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Yii Features

PHP has a lot of frameworks. Yii is one of them. New version Yii2 has a lot of new features. Some of the features are discussed here.

Easy Installation Yii can be downloaded either using Composer or manually. It is advisable to use it using Composer as it saves a lot of time.

Modern Technologies Use Yii framework is completely based on OOPS concepts and uses some advanced features of PHP. All classes are namespaced in Yii, which means it allows to take advantage of their autoloader.

Highly Extensible Every part of Yii framework is highly extensible. It also allows the use of third-parties libraries by installing them with Composer then configuring and including them in autoloader.

Testing Feature Yii2 is integrated with Codecepetion. Codeception is a PHP testing framework that simplifies the process of creating unit, functional and acceptance tests for your application. Codeception makes the testing configuration of an application simple.

Security Security is an important feature for an application and Yii provides a great feature for security. It has several security components that have several methods which helps to create a more secure application.

Less Time for Development To develop an application a lot of tasks are repeated more than once. Yii provide some tools that helps to reduce your time on these kind of tasks. One of the tool is Gii, which quickly creates a web template for:

  • CRUD
  • Models
  • Controllers
  • Extensions
  • Forms

Performance Yii creators have declared it very clearly that delivering high performance is their goal. It provides several tools to enhance the speed of application. Yii offers a higher rate for receiving request per second. And has a less peak memory usage.

MVC Pattern It supports model-view-controller pattern to separate the codes.

Modelling Database Database data can be modeled in terms of objects instead of long SQL statements.

Error Handling & Logging Logged messages can be categorized and routed to the different destinations.

Form Input and Validation It has a set of validators and numerous helper methods which simplifies the task.

Security It is equipped with many security measures to prevent from external attacks.

Layered Caching System It supports data caching, fragment caching, dynamic content and page caching. You can also change the storage medium of cache without touching the application code.

Automatic Code Generation It provides a highly extensible code generation tools that will generate the code for you very quickly such as CRUD and form.

Detailed Documentation you will get a detailed documentation stating every method or property used in Yii.

Skinning and Themeing It provides skinning and themeing mechanism that allows you to quickly switch outlook of a Yii generated website.

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