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Who invented Bluetooth?

Who invented Bluetooth

Today, we have various electronic devices such as smartphones, smart speakers, electronic watches, tablets, laptops, etc. All these devices consist of the same feature called "Bluetooth," via which you can use either pair some of these devices or share the data across. Almost every savvy phone user is well aware of this Bluetooth technology, but very few know how Bluetooth got there.

Overviews Bluetooth
Managed by Bluetooth Special Interest Group
Invented on May 7, 1989
Type of Industry PAN (Personal Area Networks)
Used in hardware's
  1. PC
  2. Smartphones or Tablets
  3. Gaming Consoles
  4. Audio Devices
  5. Computer Devices such as wireless mouse, printer
Physical range
  • The typical Bluetooth ranges less than 10 m (33 ft), up to 100 m (330 ft).
  • Latest Bluetooth 5.0 ranges from 40m to 400 m.

What is Bluetooth?

"Bluetooth is a wireless technology that allows the electronic devices (such as smartphones, laptops, and tablets, as well as various modern-day electronic gadgets) to exchange data over short distances."

This technology uses short-wavelength UHF (ultrahigh frequency) radio waves that range from 2.4 - 2.485 GHz. Initially, it was invented as an alternative wireless technology that could replace RS-232 data cables.

Today, Bluetooth technology is found in every modern gadget. Users often use it to pair their smartphones with other phones or gadgets. For instance, you can pair your smartphone with earplugs, or with your car's speaker system, or even with your smart Fridge. It also helps quickly connect your computer parts like a wireless mouse or printer to laptops or desktops.

The Bluetooth Special Interest Group manages and upgrades the Bluetooth technology. The group has more than 30,000-member companies working with it in its different telecommunication, processing, networking, and customer electronics industries.

Technology that was introduced with smartphones has come a long way, and today it is seen almost everywhere, i.e., from streaming gadgets to CD players and even smart toys.

The History of Bluetooth

Opposing some popular stories, the Vikings did not discover Bluetooth. That's merely where we got the inspiration for Bluetooth's name and symbol. Though this technology was invented many years after the sovereignty of Danish king, King Harald Blatant although Bluetooth was named after naming him.

King Harald Blatand was famous for uniting the three geographical regions you might know as Norway, Sweden, and Denmark. It was rumored that the king loved munching on blueberries. Therefore, in his memory, the newly discovered technology was named Bluetooth.

Since King Blatand united and brought peace to these combatant settlements, the tech experts thought of following the same path and achieved it by discovering a wireless technology that would connect or unit devices of different smartphones, unlike Microsoft and Apple.

The Bluetooth symbol is also a depiction of ancient Danish history. The logo is a blend of the Danish characters (H and B). The Bluetooth concept, the idea of its name and symbol, was a tribute to Danish. It was discovered by Swedish tech experts who worked for the company named Ericsson.

Although the ancient history of Bluetooth's true inspiration can be stimulating, it doesn't disclose how the technology came into existence.

Who invented Bluetooth?

The direct answer to this question is the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson. Dr. Jaap Haartsen, recognized as the inventor of this wireless technology, led the Swedish team, which worked for Ericsson.

The next question that you may have in your mind is when Bluetooth was discovered?

It was invented during the 1990s, many years after the sovereignty of King Blatand. At that time, the tech industry was packed with professionals working around the clock to unveil a new technology that could connect smartphones wirelessly to share information from one device to another without using any data cable.

A group of Sweden tech experts working for the Swedish telecommunications company Ericsson came together to discover a new technology that could replace data cables. At the beginning of the invention, they gave a code name to their project as they were not like the names suggested by their team members, unlike Biz-RF and MC-Link.

Temporarily, they named it Bluetooth (literal translation of Blatand). Initially, Bluetooth was only meant to be a gap-filler until the team finds an appropriate name for their technology; however, it stuck, and now the entire world admires the Bluetooth name and logo.

Bluetooth Inventor - Dr. Jaap Haartsen

In 2021, Dr. Jaap Haartsen was nominated for the European Inventor Award for his invaluable contribution to this world. He invented Bluetooth Technology and gave the entire world a concept to connect various intelligent electronic devices using low-power radio frequencies. Later, in the mid-1990s, expert engineers from the Netherlands worked together to embed the Bluetooth technology in the mobile phone unit of LM Ericsson Telephone.

Today, this technology has shaped the entire world and constantly replaced wired cables with wireless Bluetooth or Wi-Fi technology. Bluetooth has a presence than 2 billion electronic gadgets all around the world.

This technology has discovered a new way through which they can interact with each other. Not only this, but it has also enhanced the way that people communicate and connect with each other.

Did Hedy Lamarr discover Bluetooth?

While searching about Bluetooth or its history or stories behind its invention on Internet, you may come across the fascinating story of Hedy Lamarr and her contribution to the invention of Bluetooth.

Though the actual inventor of this wireless technology is Dr. Haartsen, Hedy Lamarr, an Austrian-born actress, has played a vital role and contributed to its creation back in 1937.

Though the primary profession of Hedy Lamarr was acting, she was intrigued by experiments and therefore worked as an inventor. She researched and tested the formula for creating everything from soft drinks to soft drinks. She also collaborated with composer George Antheil, who supported her in inventing a guidance system for torpedoes.

Later, Hedy and Antheil created radio frequencies using piano rolls that would stop enemy energies from crowing the signal. Years later, the experiment of their radio frequencies was used military aircraft departments to find out information about the location of enemy submarines.

To your surprise, Dr. Jaap Haartsen used the same spread-spectrum radio technology, and it is still used in wireless technologies, i.e., Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The modern world without Bluetooth

Life has become so easy and wire-free because of Bluetooth, whether it's a wireless mouse, wireless speakers, earplugs, etc. The world without wireless technology would undoubtedly have impacted our communication and, at a broader spectrum to globalization.

Whether you gave the invention credit to Dr. Haartsen, or King Blatant, or Hedy Lamarr, either way, you can agree that we should be thankful to everyone who was involved in this helpful technology and is responsible for making our lives better.

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