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Why should we use Visualforce in Salesforce?

Visualforce is one of the most important concepts in Salesforce. VF page is the combination of VF(Visualforce) and Apex, where VF is used for the front end, and Apex is used for the back end.

Salesforce is all about no software; why should we need to learn about developing with VF? There are mainly two reasons to learn about VF, which are as follows:

  1. We need to use VF in Salesforce for extending and customizing the look and feel of the Salesforce instance.
  2. We use VF for website designing with highly sophisticated user interfaces.
Why should we use Visualforce in Salesforce

In Salesforce, VF is one of the most used tag-based markup languages having user interface frameworks to design VF pages, websites, and dynamic applications. VF supports technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery, Flash, and AJAX.

These are some other reasons for using VF in Salesforce, which are as follows:

  1. By using Visualforce, we can build or design wizards and other multistep processes.
  2. We can create our own custom flow control by using an application.
  3. We can define navigation patterns and data-specific rules for optimal, efficient application interaction.
  4. By using VF, we can create such components which we can embed into dashboards or can access from their own custom tab.
  5. We can easily embed the sections within the detail page.
  6. We can easily design sophisticated websites unrelated to Salesforce.
  7. We can design VF pages with small code.
  8. We can easily display the activities for the last ten months by creating a VF page and embedding that section at the top of the contact detail page.
  9. We can easily design high-quality data-driven email templates in Salesforce by using VF.

Where can we use Visualforce pages?

In Salesforce, we use Visualforce pages when we need:

  1. To override the standard buttons such as New, Save….etc.
  2. To create VF tabs or to override custom tabs.
  3. To embed components in a detailed page layout.
  4. To create dashboard components on custom help pages.

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