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Wild Dog Review


"Wild Dog" is an action-packed Telugu movie that hit theaters in 2021. Directed by Ashishor Solomon, the film features Nagarjuna Akkineni in the lead role as ACP Vijay Varma, who leads a secretive counter-terrorism unit called "Wild Dog." They aim to dismantle a dangerous terrorist organization responsible for devastating bombings.

The film garnered positive reviews for its captivating plotline and adrenaline-pumping action sequences. Nagarjuna's portrayal of ACP Vijay Varma received high acclaim, and the supporting cast delivered compelling performances. "Wild Dog" skillfully combines suspense, patriotism, and profound emotions to create an exhilarating cinematic experience. The impeccable cinematography and expertly choreographed action scenes enhance the movie's overall impact.

The Cast of the Wild Dog Movie

The cast of the movie "Wild Dog" includes the following actors in prominent roles:

  • Nagarjuna Akkineni as ACP Vijay Varma: Nagarjuna portrays the lead character, ACP Vijay Varma, who leads the covert counter-terrorism squad known as "Wild Dog." He is determined to eliminate the terrorist organization responsible for the bombings.
  • Dia Mirza as Priya Varma: Dia Mirza plays the role of Priya Varma, ACP Vijay Varma's wife. Her character adds emotional depth to the story and provides insights into Vijay Varma's life.
  • Saiyami Kher as Arya Pandit: Saiyami Kher portrays the character of Arya Pandit, a skilled shooter and a member of the Wild Dog team. She brings strength and expertise to the operations conducted by the squad.
  • Atul Kulkarni as Rana Pratap: Atul Kulkarni plays the role of Rana Pratap, an integral member of the Wild Dog team. He is a seasoned professional with a vast understanding of counter-terrorism operations.
  • Ali Reza as Ali: Ali Reza portrays the character of Ali, another member of the Wild Dog team. He contributes his unique skills and perspective to the group's mission.
  • Avijit Dutt as NIA Chief: Avijit Dutt appears as the NIA (National Investigation Agency) Chief, a high-ranking officer responsible for overseeing the operations of Wild Dog.

Story of the Movie

Wild Dog Review

"Wild Dog" follows the story of Vijay Varma (played by Nagarjuna), a suspended NIA (National Investigation Agency) officer, who is reinstated to capture the terrorists responsible for the bomb blasts at Gokul Chat and Lumbini Park in Hyderabad. Vijay Varma embarks on the mission and manages to track down the terrorists. However, the task becomes challenging as the criminals find refuge in Nepal. The film delves into how an Indian officer crosses into Nepal to apprehend the terrorists, forming the crux of the storyline in "Wild Dog."

Star Performances of the Movie

"It's a Nagarjuna show, but with logic." The film revolves around Nagarjuna's character, and he effortlessly displays his charm and talent throughout. He handles action scenes with maturity, making them believable and engaging.

Sayami Kher stands out in the supporting cast and delivers a powerful performance, grabbing attention alongside the star. However, the supporting characters, including Mayank Parekh and others, need more depth and development. The writers focused so much on Nagarjuna's character that they should have provided backstories for the supporting cast, making it difficult for the audience to connect with them emotionally.

Bilal Hossein plays the antagonist, Khalid, and initially receives an intense buildup. However, his character falls into the stereotypical portrayal of a Pakistani villain that has been overused in Indian cinema. Other series like "The Family Man" or "Special Ops" showcased dread-inducing antagonists without relying on lengthy speeches. The film could have taken inspiration from those examples.

Direction, Music of the Movie

Ahishor Solomon showcases his directorial skills by effectively incorporating action and fast-paced movements into the film. He successfully creates a world of secret agents operating among ordinary civilians, making it believable. However, where he needs to improve is in providing emotional depth to the characters. While not expecting a love story or romantic songs, the characters could have been given more layers to evoke emotions.

One commendable decision in the making of "Wild Dog" is the absence of songs. The film does not require them, and this realization is appropriate. Instead, S. Thaman's powerful background score enhances the overall movie-watching experience. The set designs, locations, and choice of landscapes in the film are visually appealing and well-executed. The attention to detail in creating the right atmosphere and vibe adds to the movie's overall impact.

Plus Points of the Movie

One of the film's major strengths lies in Nagarjuna's remarkable performance. He appears incredibly fit as the NIA officer and excels in all the action sequences. His character is portrayed realistically, and Nagarjuna delivers a strong performance within this setup.

The supporting actors who play Nagarjuna's assistants also leave a positive impact. Ali Reza, in particular, impresses with his substantial role as a commando. His performance indicates that he has the potential to become a noteworthy actor in Telugu cinema. Sayami Kher, who appears in the second half, delivers a commendable performance in her action-packed role. Diya Mirza, as Nagarjuna's wife, shines in a few notable scenes.

The film gains momentum in the second half, where the action sequences and thrills become more prominent. The climactic scenes, especially those depicting Nagarjuna crossing the border, are particularly well-executed and visually appealing. The action scenes in the latter part of the film are choreographed skillfully, adding to the overall excitement and impact of "Wild Dog."

Minus Points of the Movie

The film's first half could be better, as only a little significant happens during this period. Although the movie starts impressively, it fails to maintain the same level of grip. It is only during the interval point that things begin to get interesting. Unfortunately, the thrilling element that a film based on terrorists should have is missing in the first half.

The story itself is straightforward, lacking complexity or twists. How the NIA tracks down the terrorists should have been gripping, but that is not the case in this film.

Considering that the film revolves around bomb blasts and the protagonist's daughter dies in one such blast, one would expect a strong emotional impact. However, the emotional depth needs to be improved. Moreover, the chosen villain must have charisma and leave a lasting impression.

"Wild Dog" suffers from repetitive scenes, and the anticipation of what will happen next is missing. The film needs to generate curiosity or maintain the viewer's engagement.

Technical Aspects

There was a lot of hype surrounding Thaman's involvement in scoring the background music (BGM). Still, unfortunately, his BGM doesn't meet the expectations and falls into the average category. The film's production values and camerawork are decent, and the editing is also satisfactory. The action shots are well-designed and visually appealing. The movie features clean dialogues and a commendable production design.

Regarding the director Solomon, he manages to deliver an acceptable job with the film. He selects a realistic story and executes its setup effectively. However, the narration could be better in the first half. Solomon succeeds in making things more engaging in the second half and skillfully builds decent thrills during the climax.


Wild Dog is an action-packed drama with an intriguing premise. Nagarjuna takes charge and delivers a strong performance, and the film's second half offers thrilling moments. However, one must endure the lackluster first half to appreciate this portion fully. It's important to note that Wild Dog primarily aims at the general Telugu audience, presenting a fresh setup and unique action sequences. Therefore, it's crucial to avoid approaching the film with expectations of a gripping OTT-style thriller, as Wild Dog has its own distinct pace and style.

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