just like other messenger applications, Wire also allows its users to send text, videos, audio, images, and other files. Also, the users can communicate over audio or video calls to their contacts. The main difference between Wire and WhatsApp is that Wire can be used on multiple devices at a time, but WhatsApp cannot. Wire is free for all except for those who want to use it for business purposes.

Like WhatsApp, Wire also offers an end-to-end encrypted text facility which ensures the security of the data of the users. It also has the feature of self-destruction of readers, which differs from WhatsApp. To use this application, it is required to register first, either by providing a phone number or by email. There are not many users of Wire as of now, but they are approximately about five lakhs.

Wire can be used on different platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, windows, etc. It is available on the Google Play Store, and interested Android users can install the Wire application like any other typical app. It has an average rating of 3.3 based on 34T received reviews. The application size is around 33 MB and has been downloaded over ten lakhs times on the Google Play Store. This is considered one of the best alternatives to WhatsApp as it is free and has many unique features.

5. iMessage

WhatsApp Alternatives

For iOS users and Mac users, the best and simple alternative to WhatsApp is iMessage. It generally comes pre-installed on almost all Apple devices and Mac. The users can send messages to anyone irrespective of the point that they are using iMessage or not. In terms of the safety of the users' data, no one can beat Apple; therefore, iMessage is one of the safest messenger apps today. iMessage also offers its users the feature of sending money to any other iMessage user, but this feature is not available in all countries.

The only drawback of the iMessage app is that the users cannot make video or audio calls using this app; if they want to do a video call or audio call, they can do it through another app called FaceTime. It should be noted that FaceTime is not available for Android users but only for Apple users. It also has the feature of self-destruction of messages, and the users can send GIFs and stickers to their contacts just like any other messaging app. If you are an iOS user searching for an alternative to WhatsApp, then you do not have to download any external third-party app as you can use iMessages that comes pre-installed on your phone.

6. Element

WhatsApp Alternatives

The sixth alternative to WhatsApp in our list is Element. It is considered one of the best alternative platforms for WhatsApp because it is secure and safe like WhatsApp and has many features to satisfy the needs of all kinds of users. As it is available for almost all types of platforms like Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, etc., it has a huge user base all over the world. It offers its users the feature of creating rooms to discuss any topic of their choice with the members and friends who join the room. Not only rooms but the users can also use Element to organize conferences which is a handy feature in today's time when everything is going online.

Element is also one of the safest alternatives to WhatsApp because it allows its users to have control over their data. The users of this platform can do video calls and even audio calls to their friends like other popular messaging platforms. This, too, offers an end-to-end encryption feature, which makes it safe, just like WhatsApp. Likewise, it is also free to use. Element is open-source software, and its codes are available on GitHub.

Element has received an excellent rating of 4.3 based on the 4T reviews on the Google Play Store. If you are an Android user, you may download this application from the Google Play Store, and the size of the application is about 40 MB only. It has more than five lakhs downloads on Google Play Store. If you are planning to stop using WhatsApp and need a trusted and safest alternative, then you can go for Element.

7. Skype

WhatsApp Alternatives

Skype is one of the oldest and most trusted platforms that is widely used. It is prevalent and mostly used by corporations and organizations to conduct online meetings or video calls. It made communication very easy as many job interviews by companies are also being conducted online using Skype. So, the candidates do not need to appear as in-person for the interview, saving time and money.

Skype is managed by Microsoft and has enough features to satisfy anyone's needs. If you are a person who loves to do video calls or even audio calls, then Skype is the best option for you. The users of Skype can do video calls individually, or they can even do group video calls, making this platform more useful. The features like sending messages, images, audio and videos are also offered by Skype, which makes it a competitive alternative to WhatsApp. The best part about this application is that it can be used even on smartphones and desktops. The video calls offered by Skype are of very high quality, making it a better option for video calling. It has got a rating of 4.2 on the Play Store based on over one crore reviews. It has more than 100 crore downloads, showing the popularity of this platform and the customers' trust. Skype is for everyone, whether an employee, employer, student or normal user of any age.

