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Yuvarathnaa Movie Review


Santhosh Ananddram wrote and directed the Kannada action-drama movie 'Yuvarathnaa'. In the movie, after a poor but talented student at RK University tragically kills himself, the Principal of the university, Gurudev Deshmukh (Prakash Raj) campaigns against the commercialization of education. The essential principles that Gurudev and his RK University strive for are repeatedly under attack by a dishonest education minister (Sai Kumar), a boisterous competitor college head (Diganth), and the vice principal of RK University (Avinash).

Yuvarathnaa Movie Review

To help the principal, Arjun (Puneeth Rajkumar), a strong student, steps forward and stands with Gurudev to fight against injustice. What drives Arjun to support Gurudev and the college? Will he stop the corruption and restore the college's former glory?


Arjun enrolls at Rashtrakuta University in the sixth semester to study engineering. The publicly financed institution is in jeopardy because private universities are attempting to harm their reputation and extort their students. Arjun begins to fight many people and portrays himself on a mission as soon as he enrolls in college. Who is he, though? The central question in the movie's plot is whether or not the college administration successfully identified the perpetrators of a college student's death.


After a two-year absence, Puneeth Rajkumar returns in a major motion picture. He has lost weight to appear as a student in this movie, where he plays a college student. He was excellent in this capacity. This film will surely be an enjoyable experience for his admirers. The dance, action, romance, and sentiments are all worth every penny because the movie is a wholly commercial production with a powerful social message.

This film is written and directed by Santhosh Ananddram, who tried to tackle a significant subject and succeeded to a certain extent through his screenplay. Sayyeshaa, who portrays the female lead, only appears in a few romantic sequences and songs and has a little part in this film. We can readily relate to Prakash Raj's character in this film because we would have had a lecturer like him in college or high school. He has convincingly played this part. In this film, Dhananjay portrays the adversary, and as always, he wholly owns the part thanks to how he delivers the lines and exudes confidence. Even though this movie features two comedians, the comedy fails to create an impact because of the somewhat lousy script and scene placement.

Venkatesh Anguraj handled the cinematography for this film, and the images are vibrant. Aerial shots and action sequences were well-shot. The music for this film was composed by S. Thaman. While the songs are not all that fantastic, the background music is excellent, but it has a strong Telugu mass cinema effect that should have been avoided. Due to the character introductions, unnecessary hero introduction fights, and intro music, the film's first half appears to drag on for a long time before the story begins.

The second half is significantly better, and this rescues the movie a great deal because everything there works out and keeps the audience interested. Action movie fans will like the well-choreographed fight scenes in this film, notably the conflict at the medical institution. The sacrifices parents go through to keep their children happy are shown in the film. The initial half of the screenplay could have been changed, and certain songs and action sequences might have been cut down, making this movie a more interesting watch.


The Rajakumaara crew coming together once more ensured that 'Yuvarathnaa' had much hope. The plot, set on a college campus, attempts to shed light on several important issues, including for-profit educational institutions' attempts, corruption, and even drug usage. The movie combines mainstream elements with numerous dialogues that attempt to promote morality. Does this mixture work? It does, and quite a bit.

A deserving student kills herself in the movie's opening scene because she was angry with greedy merchants, and her principal uses this as leverage in their debate. This small brawl metaphorically represents the risk that private universities face when they compete with public and government-funded institutions. Arjun, an engineering student who entered the program in the middle of it, arrives and disrupts the environment. Who is he? What is his objective? What links Arjun to this cause? 'Yuvarathnaa' entertains viewers and is packed with action, drama, humor, and romance.

Even while it serves its purpose, more attention to the seasoning could have made it almost ideal. There are many characters in the movie, most of whom are involved at some point or the other in the movie making it lack significant characters. It would have looked good if a few notable cast members were given more substantial parts, though. Because this is a wholly Puneeth Rajkumar production, it will satisfy fans of Power Star. He can mouth short phrases, dance, fight, and use his smile to entice women. He does all of that effortlessly.

The other leading role belongs to Prakash Raj, who performs admirably as predicted. Diganth Manchale and Dhananjaya and Saikumar both provide considerable entertainment to the movie. Sonu Gowda, Sudharani, Vishaal Hegde, Achyuth Kumar, and Prakash Belawadi are just a few of the well-known actors in the ensemble, and each of them does their best with what they have. 'Yuvarathnaa' is a tale of moral ideals, much like Rajakumaara. But this time, a college campus is the backdrop for the action. This one will keep those people on edge who enjoy masala entertainment. 'Yuvarathnaa', notably in Tamil cinema, does share certain similarities with other anti-educational tragedies, yet it still has its special appeal.


'Yuvarathnaa' is another hero-driven movie that has yet to make its initial promise. The audience gets the impression that they are witnessing yet another commercial potboiler on educational commercialization due to the narration's excess of convenience and liberties. If one enjoys the typical mass masala action melodrama and is a fan of Puneeth Rajkumar, this film must be on their watchlist.

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