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Who Invented Battery?

Do you even imagine your smartphones, tablets and laptops without battery? The reality is; all these gadgets are useless without battery. Battery is the component that have made these devices so much convenient for us. These gadgets are just like drop of the ocean. The reality is there are so many devices, machines and gadgets which can be no longer use without battery and cell.

We all no that who invented electric bulb and who invented electricity. But we ever curious to know who invented the battery. Let's drive deep into the discussion:

When and who invented the battery?

Alessandro Volta, anItalian Physicist the inventor of the battery. He Invented the first electric battery in 1800.

Who Invented Battery

What is battery?

A battery is an device which can produce electricity by some chemical reactions. Battery are basically store the charge in it which can use as a Powerhouse of Electric Current.

  • Batteries are massively used in many gadgets and devices for powering them; such as cars, scooters, smartphones, laptops, torch, watches, kids' toys, lights and so on.
  • Battery are made by two main component that is Anode and Cathode. Anode is the positive terminal and cathode is negative terminal.
  • Batteries exist in various shapes and sizes. It depends on the required power of the device.

How was battery invented?

After the invention of light or electricity so human knew that electricity is nothing but just moving of electrons. Electricity generate by the motion of electrons charge and this motion in electron start due to the variation of voltage.

In the late 18th century, all the scientists were too fascinated with electricity. They were doing several experiments with electricity. Some scientists were inventing various ways to produce electricity. And some were busy to figure out different fields where electricity could be helpful. Let's discuss in detail the journey of Volta and his invention 'The Battery':

Early Life of Volta:-

Volta was born in Como, Italy in 1745.He was born in a wealthy family. From the childhood, his family tried to persuade him to study law. But that was the time of late eighteenth century. While electricity was invented and this was known as the era of electricity.

So at the age of 14-15, he has discovered his passion towards physics. And like other scientists, he was highly fascinated and curious about the Electricity.

His College Life:-

Volta didn't take any formal degree. He was a college dropped out. Because for him, knowledge was not limited to the classrooms and degrees. Yet he was always accomplished as a scientist. When he was 18 years old, he had started experimenting in the laboratory with his family friend and always continued his experiments with electricity.

He was started work as a instructor at the Como Grammar School. Because of his great knowledge and love for physics, in 1778, he got the honour to appoint as a Professor of Physics at University of Pavia.

Partition of Italian Scientist Community:-

In 1780, there was another Italian scientist, his name was Galvani. He did experiments with frogs, various metals and electricity. He dissected the frogs' legs. During his experiments, he observed that frogs' legs were jumping when Galvani hooked them with metallic fence in the lightning storm.

Galvani'sHypothesis of Animal Electricity:-

He was too fascinated and continuously thinking that he observed a new form of electricity called Animal Electricity.

But Volta criticized his observation and argued that frogs' muscles were reacting to the electricity, just like humans' muscles. Their muscles were not generating electricity. Volta wanted to prove Galvani wrong. That heated controversy had been the reason that divided Italian Scientist Community.

After that incident, Volta realised something very interesting about Galvani's experiment. He observed that the reason of producing electricity was not frogs' muscles; it was the two different types of metals.

StudiedChemistry and Discovered Methane:-

From 1776 to 1778, he was too dedicated towards chemistry. He did several experiments and researches with chemical gases. He deeply understood the chemical

nature of gases and also he discovered the MethaneGas.

Volta also discovered the electrochemical series which is now knownasVoltage Law of Electrochemical Series.

Discovered of Voltaic Pile :-

Volta believed that to observe and show the generation of electric current did not need to harm any animal. He was too dedicated for experimentations, he formed different combinations of metals and tested them by touched with his tongue. His saliva acted like frogs' muscles. He touched metals on his tongue, and if it conducted electricity, the result was; he felt unpleasant bitter sensation.

He built a pile, that carried more than thirty disks. He took a wire and connected both the ends of wire from the pile. Then he started flowing a steady current. Volta observed that different types of metal were producing different amount of current and also by the addition of more disks, he could increase the electric current.

Invention of First Battery:-

Who Invented Battery

Very first, in 1740 the term 'Battery' was used by American Scientists Benjamin Franklin. He were doing some experiment some charged glass plates. Those glass were known as Capacitors.

Volta did several experiments and researches for prove his hypothesis. Finally in 1800, Volta invented the first battery. His first battery was known as Voltaic Pile.Voltaic pile consisted by several pairs of Zinc and Copper metal.

These two metals worked as two electrodes; cathode and anode. Volta separated these two metals by a cloth which is soaked in brine solution. This cloth worked as a electrolyte. When two ends of wire connected through the pile, electricity has started flowing through the pile.

Later on 20 March1800, Volta first reported for the ElectricPile in front of the president of Royal Society of London.Many scientists of that time was so fascinated with the Volta's Invention.

He emphasized continuously that tissues of animals does not require producing electric current. He said this on the basis of his experiment that to produce current can possible with Artificial Electric Organ.

Death and Legacy:-

At that time, Napoleon was highly impressed with the inventions of Volta whether it would be Voltaic Pile or Battery. He was honoured by so many awards for his achievements.

Alessandro Volta was died at the age of 82, on March 5, 1827. His invention battery brought a great and different renown. But Volta never took such popularity seriously. He spent most of his time on researches and teachings.

Volta was the pioneer of of electricity and power generation. Hehas died still his name is immortalized as the of Electric Potential, 'Volt'.

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