8. Riot.IM

WhatsApp Alternatives

Riot.IM is another perfect alternative to WhatsApp and a secure platform. It offers its users to do video calls and text messaging. It is totally free and offers end-to-end encrypted messaging, which makes this platform more secure. Although the end-to-end encryption feature is available there, the user needs to enable it manually. As it is open-source software, the developers are always welcome to make changes to it for its betterment. It offers its users a feature to create rooms and join existing public chat rooms created by others. It provides its desktop users with an amicable user interface, and it is available in over seven languages, which help it in increasing its customer base.

With Riot.IM, the users can register anonymously, and the platform provides every user with a unique id that they can use in place of the phone number. It also has a good rating of 4.2/5 on the Play Store. If you are searching for an alternative to WhatsApp and want to keep your identity anonymous, then Riot.IM can be the best platform for you in such a case.

9. Telegram

WhatsApp Alternatives

After WhatsApp, the other widely used messenger application in the market is Telegram. It has many features which are different from WhatsApp but are very useful. Telegram is very similar to WhatsApp, but some of its unique features make it slightly different or superior to WhatsApp.

To use this wonderful application, Android users can download it from the Google Play Store. After the installation, the user needs to give some permission for the application to work properly. To register and to make an account on it, the users need to provide their phone number at the start, like WhatsApp.

The users of Telegram can make groups chat with more than two persons at a time. It also offers users a unique feature to start secret chats with friends, and this secret chat will be end-to-end encrypted. Along with these two features, the other best feature of this application is that the users can create channels, and these channels can be accessed and joined by any other person if it is made publicly available.

The interesting thing about Telegram groups is that a group can have two lakh members, whereas, on WhatsApp, only 250 members can be added to a group. The users can also join any channel which is on Telegram just by searching it on Telegram. The only demerit of Telegram is that its normal chats are not secured with end-to-end encryption.

Telegram also has a very good rating of about 4.3 on the Google Play Store and has been downloaded over 100 crore times, which shows how popular and widely used the application is. So, if you are looking for a popular alternative to WhatsApp, Telegram is the application that you must try once.

10. Line

WhatsApp Alternatives

Line is another best alternative to WhatsApp and is a well-known messenger application. If you are planning to switch from WhatsApp to any other alternative, Line can also be a good option. It has a vast customer base of almost 80 million users.

The users get over 10,000 live emojis to express themselves to others. The exciting part about these stickers is that Line App suggests the same emojis that the user should be used using its algorithm. These emojis and stickers are enough for the users that they do not need to text anything, and they can chat with their friends using these stickers only.

The stickers available on Line are free of cost, and there are some stickers for which they need to pay a minimal amount to use. The users of the Line app have the option to create their stickers too. The users can also pay through the Line app, offering a payment system.

Additionally, the users are also offered other services by Line, like booking a Taxi and streaming songs using Line. It is not only for ordinary people, but organizations and companies may also create their Line pages through which they can communicate with their customers efficiently. Unfortunately, the number of Line users is not increasing rapidly because of the dominance of applications like WhatsApp and Facebook.

The users can register on Line through their phone number. Android users can download the Line application from the Google Play Store, and it also has a rating of 3.9 based on 1 Crore reviews received. The application size is around 81 MB, and it has a total download count of 50 Crore+.


All these alternatives mentioned above can be trusted and are easy to use. Replacing WhatsApp is not an easy job today for any individual or company, but still, these alternatives to WhatsApp are good enough to satisfy the basic needs of their users. Some of these applications are new, but they also offer almost all the features of WhatsApp. If you are looking for an alternative to WhatsApp, then it is suggested that you go for an application that provides an end-to-end encryption facility as it helps in keeping the user's data secure.

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