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Why Does BufferedReader Throw IOException in Java?

In Java, BufferedReader is a class that provides efficient reading of characters from a character input stream. One of the main reasons why BufferedReader can throw an IOException is to handle errors that may occur during the reading of the input stream.

An IOException is a checked exception that indicates an error occurred during the input or output operations. When reading from an input stream, various issues can occur, such as the input stream being closed unexpectedly, the end of the input stream being reached, or the input stream being corrupt or invalid. In such cases, BufferedReader throws an IOException to signal to the calling code that an error has occurred.

By throwing an IOException, BufferedReader forces the calling code to handle the error, either by catching the exception and taking appropriate action, or by propagating the exception up the call stack to a higher-level error handling mechanism. This ensure that errors are handled appropriately and that the program does not crash or behave unexpectedly in the presence of errors.

How to read a file using a BufferedReader in Java:

  1. Create a File object that represents the file to be read.
  2. Create a FileReader object and pass the File object as an argument.
  3. Create a BufferedReader object and pass the FileReader object as an argument.
  4. Use the readLine() method of the BufferedReader object to read each line of the file until the end of the file is reached.
  5. Process each line of the file as needed.
  6. Close the BufferedReader object to free up system resources and release any locks on the file.

Note that when using a BufferedReader to read as file, it is important to handle any IOException that may occur during the reading process.

A number of things might cause this file system reading to fail at any time. That could happen as a result of viruses in the file or a deleted file. BufferedReader occasionally uses data from network streams, where the reading mechanism is always susceptible to failure.

Using a BufferedReader, then, can result in this kind of error while performing input operations. A buffered reader throws an IOException because of this.

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